From A lot of comment that I'm had been read so far,

Tell me that,

A lot of people did not read anything but a translating contents,

Some of them not even look at translator statement.

The worst is some of them even ignore the translator statement even they saw it. (By this translator, It not me!).

What shock me the most is some translator from xxxx-tsuki community really not good with reading.... (look for him in my blog...and i did not mean the whole translator from this comminuty, it just him alone.) despite he should be English knowledge. what a let down...

And if you think that my work is un-readable (I'm not deny it, lol) , feel free to made it readable and release it in your names, I don't mind but will be grateful a lot since everyone will be able to read it. after all i believe we have more than 1000+ real translators and editors in this world of net. It win-win anyways.

Please spare times a little bit on this!
I am very well aware that my translations are not any good but if anyone don't like they can leave a question directly to me, at least it should be like that. otherwise they can simple leave.
I'm doing this because i'm feel like it, It was a hobby, nothing more or less. of course that I'm want to do it the best as possible but please do not expect that i will go out all of my way to learning full course English for that. I have my life, my work, and my limited time to spare. 
please do not use a full active translator or pro-translator standard on me. 
and i did not do K&M because I want to leech popular novel. Since i never thought K&M was popular in the first place because its material and info are hardly find on net unlike the real popular novel...more page view never give me more single cent. I don't need Ads or any donate. if i really want money i would be put more effort in my OT paying in RL instead. 
.......I'm doing this because i just want to do it.....
...because i want to stop beg other people to do something for my curiosity.
...If you don't like it, just go somewhere else and leave me alone.

chapter 20 done.
this should be my last translation on this vol.3 , for the rest, i'm waiting to read sky trans instead. but I'm plan to translation a bit of "Nora" introduction since i think it is interesting. then may be go for vol 4. the western war arc since there was a lot of new interesting elements ( Ikaruga rising , Kid X Ellenora romance) and of course, another reason that there was not much translation past half month because i'm just read the following novel

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou

Dat A Live

once read it, it can't be stop until you reach the latest translation. lol

After done translating chapter 20, i'm gonna stop on vol.3 . since sky are back on translating this volume now. then, maybe i will start translating vol.4 instead. 

Add Part 1-2 of chapter 20.
I'm gonna be away for works 4 days start from 29th june, so there will be no progress during that time. feel free to visit this blog once a week or a month for further progress. 

chapter 19 done.

the translation that release now could be called a raw version. but there may be a edited version follow in the future after the volunteer look into it. it should be easier to read by that time. hope you enjoy it. 

Part 3 of chapter 19 added, 
Illustration of volume 3 added,

i am thinking about post in-complete chapter but a complete part in story, it would help a lot if anyone read it , re-fix grammar , re-locate word in their head, and suggest it by leave a comment, since my head also mess up in thinking process after gaze at wall of text and i never put confident on my grammar. this gonna help someone that read it later , Thank you


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
    really than have a nice trip
    whwhhwhhwhwhhwhh T_T

  2. Do you mind having a separate post everytime u do an update? like even if its the same chapter but a part...

    If so it will be easier to follow you through the RSS feed and also install you in sites like and which might also send more traffic your way btw...IF that interests you

    Regardless, can you do it please? with a cherry on top?

    1. At the beginning, i'm already did this blog that way but it look like too much article in the short time. that why i try to make it simple and less post instead for easier to read, of course, i did not notice RSS feed or something like that. i will make a new post per chapter then.

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  4. I can help PR , if you want,. Just saying.

    1. Thank you for offer but please don't do that, i don't want people to hype up or expect thing on their own.
      This is something i do on my free time only.

  5. Thanks by the way for lending your spare time on translating this novel, Baka-Dageza

  6. Well looks like youre up again baka san
    Please supplement our weekly dose of erunium


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