Vol. 6 Prologue

Part 1

"Sutherland continent", the land which humanity, a huge mechanical knight also a rampaging monster existed upon.

The great mountains of Obinie divide the great land that vastly spread out into the east and west as its center.

The kingdom of knight "Fremmevir kingdom" was there set upon the foothill of the great plain, east side of the mountains.

However, "Laihala academy city" existed here in a place that the boundary line changes a little bit in the gentle plain of this vast nation.

One day, while "Celestina Echevelia" (AKA Tina) was relaxing at her house which lies at one corner of school street, she suddenly looked up from the window and witness a strange thing.

That is something which could be described as a "ship".

A ship with upside down appearance is soaring in the sky and split the sea of clouds keep advancing thru the air.

[Ara-ara. this is......seem like I need to hurry up and get prepared.]
(TN: seriously? you don't need a hint at all? )

She was watching the ship for a while then she goes out as she noticed something.

The fact that she was not the only one who witnessed this abnormal ship's existence during this time.

The merchants who were in and out from the store or those who walk on the road of the city. Furthermore, even the students of Laihara knight academy, everyone stared dumbfounded in the sky,  watching a flying ship.

They all become noisy before the unknown existence.

The flying ship loosens its speed once it floats above Laihala knight academy's sky and the appearance of deck shape function become visible at a bottom of the ship.

Something jumps vigourously out from that black hole.

A huge shape person with limbs clad in a steel armor appearance.

Don't need to say that was the most powerful weapon of mankind, The silhouette knight.

It falling recklessly from the ship at such a high altitude without any support chain.

While the breathtaking people are watching roughly.

The silhouette knight in question whole body begins spurted a violent explosive flame from its shell.

A reaction caused by those violent injection has resisted the gravity as its falling speed become more gentle almost everyone could see it.

Eventually,  That silhouette knight landed on the training ground of Laihara knight academy while spewing a dust smoke.

The noisy students are bursting out along with an instructor who comes out one after another.

The appearance of "Matthias Echevelia", the combat skill instructor also included in the mass.

A silhouette knight training ground at the academy is considered a large area.

When he saw a figure of silhouette knight descended in the middle of that while blowing a flame, he leaks a sigh unable to speak.

There is definitely something wrong when one saw that silhouette knight appearance, the strange four arms stretched out from its back or its face with an expression of asura.

There is only one of this insane chunky phantom knight in this vast and wide Sutherland continent and you won't find it somewhere else.

That remark also implied to its pilot, the knight runner who also manipulate it too............

[It seems to be noisy and busy around here, so it because of "Ikaruga" after all.....Haaa, Eru....that child............he did something unexpected again isn't....]

After he left speechless for a while, he went thru the dust smoke in the training ground caused by the landed Ikaruga.

Part 2

The residents become noisily and pointing at the figure of a ship floating in the sky of Laihala academy avenue.

At this time, almost all residents of the city including those who were at home and those who were at school are all interested in seeing a huge ship float in the sky. 

The petite appearance of a person was slipping thru the people who crowded the street.

Several people look back at the lightweight violet color glittering eyes for a moment then immediately turn back as those eyes fade in the mass.

The wavy hair was running toward a corner of the city.

Its destination lies a house that noticeable at the end of a street corner.

There is one person stood in front of Echevelia's house, a women's appearance.

[Maa, Eru, Welcome back.]

Tina who was waiting for him in front the house received Ernesti with a gentle expression.

Eru too floats his smile as he lost a bit and head toward where Tina is.

[Yes, Kaa-sama, I'm home! So then, please look at that. I brought back a rare ship for the souvenir.]
(TN: It was a Dear mother....but I use JAP instead...the habit of reading other people work...personally, I like Kaa-sama than Dear-mother or mother-sama....)

While talking, Eru point toward a figure of the special airship which is currently floating above Laihara sky.

Tina naturally tilted her head a little bit as she doesn't disturb by the unprecedented existence before her sight.
(TN: The mother's resistance to an unexpected thing is already MAX parameter.)

[Maa, So, it was that ship after all that Eru got isn't-ne. For such a big ship to fly in the sky, the west side is really a great place isn't-ne]

She seems to be admired, however, Eru doesn't seem to care about correction her remark earlier.

[Yes, it is really a special ship-desu. Kaa-sama too, Don't you want to go for a ride? The scenery of Fremmevir kingdom from the sky is very beautiful!]

[Can I? although Kaa-san never goes board a ship before even one on the water. since Eru invite me himself, Well then, allow Kaa-san to bother you by try boarding the airship-ne.]

[Yes! there are also a lot of other souvenirs to add as well....]
(TN: YEP....He hauled back some wyvern ether reactor,  the only one in a continent.)

The mother-son went back inside the house while talking happily as they arbitrarily decide what to do about airship despite it was a de-facto top secret weapon of the nation article.

Sometime later in western calendar year 183 by the time that winter passed.

The Silver Phoenix knights rescued Kshyperka kingdom, the allied nation from its peril state in the war that involved all western countries, The grand western war and returns triumphantly back to Fremmevir kingdom.

Part 3

Later day, 
A similar event that happened at Laihara academy avenue also happening at Kankanen, The capital city.

An airship is trespassed over the capital airspace and descending at the knight order's training ground.

The royal guard knight order take precaution stance against the unknown flying ship that folds its windsail and slowly descending, observes the thing that emerges from the airship.

A lone silhouette knight drop on the ground with a help of support crane, the sound of chain jingle around the place.

The golden lion which radiated a majestic aura descends proudly, leak a fearless roar intimidate the surround.

[Ha Ha Hah! Kankanen!  it's been a long time. The great me has returned now!!]

Then the development took place in the audience chamber which lies in the center of Schreiber, the king castle.

Received the news of Silver Phoenix knight's return, King Riotamus Hasslo Fremmevir can't help himself but leak a visibly small sigh after witnessed the appearance of the 2nd prince, Emrys who appear with his whole smile.

[.....seriously, does idiocy of my stupid son really beyond help?
The first thing that he does after return home was passed the country by coming above its head, Is this a something that a prince should do?]

[Oops, sorry, Old man. Since I visited the silver boy house, I got carry away a little bit!

[There no way that it was a little bit! After that "flying ship" passing by, the royal capital become chaotic...]

[Ha Ha Ha! Of course, they definitely got surprised! It is very amusing, right? Oldman!]

Riotamus unintentionally hold his head harder every time that the talk engagement keeps progressing, He managed to endure the prince psychological attack somehow in this place.

[Although I want to ask what on earth is that.....Let save it for a later time. Well then. ....You won, right?]

Emrys float a deep smile, raise his arm, reply back while assuming his signature answering posture.

[Aa, Of course! The ruin Kshyperka had been reviving safely! Auntie, Isadora, Eleonora too all safe and sound!]

[I see. .....Aa, So, It seems that everyone is all right.]

Riotamus's expression becomes soft as one would display for his family unlike the dignified face of the king.

Aside from the situation Kshyperka, the allied nation.

He also worries about his sister who married off to that country.

However, He immediately hardens his face, restoring the face of a king.

He directed his sight the view behind Emrys to the strange flying ship which floated outside the castle.

[...To take a flying ship and ride it back home. As expected, the one built that thing is no one but Ernesti isn't?]

Now, he knew that the war was a victory, next thing that he needs to worry is about the ship's existence.

Up until now, there was no real airship that could be used in this world.

It's a strange existence which definitely gonna shake the world understanding for sure.

The only person who capable such a feat that Riotamus known was a boy who solely commands the entire Silver Phoenix knights.

It not only him who has such thought, the surrounding people also think the same.

However,  Emrys strongly shake his head as a deny.

[Nope! about that thing, the one who built it first was the Jarodek kingdom who attacked Kshyperka. I also never seen nor heard a ship that flies in the sky like this before either. It belongs to the enemy which made us struggle a lot as well..... ]

The surrounding people did not expect an earthshaking answer from the 2nd prince as they were left speechless.

Tension begins to form up clearly in their face as they gaze at the sky.

As for the person who has a role that leads the knight, some of them already picture a fierce battle scene within their mind.

While the on-site people harbored some tension, Emrys's next word shatter their tension at once.

[However, Seem like the silver boy totally falls in love with it! I lost count how many ships that he shot it down.]

Riotamus place his arm on the throne powerlessly contrary to Emrys who keep stretching his manly beast.

The same happens to some surrounding people while it could be judged as a rude behavior, they were lucky that no one punishes them.

[.....needless to say as expected, Maa , It's fine as long as it was no problem. So, How the Silver Phoenix knights are doing now?]

[Aa! most the ships were left at Kshyperka! Because there was a limit how much we can stuff thing inside the ship and brought back that why we came back first! the rest will follow later.]
(TN: not only a levitate ship, more than 100 units of Jaroudek's Tyrantor was in that war....how the hell they gonna bring their wreck back??)

The king was holding his head a little bit (again.....) while Emrys start laughing heartily.

[That too need to be discussed, Well, Leave that matter for now, While the ship seems to be convenient for you to come home, It just one ship and that really troubles me......You said it yourself that it was the enemy's technology then that would mean you guys know how to build it right? ]

[You are right about that! I already look into it together with Silver Phoenix knights. we also told the knowhow to Kshyperka too, It won't be long when this technology spread all over the western countries.]

The Silver Phoenix knights was a group which always run around the cutting-edge technology, the world-class level.

There is no one than them who was a suitable candidate for investigating new technology.

However, Not everyone in this place know that fact.

At that time, Emrys's hand holding a bunch of paper sheet.

Everything about airship was written down on it.

He handed it to Riotamus who could only groan terribly after received it.

[....I see, then, We can't be late as well.....well, what about you? you seem to be cheerful after winning a war at friend country. You have a lot of things to tell me, about that strange flying ship as well. When the rest of Silver Phoenix knight return, We will hold a ceremony.]

The meeting concluded as the king left an audience chamber, The surrounding people start moving around in a hurry and seem like the very prince treat it as a normal daily event as he doesn't bother by it.

After the king left quite a time, Only Emrys alone in that place who take it easy as he was not disturbed by any of it.

Riotamus walk quietly alone at the aisle which leads to an inner castle.

He displays a slightly gesture then soon, a mysterious figure appears without a sound,  taking a knee behind him.

[Summon Oliver and Gaizka immediately! I probably need to speak about the flying ship with them.]

Only after sending a glance, The silhouette already disappears from that place.

He doesn't bother with it as his mind already immersed in the premonition of coming turbulence.

Part 4

Two days ago, there was a summon from the king that called upon two people to Schreiber castle.

A soldier leads two people to the audience chamber which mostly use in the conference.

Soon, the king appeared and witness the different trait between those two people.

The head of NTR lab, "Oliver Bromdar" who always look compose and calm while the chief of the factory, "Gaizka Yohan" who look old aged but still display a burning excitement contrast his age.

Riotamus float a bitter smile on the scene and break the ice without introduction. 

[Well then, there is no business to called you two as such a time more than talk about flying ship that causes a commotion in the kingdom....to be precisely, A "Levitate ship" was it? .....I want to ask your opinion as a senior engineer. Does it quite interesting?]

From the king's tone, It more like the king confirmed a verify truth rather than asking a question as both of them nodded in return.

It has been only 2 days since Eru and Emrys return triumph with an airship.

The ship now stay anchored at the outskirts of Kankanen,

Both of them don't know anything more than a rumor.

That is why they respond the summon with haste and come here.

[Ha, Haa! Of course, your majesty. for such a ship to fly in the sky, just what on earth that mechanism behind it principle?  It definitely interesting for life...]

Although he learned his previous lesson and tries to keep it down, Gaizka curiosity still leaks out.

Next to him was Oliver looks calm as usual but something already lit up occasionally under that gesture and the king did not miss it nor act up.

The king would not favor them more than necessary unlike his father.

A bunch of paper that was placed at his side, He push it all the way to them.

[Here is a technical data of the airship that Silver Phoenix knight had brought back, everything was written on it. "The theory of pure ether reaction" was it? that was a secret behind the flying ship.]

Oliver who received a bunch of paper with a tense expression suddenly breath.

[...To think that a behavior of Ether would cause a ship flying in the sky. this is awesome, a discovery of the age!]

The head of NTR lab, Oliver was a member of Alv race which study the ether reactor since their birth.

The existence of pure ether behavior theory cause him to has a complex thought.

Different from his usual trait, He starts to look at the document intently almost like he gonna swallow it whole.
(TN: It was a devil's document!! yep! wrote by the small devil boy so its temptation force was already guaranteed.)

[Seriously, because of Emrys who came back on the flying airship dignifiedly...The various speculation from people who witness its existence is overwhelming.]

Riotamus shake his head with a tired voice.

As he said,  The kingdom already witnesses an unknown ship.

Furthermore, it was in a strange form that various tail fin which attached to it begin to drop one after another.

There is no any government declaration that gonna help them control the mass or cover up in short time.

[It already displayed an earth-shaking feat enough in the battle of Kshyperka kingdom. there is no doubt that this thing gonna affect the future of the world. Accord to Emrys's word, the western countries begin to start to their own research about the airship. This is a serious matter without a doubt.]

Gaizka's complexion begins to turn blue after he heard such an excitement statement.

He also gradually begins to grasp the meaning and influence by advance this technology.

[After that war, I knew our foundation was not solid. We have to prepare for anything. I want NTR lab to pull every available resource to research an airship and start its manufacture.]

[....At your will!]

The answers of the 2 people responded the king's word.

Thus, They return to Dufall, HQ of NTR lab along with the knowledge of airship that they received.

They who burst with high motivation probably start the project vigorously right away without waste any time.

After 2 people left, Riotamus return to the inner castle while breathing deeply.

[Even so, It's only been a few years since Silver Phoenix knight starts to introduce a new idea of silhouette knight and now...look like everything they touch or involve with becoming an earth-shaking news soon or later... ]

Was it a lament? A delight? It hard to say since Riotamus did not show his expression openly like the previous king.

Part 5.

After that time, Anyone who observing from sideline could tell that NTR lab activities already become something unstoppable. 

They pull every inch of their knowledge, pour, devote to the newest technology that they got with their pride on the line.

Fortunately, the foundation of the technology itself already summary in detail by Silver Phoenix knights, So, it easy for them to imitate.

In the first place, They can gather data and re-create by using the *floating unit that they remove from the existing airship.
(TN: *The ether reactor that generates lifting force.)

So, It's not difficult to crack technology even the principle behind the floating unit itself.

In a short time, Fremmevir kingdom was able to launch a new kind of airship,  "Cargo Ship", the one with transportation capability.

The wind of airship age gradually blowing toward the continent whether east or west side.

Un-effected by the great western war that influences the entire western countries (Occident), Fremmevir kingdom has its chance to build up strength by keep deploying their newest silhouette knight.

Due to increase in fighting ability of silhouette knight, the damage caused by a demon beast decrease.

This fact is directly affected and boosting the entire nation fighting strength.

Now, The unknown technology "Airship" just jump in in the midst of their transition process, 

Who could foresee it?

During their high morale time with the great new tide, A plan to shift Fremmevir kingdom into new direction was formed.

-----that is, using the airship to explore "Bocus, The great sea of forest " and the plan itself already commencing.

1. I like this piece quite a bit, although it just a few line, it does hint a bit about Tina , 
2. The fact about Riotamus's behavior considered a close type who distance himself from his subject unlike the open-type Ambrosius is a bonus. I pray for his mentality gauge to stay strong as no one can predict Emrys's behavior as well.

Holiday almost run out and working day are coming....so it will be random release. 

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