Vol 7 Prologue

The cry of beast roar loudly and shake the trees.

A beast with a shape of huge bear, fling its face around in the great forest.

The beast's body which is 10 meters long advancing on the ground easily knock off the nearby sturdy big tree like a lord of the forest.

There is nothing weird about beast walking in the forest but suddenly, it looks up in the sky while the sun is setting.

A lot of massive shadows cutting thru the sky and greatly split the cloud.

It looks like a big bird flapping when gazed it from the forest's ground.

The bear beast who heard the sound immediately go hide in the shade of the forest and shrinking like the majestic marched from before never happened.

The bear is not only one, the other beast whether big or small that wondered in this place are all done the same thing as there was a clear distinction power between them and the shadow.

This is the fate of this great forest right now.....

A great forest is covered the east side of Sutherland continent next door to Fremmevir kingdom border.

The forest is not ruled by a human but the great demon beast, it is a beast paradise where destruction beasts wondered around the place also an uncharted territory for mankind.

The place is called "The great sea of forest, Bocus" that deny the reach of mankind for a long time.

The strongest weapon made by the hand of humanity, The giant steel knight, Silhouette knight.

Once in the past with such a weapon, humans try to open up this monster forest with it.

However, their ambition, yield before the mighty of monster that lurks in this sea of forest.

Since that time,  The great sea of forest Bocus become a forbidden land which not allows any human to enter.

The place had been regarded as a symbol of fear and awe.

But right now, everything changes.

The trees are rocked and shaking one after another in this sea of forest.

The cause is not a monster. 

The Culprit is very petite and lightweight moved around while using the branch as a scaffold

Its presence is far too small for the duel class magical beast, the demon that marching in this place right now could detect it-----As its identity was a human.

[At this rate, we will lose their sight for sure. let increase the pace a little bit!]

[We should not get too close....it may be noticed us and become troublesome later! ]

A small frame boy swirling his fluffy silver purple hair around kicked the branch and leap into the sky.

The boy's name is Ernesti Echevelia , the grandmaster of Silver Phoneix knights.......right now is lost in the forest. 

A person clad in full-size body armor "Silhouette gear" chasing him from behind, The 2nd lost child, Adeltrude Olter.

[Well then,  just what are we  waiting for....?]

Both of them are the member of the 2nd forest expedition party of Silver Phoenix knights order which stepped into this forbidden forest for the sake of realm expansion.

It supposes to went well since the entire fleet expedition was organized with a fleet of levitate ship, The newest flight unit.

However, when they went deep into the forest, They encountered an obstacle, the true threat which lies in the great woods.

A bug type demon beast, the one that spews a death corrosion toxic, strong enough to corrode even metal material, the one that they never saw before.

The battle was extremely fierce.

With a splashing of deadly poison even Tudiane, the flying knight also fell as a victim.
(TN: Tudine is a mass production unit base on the prototype Syrphime)

Therefore, the Silver Phoenix knights decide to retreat before such a threat.

The flagship Izumo successfully destroys to pursuit demon beast, allow the rest of the fleet to safely fall back.

However,  during the battle, Eru and Ikaruga who sortie to defend the fleet were shot down by the fierce battle.

To save Eru who was seriously get pinch due to the surround poison beast and got besieged, Ady rush out to save him.

Although both of them manage to land safely on the forest, they are completely lost in this uncharted territory.

What waiting for the duo in this monster paradise was an encounter with an unimaginable existence which lies ahead before him who far away from home.........................

PS. since it really short.....I do it for fun.


  1. what took so long ..
    here my present

    1. wait Anime to end to see how much does its story progress , also due CN version release (Vol 4-5), I become stasis because I expect Sky would finish it in no time.

    2. @Baka dogeza I miss you Soo much in this novel. Thank you Soo much to at least give this novel a chance. The other *cough*translator*cough* don't have commitment with this novel

    3. hardly, even me too also stay IDLE mode for whole year (well, I was lazy too and decide to read instead) , I don't think they lack motivation or something but barred by other language release like Chinese version. it seem that they release only 1 vol per year at best.

  2. what took so long ..
    here my present

  3. Um What happened to Volume 6?

  4. umm volume 6 doesn't exist on novelupdates is there something we're missing? did you skip 6? or is it there and something isn't labeled right?

    1. Nope, you guys didn't miss anything.... I purposely skip it and let other party do Vol.6 instead when it release in their area. after all, I don't have speed nor a natural reader.

  5. Thank s for ur time and effort for putting this chapter.


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