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Hello, I'm back...

Well, I gonna confess that I got completely absorbed in smartphone Honkai Impact 3 since FEB 2018 and I start my channel on youtube since then. It's taken me almost a year to get some notice and get monetized. I pour my all effort on that and now it begins stable on its own. (Honestly, almost a year that I did not log in Bakadogeza ID...) I remove all ads from this site and make it completely non-generated income. A pure blog for fun! If you have time, check out my channel (although not relate a novel :D) Back then, I even prepare Vol.1-6 Black create summoner...but I did not do it in the end... As you know, K&M already release Vol.9 (of course, I get as soon as it released) The content quite something as you can see someone wedding dress :) I will try update later. Sorry for being a missing person, It just that it really a enjoyable thing to do, That why I got absorbed. Time sure flies

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