So? What should I do?

A question......which one that you guys want me to do?

1. go back to Vol.6 Prologue....we want detail of flying knights and an airship fleet!
2. keep do the Vol.7 and start for chapter 56....we want to know about new giant waifu ASAP.....
3. forget about both Volumes and go to Vol.8 instead since we're all good and already imagine what happens in both Vol......we want a  war, a clash, a climax content.....

Please leave a comment as your suggestion....of course that Unknown user....would be count as one so no spam plz. 

Be warned that I don't have speed unlike the standard I intent to skip to another vol. when the better translator got a source in their hand. (I intend to have NOT-san do it but I assume that he/she doing CN base source or maybe on busy status in RL.)

If no one answer then I will do as I please since I am one kind of free-spirit being....and do Vol.7 for the time being. All is good as long as it interesting.

I will wait for 3 days starting from now and summary the reply later (there maybe something for you guys to read to kill boredom during this time as well.)

 HERE something to read while wait for 3 days. I believe it was something that the last episode of anime skipped in last minute.


  1. Вернитесь к 6 тому хочется прочитать что будет а то как-то почитать с 7 тома негоже

    1. "Go back to 6 that you want to read what will be somehow read from 7 volumes negligent" praise the GOOGLE.....although I knew that in-complete translation I still grasp what did you try to convey.

  2. I think it best to start at Vol 6 till Vol 8 because other reader can catch up with the stories.

  3. I appreciate that you're back Dogeza-san, but If it won't be bad if I ask for vol 6? I tend to read all source/trans even on same chapters. Each had difference and some had other doesn't. :)

  4. Can you please translate Vol.06? I would like to know whats has happened after everyone returned in Vol.05.

  5. Volume 6 pretty please (with sugar on top)... 😊


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