Chapter 33 Part 1

Hence, here come a new arc, most of story will focus on Eleonora.

Part 1

Old Kshyperuk kingdom, east territory.

The land next to foothills of Aubigne mountains that rich with numerous forest that covered the entire area.

"The wide Kshyeru road", the main highway lie down in the spread forests of Kshyperuk territory have connected a various place together.

[...Although Fontanie had fallen, the air in this forest did not change a single bit....]

Martina's face showed out of the wagon, she frowns at the scenery with a fierce blowing wind.

With this lush forest landscape, it harder to attack this country, that fact still did not change after she witnesses the scenery of this place.

The gloomy that piled up in her heart finally melt away while she gets away from Fontanie.

The homeland of her husband, Archduke Fernando, now, become the east strategic point garrison base of Jaroudeku kingdom that located in the town.

That right, till the other day, they have been caught in Raspedo castle which once a home of the women.

A place that her husband, the archduke was killed.

No matter how much strong of her will, there still a limit.

To got imprisoned in that place, become a prisoner, it's not much hard to imagine that how much it become an unbearable pain for her.

[From now on, I can start, I will definitely take this country back from the hand of those guys. Dears(Fernando)...please, watch over us.]

She is now has a purpose that inherited from her husband who served his brother, the king.

A muttering with heavy determination faces away among the wind through the forest.

Nobody should hear such a tweet. but, only a nephew who should have been sleeping in the waiting room. his breathing just went unnatural pace at such a time.

The two Tzendrinble pulling the wagon and run on fire along the highway.

It's destination, the ridges of the majestic Aubigne.

West calendar years 1281. 
this year is truly a disorderly noteworthy year among the long time history.

Jaroudeku kingdom, the name of major power country among "the west countries"(Okushiden)---that represent the countries that exist on the west side of Zetterlund continent, suddenly begin its invasion in the neighboring countries.

the begin of "Large western regions war" or know the other name as "Grand western storm war".

Jaroudeku kingdom turns the table with its overwhelming force than any countries, went overrun the whole coalition of Rokard that adjacent to its border in the blink of an eye, furthermore, It still riding on the tide of war to invade "Kshyperuk kingdom".

Jaroudeku kingdom and Kshyperuk kingdom are both major power country in the west, their power almost rival and always opposing each other.

At first, the neighboring countries all thought that the fighting between them would continue for a long time.

However, Jaroudeku kingdom has a lot of newly technology innovation, they bring out a powerful silhouette knight and even introduced the very first practical aviation weapon in the human history, The "Airship".

They gained a one-sided tactical advantage.

Betrayed every expectation, Jaroudeku kingdom forced a total destruction to the enemy and end the war after only six months since the war started.

[Rys-nii, So, where does this horse-drawn carriage is heading? perhaps over beyond the mountains?]

Isadora who next to Emurys asked him while stretching her sloppy rigid limbs fatigued from the ride.

After escaped from Fontanie a few days ago, They ran almost the entire day.

They should gain a lot of distance judging from Tzendrinble speed if they keep heading to east at this rate, it obviously that they will reach Fremmevir kingdom that located beyond the mountains.

From Emurys's social status point of view, this is a country that he went into emigration once in the past.

[Nope, it would be a problem to go home. you see....because I made a promise with my father. So, our destination is on this side.]

[So, are you going to stay in this domestic area? I admitted that this centaur knight is very fast. but at this rate, I could foresee that all black knights will come pouring from every direction.]

Emurys try to cheer up Isadora who cast her glance down with a melancholy look, although it was unnecessary to stretch his chest.

[Hey, Isadora, Cheer up! We did not come here with an empty hand. now, the preparation to counter attack is proceeding quietly too! ...along with everyone from Silver Phoenix knight order!]

[...leave it to Rys-nii's indication is kind of...atleast there still...]

If thinking about his usual confidence basis, It's not easy for Isadora to get rid of her anxiety.

While she was thinking, her eyes settled on the wagon that runs side by side.

There is a single knight that overwhelming an airship with its six demonic arms take a standing posture on  the roof.

If it was the man who piloted this thing then something unimaginable may happen...

The girl was well aware that her holding an expectation for it.

And soon, she will realize.

About what on earth that Silver Phoenix knights gonna committed in this land.

Soon, before long, The woods with different color appeared along their way.

"Mishre", the post town that snuggled on the wide Kshyeru road.  
TN: ミシリエ --- name of the post town.

Tzendrinble that continue ran at full speed until now finally begin to slow down before the town.

Mishre surrounded with a rough wall and up there, a flag had been raised. 

The flag does not belong to Jaroudeku kingdom and a silver phoenix  was drawn on it.

Tzendrinble raises up a flag as a signal then the gate greeted them by beginning to open up.

[Auu, this is really tired as expected...Tzen-chan too, you did a good job-ne.]

[Theses guys are running pretty well and smooth control too,  I think I may be got addicted.]

Tzendrinble release a tired intake aspirated sound while passing the wicket on the gate.

A lot of people from the surrounding come greeted the Tzendrinble at the parking lot when they noticed its arrive.

When separated the wagon from their machines and heading for the workshop both Chid and Ady were totally exhausted from their knight runner task.

These two machines were overuse too much with the long journey, 
they are going to need a careful maintenance once.

The knight smiths feel gratefulness toward the twin who turnover, they unload and carry a silhouette gear that stored in the remaining wagon.

[Rys, this town is safe isn't? you really don't mean that it already conquered by Jaroudeku, right?]

[Please be at ease, Aunty. You should already see the flag, right? The silver phoenix that craves on the flag is very our proof.]

Martina's appearance emerge from the door of waiting room in the wagon that opened.

She narrowing her eyes at the origin of hustle and bustle noise that flew into her very ears as soon as she came out.

The knight smiths are using a silhouette gear to run around the place and easily lift and lay down the goods.

She looks at the figure of silhouette knight during it assembly state at the workshop near a parking lot.

This place seems to be full of a liveliness that now lost in Fontanie. 

She felt like being released from a prison with the scenery that long time no see and then she heard a hustle and bustle sound from behind.

A beating sound of crystal tissue came from Ikaruga that stood up.

[I gonna drop Ikaruga in the workshop. young master, please bring everyone to the mansion.]

Emurys returned his ok by raised his hand and leading Martina group to the center of town.

However, without many walks, a horse-drawn carriage appeared before them while they are wading through a passer.

A man just came out from the stopping carriage.

He is Baron Modest Retonmaki, one of the small nobles with the corner territory of the east sector.

[Ou! Ms. Martina, So you're safe and sound. although I heard the story from Emurys-dono still...Arrr]

He noticed the person who was hiding behind Martina with hesitation, without care that this place was a roadside, he was taking a gratitude action by immediately deeply down his knee.

[Your royal highness princess Eleonora. It was a truly divine blessing that you survived in this hardship.]

Eleonora Miranda Kshyperuk. the memento of king Agusty who was killed, the only legitimate person with the right to take over the throne among Kshyperuk royal family lineage.

Those who around went on their knee one after another after heard the full emotion voice of baron Retonmaki.

Eleonora who was raised up as a cage bird is unfamiliar against such a direct action.

On behalf of she who still in a confusion, Martina step up and tell the surrounding.

[Retonmaki-dono, and everyone please raise your face. the painful feeling of gentlemen is well understood for her royal highness. however, due to the long journey to this place, her royal highness had become tired. I want you to guide us to the resting place first.]

[Ha! I'm really rude. therefore, we will guide you, please come this way.]

Baron Retonmaki who stood up invited the women groups into the carriage and told the coachman to go the center of the town.

[Ms. Martina, you too also experienced a long journey same as her highness, aren't you tired?]

[ may be right but because we  only have a little remaining time of the current situation, I do not think that I have that kind of luxury time. I want to talk about what to do from now on immediately....]

She suppressed her her fatigue and on the verge of resumes her walk but before that happen, Emurys interrupted her.

[If that the case then, Retonmaki-dono, do you want to resume our "Negotiation" from the other day? I wonder how much gathered here now...]

[Ah, about that, they are impatiently waited here, maybe they want to talk about "an example of blueprint" that they received from you guys on the other days.]

Not too long after that, they reached the large exceptionally building in the center of the town.

Baron Retonmaki told his employee to guide Isadora and the princess to their room while he starts walking to guided Emurys and Martina by himself.

They heading to the room that designed as a meeting place, a lot of people already inside the room.

Baron Retonmaki immediately speaking as soon as he entered the room.

[Everyone, Hear me out, We got a good news! the silver trading firm, Ms. Martina and Ms. Isadora, furthermore even her royal highness princess Eleonora too are here now, our salvation had arrived!]

The pleasure is shaking the meeting room.

Just on the other day, Jaroudeku kingdom has issued the news about "the marriage between the second prince Cristobal & princess Eleonora" which really delivered an impact blow to the surviving nobles.

For them who already disadvantage against the mighty power of Jaroudeku kingdom, this development will eliminate the royal lineage right which means a totally cruel defeated for them.

By know that the princess was rescued from the evil hand of Jaroudeku, 
there is no more surprise that will bring them more joy than this news.

Martina looks dubious at the people group who are lineup in the conference room that basked with delight air.

[All of you lords(Kikun), Why on earth are you gathered in this place...]
TN: 貴君 = you (primarily used by men in letters to their equals or inferiors).

Those people who have gathered in this meeting room are all the nobles of east Kshperuk territory.

Martina is the grand duchess of archduke Ferdinan which her existence really famous in the east, most of the nobles who are here were her acquainted.

There is also an unfamiliar face among them in addition.

Everyone in this scope is all relatively low-level nobles.

[Now, I'm about to explaining the situation, shall we start?]

Baron Retonmaki who served as a speaker explained the history development up to now.

While Jaroudeku kingdom lay its hand to captured the Kshyperuk royal family, they also stretched its aggression hand throughout the remaining Kshyperuk kingdom territory at the same time.

Their next target is a large number of noble who remain within the country.

Many already fallen along with the king when the imperial city was attacked.

Those who remain are being isolated by the chaos and entirely become the victim of the mighty power of black knight.

Some of them manage to survive but they were disarmed, got confiscated of their property and got stripped of their nobility.

Jaroudeku kingdom is overwhelming and went thoroughly at them.

The remaining majority of nobles, the high-rank nobles who survived are gathered at this place.

It would take too much time and effort in order to eliminate all nobles. after all, it would be inconvenient for Jaroudeku kingdom if the govern structure is totally collapsed.

So, they only conduct a regular patrol in order to subdue and eliminated the weak nobles.

[, let me introducing the one who brought up the quite interesting "Negotiation" which spreading around...]

Emurys proudly hit his chest at the previous meaning look of Baron Retonmaki.

While Martina's face which floated with question change into amazed,
Emurys's smiling at her with a mischievous boy smile and quickly revert into an indeed contrived reverential positive attitude one.

[Now, just as our introduced, We, "The silver trading firm", are  a mere of trade and commerce company. We hailed from the land beyond the far east mountains and judged that Kshyperuk situation is clearly in a difficult state. So, we purposing you an uncalled trading by offering our help, we can't just let this opportunity pass unnoticed, you see?]

Martina was speechless at the monotone lines as it was a reading speech which really clearly sounds unusual for her.

[You say a merchant is it...? no, no matter how much you pushing it...isn't a bit too much? are you not shameless about your statement? no matter how much I thinking, you guys definitely an elite who came under the direct order of Rio-Brother right?]

[Ou! Father did say that no matter how much shameless he is, the winner is still a winner!]

[...that it, the thoughtfulness of Rio-Brother that hidden inside this quest is already leaked know!]

Martina sighed. 

To even take along an overwhelming unique silhouette knight as this much, It goes without saying that her nephew is trying to help her "country" by entered this east territory.

This means that she who can't understand his unnatural word can only amazed.

[Due to their firm aid, we are able to gather here.]

Silver trading firm who reached the east territory had keeping perform a raid aginst Jaroudeku army under the guise of "Contract"

By reducing their number, Jaroudeku army becomes enraged as keep concentrated their force as a countermeasure.

As a result, The patrol force in the east territory is reducing its frequency of patrol.

At the same time, it weakening the observation that put on the small and weak nobles.

[Then, allow me to introduce...Emurys-dono, the one who rescued the princess in order to aid our country and stood behind the scenes that passed around the news to gathered us, which develop to the current situation, in order to allow us, the powerless regained back this country.]

The nobles who gathered for such an occasion too nodded to the grave word of Baron Retonmaki.

Their mind is clearly showed in their face expression. However, Martina slowly shakes her head in denying.

[I'm delighted at your lords feeling. however, to say regain back the country, how are you gonna do that? In the first place, it really sad but our silhouette knight, "Leswant" is clearly inferior to their overwhelming black knight. This is a clearly no chance battle. We never able to manage to grasp any single victory against them. don't tell me that you gonna have Rys group deal with them all, right?]

They are crossing sword many times, they need three Leswant to subdue one Tyrantor and they need to go all at once in order to stop it.

Furthermore, it not simple as saying since Jaroudeku army is used the column wall type formation tactics that protect their side.

Before they able to manage to gang up on Tyrantor with their superior number advantage, Kshyperuk army already suffered a major casualty.

And there still one thing that nailed their coffin, an airship.

With an existence that soars freely in the sky, their unique aviation tactics rendered all of the strategies into useless.

[...fuh, To fight them with only just us is certainly impossible...rather than it,  First, we gathered everyone here because we want to sell them our product, after all, we are the merchant, aunty.] 

Emurys thumb up in  the front with good spirit, then, a petite boy is appearing in the conference room as he waiting for the signal.

The grand master of Silver Phoenix knight order, Ernesti begin to speak with a cool voice while floating a smile with adorable features like his flopping silver-purple hair.

[Now, this may be a bit of  arrogant remark but it is an explanation about our new product. let us begin with the review of the prerequisite factor, shall we? your guys have two current biggest problems, one is about the enemy knight that overwhelming you guys and the another one is a countermeasure for an airship. also, this is about a heavily modification that will apply on Leswant.]

Before everyone knew it, Edgar and Dietrich already appeared behind Eru, silently assembled a blackboard. Eru is quickly attached a few sheet of paper on the blackboard and smile softly.

[This is our, Silver trading firm offering to your solution. please look at the "designed documents" that we distributed to you before time and....]

While his blue eyes are shining with hauntingly light, his state of that time is really terribly happy and start to explain the detail with a professional presentation.

Continue of Part 2.


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