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Monday, July 3, 2017

Too Fast....I guess....

The 1st episode of Knight & Magic anime already on air! the quality is quite good but what I worry is about story progressing...Isn't a bit too fast pace? They even skip dueling scene between Chid and Baltarsar unlike the light novel version that why they need to forceful introduce stefania at camping chapter instead of trio 1st year enrollment.


Let hope that they don't cut detail when it come to fighting scene in future episode...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Vol. 7 Chapter

Giant Country Arc
Chapter 56 The world of giants
Chapter 57 Meet the wise man's question (Battle)
Chapter 58 A prelude to war
Chapter 59 Meet the wise man's question (Conference)

Dwarf Country Arc
Chapter 60 Longing for a reunion.
Chapter 61 For a quiet village, It's not quiet at all!
Chapter 62 A little bit to the sky
Chapter 63 To know someone
Chapter 64 Let the welcome be done!

PS. Eru just done something crazy again as this time, he made a new type of silhouette knight for giant race

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chapter 34 Part 2.

Part 2

The survived Kshyperuk royalties lived in the mansion at the center of the city which surrounded with forge section that currently expanding in Mishre after they fled to this town.

The mansion once belonged to a merchant who abandoned it due to the spreading threat of war.

That merchant must be rich to some extent since the size of this mansion really large and inside was luxury decorated too much for a countryside area.

Besides the royal family, the member of Silver trading firm also used this mansion as their base of operation.

While Martina looking out from the rooftops window, at the use environment which heavily soaked with hot air from the forge, She sighed and murmur.

[When looking at this busy town that so lively almost make me forget the fact that Kshyperuk kingdom is now in ruined...]

The town is full of many people that coming and going, overflowing with vitality, It did not have any sign of the town that belonged to a defeated kingdom in any aspect.

The source of enthusiasm that filled this city comes from the resident and soldiers who dearly wish to regain back their country with all their might.

[We need to do our best to answer their expectation. But, before that happen, We still need to solve our biggest problem first, a leader who raise the liberation flag as a beacon of new Kshyperuk kingdom and its next king as well...]

Emurys who is now sipping tea on the seat is looking up by her word.

[So, Ellen(Eleonora) is gonna be a new king in the end? Although from the bloodline perspective, that is a correct answer. however, as you say a moment ago, that girl need to play the king role too, I don't think she gonna survive at standing up in this early stage of war.]

[...I am well aware at such a fact. but, because it is precisely like that, she needs to pass the ordeal at all cost, Rys(Emurys).]

Eleonora who was the only daughter of the previous king already turned 16 years old.

She already counted as an adult. 

Therefore, by this country tradition, the fact that she is the most qualifies person to ascend the throne really torment Martina's heart.

[You're right, It up to Ellen from now on, and does her injury already healed?]

[It not like I can say yes...nope, her physical condition already recovered but she still shut herself away in the room and never come out.]

Isadora who sat next to him is slow shook her head at Emurys's question.

The physical condition damage that Eleonora received by lived an imprisoned life in well-balanced castle already recovered after she secluded herself in her room since she arrived this town.

However, despite her physical condition recovered overtime already, she never comes out of the room since then.

[Tch, Aunty, You really not holding back regard this matter. even her lineage is correct, to say it bluntly, having this weak girl bear all the full brunt in this mess really a very decent logical thought but heartless.]

[No matter what you think, this is what mean to be a royal family. I too was born with this blood of the obligation. There is a time when you must act for the sake of people and country even it means twist your own feeling. Eleonora too...must understand this.]

Martina stop Emurys who was about to open his mouth in order to reply with her gesture.

She also knew about Eleonora's condition as well. 

The loss of her father, the situation of war, moreover, the pressure from princess current position itself is crushing her, in the end, she shut herself in the room.

Emurys look at Martina's painfully face and swallowed back his word.

Matina told her inner thought that she never mean to disclose to the standstill Emurys.

[Rys. The queen position is too much a burden for that child, I'm too understand that. But, That girl is the only legitimate heir to the throne and the only one that people will accept, in order to win this war, there is no other way than make that girl into "The queen"...]

Martina glanced down.

This is the last will of the late king, she can do nothing but fulfilled it as a farewell gift.

This is how the relation between the complexity bloodline of "King" and "Country" working.

However, this is not her intent.

Since escaped to this land, The nobles too also view the princess as their banner of morale.

More wish and expectation keep flooding in, The surrounding never left the princess alone.

[Aunty...nevertheless, to suggest that have she does something that she dislikes, is it gonna be fine that way?]

[Of course, I do not intend to let that child carry everything. in practical saying, We too will aid her as much as possible.]

A heavy silence filled out the entire room.

Soon, Emurys sigh while scratching his head.

He too was another country royal family member, It's not like he can't understand Martina's hardship.

It just that he still far from being convinced.

[really a serious matter isn't? .... I get it. no use to speak more further. But, how are you going to do? even leave alone about have Ellen take the leading role, She did not even come out of her room even once all this time, right?]

[You're right. We too already try everything in our hand to persuade her. honestly speaking, If it possible...I want to burrow Rys's men, the silver trading firm assist. please lend your strength to that child.]

At last, The fearless look of Emurys has returned.

[If it something like that, leave it to me!]

They change places to the workshop that currently using by silver trading firm's member.

Emurys yelled out through the entire surrounding, gathered every attention on him.

[....with such a reason, I want to borrow you guys knowledge! Now that we're all here, nothing to worry! let's find a way to encourage Ellen.]

After received consultation from Martina, He immediately gathered every member of Silver trading firm and  explained the situation in order to seek out their wisdom.

The main issue is how to persuade the princess but it end up in confusion chatting, such a surprise really a daily occurrence happen in the silver trading firm.

Soon, they calm down and start a lively discussion.

[If that the case, allow me to show off our glorious veterans of my second squad....]

[No, this task should belong to us, the blacksmith corp, we will show her our new great performance...]

[the other party is a princess, right? I wonder that sort of thing will really transmit...]

During the brainstorm of suggestion, none of them were useful despite a lot of it was offered, All of them lack a concreteness and unresponsive.

Then, Eru who keep listening until now break into in talking with a suitable timing.

[Indeed, you have a point. I don't think that show her about our silver trading firm's great achievement would getting through, why we not try figure first about how to make the princess come out from her room? prepare a suitable topic in advance may be a good answer.]

while saying that, Eru is quickly coming up with his own thinking.

[...right, We should collect a little more intel-ne. wasn't young master studied in this country in the part? Um, don't you know any topic that will cheer up the princess?]

gets who heard it folded his arm under his furrowed eyebrows.

[A topic like that...isn't? this is really difficult. To be frankly, because I always live in Aunty's place, I did not know much about Ellen preference. Ummm....Oh, that right, If it was Isadora, her mood would improve in one go with a swordplay. yosh, let have her ride on my Gordesleo here, she would definitely feel refreshing in one shot...]

[Ok, dismissed. fuhhh, I really should not rely on the young master in the first place. let's change our way of thinking here, it probably more wise to ask an opinion of the same gender in close age. So, Ady, what do you think about it? no luck at all?]

[As long as it cheered up the princess is fine right? leave it to me! Ummm, princess really very beautiful and cute isn' she? I could try to suggest her to hug Eru-kun who are very small...]

[Yes, dismissed. somehow the suggestion becomes less and less common sense and with zero applicable.]

For the sake of his own health, he shut off the retort before it could discourage him any more than this

Chid who next to the dissatisfaction Ady ask Eru in return.

[Eru, You don't have any good idea at all?]

[...If it was a silhouette knight and silhouette gear, you would know how to fix it by keeping listen to sound indication....]

[No good, these guys are completely useless bunch....]

Chid instinctively look up in the sky before the helpless situation.

Ady who stand beside him just notice something and slap her hand.

[A person such as Chid wound not.... Ah, I know it, You, didn't you swear an oath of a knight to the princess? now is the time, when you need to show off your cool side!!]

The line of sight of everyone in that place is immediately focused on Chid.

He instinctively backed away a few steps after noticed a sudden pressure was pressed on him there.

[Keh! Ady, do you really need to say it right now? ....wait, You guys got it wrong, it is not something like that, just wait a bit. everyone. this is.....well, it may be like that, I guess...]

hahaha, While he tries to laugh it off to dodge the bullet, someone just grabs his arm.

When he turn back and try to shake it off, Eru who floated a very gentle smile is there.

[So it is like this...then, It has been decided-ne, It's grandmaster holy command-desu. please cheer up the royal highness princess, do it wholeheartedly, Chid]

[Oi, Isn't unfair to say like that?..... Arrr, Fine. I got it! What happens from now on is not my fault, you know?]

Unable to run away, Chid accepted his fate and leak out a desperation cry.

Thus, he heading off to one of the most difficult battlefields in his life.

After a while, Chid was accompanied by Isadora to the one corner of the building that was a base of silver trading firm, a corridor that leads to the room of princess Eleonora

[This place really a relic...also the workshop atmosphere around here definitely cheer up the mood if it was Eru, Ady's mood would improve immediately if we gave her Eru....Oh shit, this is so useless, Isn't anything that I can use as a reference a bit!?]

While walking, Chid appearance at that time was filled with helpless and fully delirium mental state.

Somehow, he shook his head and mustered his concentration in order to deal with the important mission before his eyes, Isadora who next by also looked nerve.

Although he came here as the person who was elected by the silver trading firm, he only comes here because of his's deed that rescue Eleonora at Raspedo castle.

In the meantime, they had arrived at the very destination room.

[We have arrive, Are you ready?]

[...In the end, the knight guys in our homeland always too much positive, so the word for encouragement was totally ignored and completely ar..... Yes, I will try my best.]

It was the reply that not re-assuring you at all but Isadora chooses to ignore it and knock the door.

She informs the maids about their purpose of visit. then, the maids leave with a swift movement.

The room that they lived is divided into two rooms in the middle.

At the first one was use as a guest reception room and the later one was a princess living chamber.

The room where the live is, divided into two rooms in the middle.

While waiting for princess's preparation, the curious gazes of the maids are stuck at the boy who was brought by Isadora like a glue.

Since a boy who not a noble is really rare at this place.

A completely smooth face same as the princess.

A tall, well-balance body without any waste proportion in the light leather suit which is a typical suit of knight runner uniform.

somehow,  the atmosphere in this corner become more and more strangely.

[Welcome, Isadora. today, ah, Archid, what....?]

Princess Eleonora who finally show up gets startled at the moment that she saw the person next to Isadora.

Back to the time that she still lived in the imperial capital city, She did not much leave the castle or even her own room. compared to now, it didn't change much since then. It was Isadora who visited her every day for chitchat.

As the person who was the same age, same gender. to her, Isadora is the closest relative and the most person that she can share up her thought.

But recently, Isadora has completely followed her mother's intention. She came to persuade Eleonora to become the queen many times.

Thank to this topic that they talked every day to now make Eleonora feel more and more uncomfortable.

But there is no reason for her to not welcome Isadora.

Before she could say anything at this surprising encounter, Chid bows down in motion.

It is a first time that they meet up face to face since arrived at this town of Mishre.

In Raspedo castle, it was under the dim lamplight but, now they are under the bright day of light.

When Chid looked up, his eyes swim around and speechless at the scenery.

Eleonora who escaped from the prison and already recovered now is full of the charming trait of the maiden who was hailed as the renown beauty of Kshyperuk.

Regardless of the lights of the room, it was too much for the boy.

While he still dazed, Eleonora sends a puzzled gaze to Isadora as to ask a question.

She calmly shrugged her shoulders.

[We can't allow you, the daughter of the late king, Agusty-sama keeps melancholy in this room forever. You have a duty to know the current situation of this country. that why I bring a person that you probably listen to.]

Isadora arrived at the seat, gave a wink to Chid to follow her step.

He who already determine to do his best proceeds toward the seat with an awkward movement unfit for knight runner.

Eleonora had a clouded look which really unusually for her appearance before the current situation.

[Why, Isadora...I thought that we talk about this many times. I will not become the queen...]

[There is no way that will happen, right? as now, the nobles want to launch a counterattack at Jaroudeku. since now, you who was the royal bloodline is returned. they want you to lead them. this is also a duty of royal family too, you know?]

----to say that use the "Kshyperuk royal blood"which flowing in her, the line which was told to her by a haughty detestable man.

That word was said to her like a disposal tool which will be throw away when it become unusable.

Remember the terror at that time, the girl has slowly hugged herself.

[Do I really need to fight?....can I really win?]

Misunderstanding at her lack of self-confidence word, Isadora try to encourage her.

[It gonna be all right, Eleonora. It not like us will remain like this forever. we have obtained a new force, and win some battle already. that why a story like...]

At the current discussion, It should be the Chid's role who was a member of Silver trading firm to continue and encourage her with their current achievement.

However, when Isadora look back. Chid keep remained silent in his serious face.

[Back then, there was a lot of the knight in the imperial city. even they said they gonna win yet....father too, the knights too... all of them...this is wrong, there alway a sacrifice in every war as long as the royal blood still flowing in my vein, Aunty and Isadora. the reason that we made this far because of Rys-san...]

While saying, Eleonora's expression is clearly fear without hiding.

As the girl refused to hear any more word make Isadora at her witt end but one hand stretched out to her.

[...Royal highness princess Eleonora.]

Her knight asked ahead in a quiet tone.

Eleonora raises up her face which was cast down.

[It better when no one has to be a sacrifice, I sincerely agree with it. but there will be a time that you can't solve the problem without a fight, at such a time, We, the knight will take up the sword.]

Chid clearly stared at Eleonora.

Although his tone is a little bit clutter, stuttered manner, unfitted for a person who points out a line like this.

[If you start off with a sword, It shall return with a sword. that is always the result that comes from fight standing view.]

[As a result...are you try to tell me that..someone already prepared and left to be the sacrifice?]

In the past, Elenora did not much come across with this kind of talk with a heavy feeling.

She is now full of emotion, looked up with teary eyes.

[So you will fight and once it needs a sacrifice...How would you do?
father already promised me...he told me not to worry...he said he will protect me and yet.....!?]

The later part couldn't say out in a word anymore.

She covered her face with her hands while Isadora quietly observing the situation.

Chid scratching his head at his end wit.

It not just only him, the other Fremmevir kingdom's knight is ready to fight.

But it not like he just go ahead with it or assume that resolve gonna solve every problem.

The people of this country have different way of thinking due to their raised environment

Chid calm down. finally, carefully looking for a resolve word.

[So, in another word, This is it! I should stop try to do something that I didn't familiar with.]

Chid say out his word clearly, in the room which now engulfs with heavy feeling from the previous discussion.

[Eleonora-sama, Just go outside already!]

With his word which not holding back and no any context, not only Eleonora, even Isadora also dumbfounded and look up at him.

[To holed up in the room all the time, whether what happen to the country or we're really fighting or not, you will never able to see it at all, right? it fine for you to hate fighting but you know? in order to know something exactly or determine something, you need to see it in order to do go to see it as the re-present of this country!]

For him, this is a very simple and natural logic.

As long as he does not require to promptly response, gather the intel before an act is the basic tactic.

All of  this time, this was the first action that he does naturally in this room.

As he stated his own reason and stretch out his hand to Eleonora, the girl stares at the outstretched hand while stunned.

This is a second time that he reach out to her.

The first time, to free her from the prison of stone and this second time, to break her free from the prison of the mind.

The both thing in common is she was trapped in the cage.

Not much time of suffering that pass.

She decided to belive in him again, the one who move to help her, who looked at the situation from another perspective, her knight.

With the hand of her knight. now, the princess took one step forward into outside world.

Once he knows again, he already outside the room.

Chid want to yell out and almost involuntarily on his knee.

His earlier word is nothing but a spurred thought that poped out in the heat of the moment.

To think that he splash such a whopping lacking manner word to the royal family party.... he suffered an involuntarily headached.

But right now, this is more serious problems.

[Archid-sama? is there something wrong?]

The main issue for him right now is the princess's hand.

There is no problem about escort someone out of her room but why their hand still holding hand of each other?

Right now, He was scared the most since they were alone, only able to came out with a thought from basis thinking process.

[A, ah, everything is fine, I definitely properly show you around... First, let's...]

When he turned around, he discovered the figure of his sister and his old playmate stuck their side to the wall and ear dropping.


Chid stunned in his blush face. right now, he still holding the beauty princess's hand.

[You guys...what are you doing there!]

[Chid, why I never hear the earlier word before? well, well. calm down. I see, I see, I got it now, Chid. Princess is cute isn'she? I too want to touch her!! arrrr, I envy you so much, a knight who escort the princess! the dream of every boy isn't? am I right?]

[How can you say something annoying like this, I will get mad, Ady! what are you trying to say? say something creepy like that! Arrr,shit, this is no different from your hobby!]

Aside from Chid who can't keep up with an excuse, another person is made a consent along with Ady without permission.

It was Eru who is now fully smiling while looking at the two people.

[All right, of course, I too will help out! let's gathered all the knights, and find a good place to show the princess around! fufufuh, um, Now I really infected with a motivation too!!]

[how reassuring...but you know? out of all thing...the cat is out of the bag already...]

The princess observes the playfulness of the trio, at Chid who got teased and pile up the tension, at he who gave up about stop them and just looked up at the sky.

A small laughter just coming out from his side.

It was Eleonora who laughing next to him.

From her current looking, the discouraging atmosphere until now completely disappears.

Although her's haggard expression still remains, It seems that liveliness had returned to her again.

[It is just as Archid-sama said, I wouldn't see anything at all if still holed up even there is so much interesting outside the room.]

Chid was not able to laugh together with her word thank to Ady's teasing.

But as he right now, a smile is the only thing that he can manage.

[Then, Chid, It not good at all for you to stay dazed like that. If you, a knight does not properly escort the princess, it will make everyone look bad too.]

[Yeah, yeah, let's hurry up! arrr, for princess to lined up with Eru...this is it...this is the best...So cute!]

[Ady, how far are you going to rotten....]

They guide Eleonora around while noisily chatting.

about Silver Phoenix knights,  about new silhouette knight model, plenty thing to talk about.

Then, Eleonora was guided to workshop area.

Incidentally, while they moving to engineering section, It turns out that Chid still remains holding hand with the princess.

[Thank goodness! seem like Ellen was able to come out at last!]

Isadora who came out of the room after the princess group left is standing in front of next room and yell out.

[Rys-nii too, eavesdropping is a bad manner, you know?]

[Eh? it not like I was hiding or something, I do it majestically! but since I don't want to join the conversation, that why I waited in the next room!]

[...such an excuse...only Rys-nii would use it...]

No longer amazed at the word, Isadora shook her head and walk away.

Emurys got speechless and after he retakes back his mind, he chases after the girl and the princess group.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chapter 34 Part 1.

Well, sorry for late but I was occupied during these 3-4 days.
And Part 2. is also large, I hope I can complete it in a week.

Part 1 

Mishre, The town that existed at the end of the east, among the cities in the ancient Kshperuk kingdom's eastern territory.

Recently, the city that once known as a post town had been changed dramatically.

Now, there is a various workshop spread over the place as the symbol of the town

The town atmosphere is dominated by a hot air that leaked from the workshop that continues to work non-stop regard day or night.

Its source is moving around in a factory, the machine with the total height approximately 2.5 meters, suited up by the people is currently moving a complete set of strand-type crystal tissue around with the supply mana from its wielder. 

All process of work that done pure by the machine power.

That machine is a silhouette gear. "Motor Lift"

Most of the blacksmith in this factory is now using this Motor Lift to performing all task that involved with smith work.

[Ou! You there! The one that looks run dry of mana, go take a break for a while! You will drop dead if you keep it up like that, I don't want an unnecessary problem! ...for the newbie, progress a little bit is good enough, you will get used to it before you even know it, you know?]

A strong shout came flying through the blacksmith workshop which filled with the noisy sound of smith work.

Then the reply also came back with a loud voice to the origin of warning voice.

One man is keep instructing Kshyperuk's blacksmith group who not familiar working with a silhouette gear, as they would reach their limit as soon as he leaves them alone.

He is the origin of the voice that yelling around here and there while supervising all the work lie with his reasonable blacksmith look.

Furthermore, it even more surprising that he did that while he too in the middle of his blacksmith work.

He also uses a silhouette gear to work same as the other blacksmiths. however, His unit appearance was clearly different from other.

By used its arms as a crane to do heavy lifting work, the entire four arms from both sides is swiftly handling the work with high precision. 

There also a cover that called "Iron Fence" to protect the wielder, a rack for storing various tools is added on it.

Furthermore, a storage box to store a material such as screws and piece of iron was attached to its underbody.

Its leg is very heavily thick with high stability looking, probably to support its weight.

As a result, 

It is nothing more than four arms with a sense of stability,  a very stocky one, however, it had continued to working with bewildering momentum. 

Quite a strange sight.

This thing---is the captain of Silver Phoenix knights blacksmith corp aka David Hepuken--personal silhouette gear, alias, "Dowbuzzfist" (Heavy Mobile Workshop)  in a brave figure.

He is one of silver phoenix's blacksmith corp of Fremmevir kingdom that used silhouette gear to do blacksmith work in order to enhance their ability.

They initially purely work with silhouette gear, eventually, even him also has a personal silhouette gear of his own, it very efficiently to do the work since it was his own custom.

His unit almost has every function that needs in this kind of work, a crane arm that can lightly lift a difficult huge part for a human power also grab and handle the work firmly.

Its arm also have five fingers same as "Shadow Rat" since with the exclusive dwarves knowledge, he can easily reproduce the technology and make a powerful machine part

Furthermore, It equipped with magic type torch for welding work which allows this sole unit to rival the entire large scale blast furnace ability, quite a ridiculous thing to finished this stuff.

[Master-san! Can I have a minute---!]

Anyway, a voice is coming through the full noisy sound in workplace call out the master who is currently manipulating his four arms to the full extent.

[Ou, so it's you, silver boy! wait a bit, after I finished this thing!]

Master had round up his work and issued a further instruction to the surrounding and went out from the work while sounding a profusely heavy footstep.

Eru, the one who called him is merry looking at the blacksmith group's appearance in the workshop.

[um, um, look like the Motor Lift's introduce is going well-ne]

[fuh, At first, they really reluctant at it since they never see one before, but after I demonstrated it with my Dowbuzzfist, they become obediently used it in one go. Well, for the time being, now, we are focusing on creating more silhouette gear fo their colleagues after they got used to it. I think we probably got a lot of them immediately since it easy to create a standard type for the work(Motor Lift).]

The another reason is Master's group existence also terrifying them to that extent too.

Eru nodded with satisfaction.

The mass production of silhouette gear can be done with a different ratio than a silhouette knight.

Soon, there will be a plenty number of it.

They introduced a silhouette gear and mass produced it in order to rebuild the Kshyperuk remnants army which currently in a bad shape.

[Look like this is a good place for preparation-ne. Let's proceed to jump ahead to the next stage since we got more helping hands. First, let us...]

[Ou, I thinking about breaking the ice with those guys soon, gonna use them for this detailed Leswant's blueprint that I got.]

Eru reply to Master who took out a bunch of paper and shake it around with his wry juvenile smile.

[As expect of true friend, you really not good at socializing with people-ne.]

[Ou, you bet, well, It thank to the sloppy socialize relation with you for a long time, I think. Furthermore, this is my field of work, and somehow, I really don't appreciate at this new Leswant looking. It completely looks like Kardator from head to toe!]

Eru who received a bundle of paper from Master assent with his words.

[Eh? but in the end, the new model must at least have enough performance, isn't? right? As its designer, I have no choice but to use the design of "Kardetolle" since there is no time to think a new one.]

[...To even bring out our "exclusive goods"... not matter how much friendly of this country is, I think that you give it away too lightly.]

[To tell the truth, I was allowed to have some good discretion from his majesty the king so we should have the permission.]

[I also thought that his majesty too, is not the type who easily forgive people...]

Master leaked a long breath and stroking his beard while his heavy mobile workshop's arm is swiftly moving around.

[Because there is nothing else that useful more than this, by used Kardetolle as a base structure, this definitely revives Leswant again for sure. Since our situation really is limited with not much time, It not like we can do it leisurely.]

[Yare-yare, Isn't this young pal also merciless a little bit? to asking the individual blacksmiths here to do a specification task, this is not something that can be done in day to day even without sleep.]

Master is slapping his fist while smiling a very likely fearless smile.

Somehow, He wants to ask a question since he gonna betting on it. 

[There still one more thing, it about use production's hand of "Our team" that is what I really want to ask.]

[Just drop the refrain, this gonna be one hell of strict order for the first time in a while, right? then, what is the problem?]

[It is about our remaining problem,  I think we do need to prepare one of "Ground to Air Equipment", After all, I did not manage to capture an airship last time, It is not cool at all. this thing is necessary for the silhouette knight to fight it somehow.]

Master is floating a surprise thought as Eru's dialogue.

Because he had heard that Eru and Ikaruga almost dominated an airship during the rescue of Kshyperuk royal family.

[Is such a problem necessary for you and Ikaruga?]

[Nope, but this is for the other people except me and Ikaruga. to tell the truth, The airship was retreated with a mortifying thought from Dee-san before. So, I want to put something that can threaten them a bit, they may be more hesitate if "the sky is not safe anymore".]

Master return a nod at Eru's explanation while thinking whether such thing possible or not.

As expected of Eru, Master Himself never thought about a weapon that use to fight a ship the fly in the sky before.

However, this may be a simple thing for Eru who created a number of bizarre equipment so far.

Which every one of it was actually done by Master's hand.

So there is no need to thinking about whether or not anymore.

[The rest thing that we need is a time for us to complete the new model. We better roll out the ground to air equipment as soon as possible since the enemy will definitely attack us soon with their ready condition. well, let have everyone do their best, shall we? since we were chased here, there is no place to retreat anymore, It gonna be a real war starting from this place, Isn't fun that way?]

Eru is smiling a very fulfilling smile in lovely features with his clear purpose, but to master's vision, It was a smiling of young demon with hell looking.

Continue on Part 2.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Chapter 33 Part 4 & 5

Part 4

The Black Jaw knights battalion was under attack from time to time and received a considerable damage but on the other hand, they still manage to reach their next destination somehow.

Now, they walking silently and become less talkative as the high morale that accompanied them at the beginning stage now mysteriously disappears, soon, the appearance of the walls that cut off the highway come into their view.

For anyone who came from the north, this walls belongs to the city that known as the gate of the east, "The Fortress City Jeedon" is outstanding appear before them.

This city had been established a trade route with Fremmevir kingdom via the "East-West highway" and also leading to the north-south road of Kshyperuk, it very well known as the very important strategic point.

For that sake, The city itself was surrounded by a solid circle walls which designed to give a high defense capability to the city.

[...All forces, halt immediately!]

They already running low on supplies plus piled up a lot of fatigue to the point that probably dangerous even for the elite Black Jaw knights.

It can't help that the soldiers feel relief in their mind since they had reached the city that can be used a base for resting.

However, The battalion commander ordered them to stop before they can enter the city.

The battalion commander manipulated his Tyrantor to point its finger at "That" to his adjutant who sent him a puzzled look.

[...Why is "Our army's flag" did not raised up in that city? nah, what the heck in the world is "That flag"?]

A portrait of a silver phoenix which spread its wing was drawn on the flag that proudly fluttering on the fortress city Jeedon's wall.

"Flag" is something that used to display the affiliation of the force in order to identify friend or foe.

The reason that Jaroudeku kingdom's flag did not raise on it can be only one meaning.

[ stupid. as expected of pussy person level, figure it out by yourself, would you!]

The battalion commander shouts a dispute and ordered the entire battalion to prepare for combat.

The rebellious intent is so clear, there is only one thing can be done.

[Since the city was very well protected by the thick walls, they probably got conceited, right? Look like they have some smart ass soldier but it's useless before our black knight, don't expect that you guys will receive any mercy!]

Until now since they came to this land, the Black Jaw knight was continue being harassed by the sabotage act. right now, they want to use this chance to venting their frustration.

For the city that was supposed to be their resting place after long distance travel betrayed them as soon as they reached it, this really adds the furious fuel to their emotion even they are exhausted.

They fold their rank quickly and advance by walking with intimidating air.

[Front Wall Formation!! front row used sword stance! go crushed those fools!]

Tyrantors that on the front row of row wall type formation ready its stance with a war mace
TN: war mace = a small version of battle hammer.

Tyrantor already possesses a great power, when it used a war mace in large number, it can do damage on the walls.

That why a battle hammer was miniaturization into war mace, in order to attack the walls with sheer strength numbers, A tradition tactic by destroying all target at once.

The fortress city Jeedon did not show any reaction against the black wave that surging before it.

Since it really hard for the mass production type of Kshyperuk to win against Jaroudeku's black knight.

It was a fact that repeated in history many times that Kshyperuk side always fights by the wall, not on the field and end up turn into a siege campaign.

They always saw it every time on the battlefield, alway a sight.

That why the black knights pushing forward without suspect anything and about to entering the silhouette arms range from the walls.

When they step on that range, the Kshyperuk's silhouette knight finally shows themselves on the walls

The black knights who move forward did not give them much an attention since some stray shot from silhouette arms won't do much damage to the heavily armored Tyrantor, They calmly thought like that.

However, the battalion commander who observing the entire situation from afar is the first and foremost one who noticed about the abnormality.

[ that thing? It's not a Leswant ...It's "a different type"!?]

The lined up of silhouette knights that appeared on the fortress city Jeedon's walls had a great different form from Leswant.

The machines that appeared from the spire that integrated with the walls had an armor which is strangely round almost like a "Cylinder" attached around its frame.

Hence, The mysterious silhouette knights are extending "4" silhouette arms from their back and stretch it forward before the line of sight of the puzzled battalion commander.

It possesses the same back armed system that was adopted in Jaroudeku army.

Its arm also grabs its silhouette arms that attached at the gap between the addition armor along with the other 4 armed.

The silhouette knight that able wield six silhouette armament at the same time just lined up on the walls, the battalion commander had reached the conclusion the moment that he witness such a scene.

[...It not that they did not approach us but there is no need for them to approach in the beginning! this is bad. that thing knight.... ]

His shouted already way too late at that time.

In the next moment, the lined up silhouette knights that take a shoot stance released their magic bullet all at once.

The destruction power is far beyond the standard silhouette arms.

With the hex gun that continues to shoot a magic bullet in succession, The storm of the ferocious magic bullet is poured down upon the black knight, created a tremendous explosive of a flame wall.

Develop the momentum that sent every black knight crumbled on the ground.

And it not only just that. 

While he staring at such a scene, a sling attack begins to fly out from the fort.

The black knights already devoted in defense against the storm of magic bullet. and now, they took a direct hit from the stone bullets that just comes flying at them from a different angle 

No matter how much thick armor that Tyrantor had, If they took a direct hit from a stone bullet without defence, they will not come out unscathed from it.

The pride of invisible row wall type formation that they boasted is now being ripping apart for the first time.

Despite that, Tyrantor too did not yield on receiving only, it tries to retaliate by start up its back armed and fired.

Its shot landed a direct hit at the Kshyperuk's silhouette knight that stood on the top of the walls but the surrounding armor is too thick plus only a few shot manage hit it.

The distance between two silhouettes, the altitude, greatly reduces the accuracy of the black knight's bullet.

[Kusso! Just what the heck is that thing! How can it still able to shooting silhouette arms non-stop like this!?]

A stone throwing and magic bullet attack, under attack by this two type of projectile weapon cause Jaroudeku army to struggled, eventually, they begin to feel a discomfort.

A magic weapon is a powerful weapon but it consumes a lot of magic in order to use it.

If they continue to shoot a large volley of attack like this, their mana pool should run out soon.

However, they still able to shooting continuously without stopping.

It so clear that the enemy must have some trick behind it.

[Damn it, Since this is not a strength contest, they purposely keep up the distance from the beginning!? How impudent!...At this rate, we will take too much damage, messenger, tell the entire battalion to fall back at once!]

The battalion commander shouts an instruction while smiling with a blue vein on his forehead.

Tyrantor has a heavy armor but the enemy attack powerful enough to punch through it.

With low mobility---It's inevitable that Tyrantor gonna take a great damage before it can reach the walls.

They have to deal with this place with a long term invasion strategy instead.

Right now, even without an enemy, the black knight troops already exhausted by a piled up fatigue.

They are not in a state that allows them to combat at all.

Now, Jaroudeku army who started this war tasted its first defeated in the fort capture campaign in the history.

While confirming the retreat of Black Jaw knights, Kshyperuk soldiers who stood above the fortress city Jeedon's walls being to move in a hurry.

[Jaroudeku army is retreating! Vid's squad! Cease fire!]

[Now is our chance to do resupply before they come back, All soldiers hurry up the sling reloading!]

[Lower your silhouette arms, Vid's squad keep it like that in order to threaten them while recovering mana pool at the same time.]

The silhouette knight squad that sit in the row is releasing an intense intake and aspiration sound from ether reactor while holding their silhouette arms.

The name of the machine that having a shape like a cylinder is "Leswant Quad"

It was a machine that builds from the blueprint that handed ou in a various place by the silver trading firm, from Ernesti's proposal.

By used a Leswant, the mass production machine of The Ancient Kshyperuk army as a base, It was upgraded with the multiple back armed "Capacitive Ram" which just simply attached on its back.
TN: Capacitive Ram type silhouette arms - as Its name suggest, a weapon that already stores an energy inside the gun and can shoot out right away, A mana support from silhouette knight's ether reactor is not necessary. I think....  [An energy gun with power bank built-in function] if you ask me...   

The main focus of this upgrading is the "Wall Robe", a large addition armor that  covers the machine frame.

A Capacitive Ram needs to use with this strong armor as the armor itself has a built in mana pool larger than the amount that one Leswant can possess.

Leswant Quad has an enormous mana pool due to its large capacity and can wield multiple silhouette arms at the same time, it is a machine that extremely specialized for single-minded attack from range

Unfortunately, Its existence was a rush job and lack a lot of adjustment from the start plus the weight of wall robe really too far heavy for moving, as a result, it can only use in defense situation only.

In the end, It's some kind of defective machine, even so, it already strong enough to deal with Jaroudeku who did not know this fact.

[Look...That Jaroudeku army, are fall back on the highway! We really did it! We had protected this town, We won!]

The scenery of  the retreated black knights who had left the vicinity of the city spreading to every soldier's mind.

Not too long, they begin to groans and finally become an explosive delight cheer.

The commander is relatively calm while watching the situation among the delighted soldiers.

[Finally, a victory isn't? Although, we just able to drove them away just once. even the damage they receive is not a little, they probably come back to attack gain. may be, I should keep a tab on them with a high alert.]

Leswant Quad which has a high aptitude for base defense does not allow them to pursuit or attack, its mobility it too low.

Still, they decided to rejoice the victory in front of them for now as Jaroudeku army has completely retreated.

Part 5.

The news about the victory of the fortress city Jeedon is now, spreading around the local area.

This news will definitely raise an unstoppable great momentum that grows the rebellion next to the princess Eleonora's retaken news without a doubt.

Until now, only Silver Phoenix knights can match Jaroudeku army toe to toe.

However, If only them able to fight then in a true sense, it is not a victory at all.

By obtained the new Leswant Quad here, the ancient Kshyperuk nobles is now able to prominence step up in the battlefield one after another.

The domination power of the east strategic Jaroudeku army force begin to unstable by a revolt of the small nobles, the land of the east is turning back into a "Battlefield" once again.

Furthermore, the Black Jaw knights were completely struck between the north to a south route of east territory by the defense line of Leswant Quad.

The Jaroudeku already received an unexpectedly large damage by the sabotage of silhouette gear troops before time.

Now, their plan is messed up as they need to re-schedule many times.

The east upheaval that happened in a short period of time had forced Jaroudeku army to reorganization and renew their prospect while Kshyperuk remnants army which only has Leswant Quad too was in a state that unable to move.

The battlefield is heading to a state of equilibrium which a tranquility visit upon the western grand storm.

West calender,  Year 1281, the fall is now approaching.

Half year ago that Jaroudeku kingdom made its declaration of war.

Now, the fight is about to enter a new phase.

PS....Eru just gave Kshyepruk a full burst mode...this is no longer a silhouette is a silhouette artillery..]