Chapter 48 Part 1 & 2

Chapter 48 The world in his view.

Part 1

Quite a time have gradually passed since Ernesti & Emrys boarded the airship "Silverveil" to return back first.

The rest of Silver Phoenix knights return to Fremmevir kingdom thru land route. 

The scenery of silhouette knights marching triumph over the great mountains Obinie as they brought a new of victory back home causing the citizens of kingdom getting excited.

At the same time, The existence of levitate ship that has been hidden until now become well known to the people.

The emergence of this amazing airship that able to fly in the sky alone was enough to startle every looker.

The fact that people are now able to fly in the sky has fascinated everyone equally.

It was a begin of premonition which hints the incoming of revolution time.

Finally, Silver Phoenix knights are returned to their daily life at last in Fremmevir kingdom which held various ceremonies related to that event.

Part 2 

[Since we are all home now, Shall we start research and develop "flying silhouette knight" right away?...]

The Grandmaster Ernesti Echevelia declared with a high spirit before the gathered members at the Oruvesius fort, the base of Silver Phoenix knights.

This suggestion happen at the beginning of every day

The knights who bring their silhouette to the fort, Both knight-runner and knight-smith look at each other's face wordlessly while sighing.

[Yosh, You guys better get ready! We should get some exercise for real since there probably won't be a battle for a while.]

It's quite an ordeal task to remove mud, dirt, any Impurities that attached to silhouette knight from traveling use.

Escpically, They travel quite distance since a departure from Kshyperka. So, a proper maintenance after long-distance travel can't be avoided.

The master AKA "David Hapken" instructed his subordinate with ease while jogging his chin and called out to the Grandmaster.

[Hmn? ....Maaa, I was kind of expected this flow of event anyway, generally speaking...]

[As expected, a flying silhouette knight in the end-ne........]

Beside master who ringing his shoulder with shrews, The 3rd squad captain, "Helvi Olba" sigh in a manner of giving up.

In addition, The 1st squad captain "Edgar C Blanche"  groaned while crossed his arms with worry expression.

[However, You already reported a matter about the airship to his majesty, right? Plus the various previous ceremony that had been held, the news should be widespread by now.]

[Ou, It was a seriously busy back then but, that why I work so hard to summarize the data in detail.]

Master emphasizes the topic with a great tremble force.

They had been commencing a thoroughly investigating on the captured levitate ship while they fought with Jaroudek kingdom back then.

Now, It already undeniable that the grandmaster of Silver Phoenix knight is very well known with its technology foundation.

For such a document that explains every aspect detail to be summary up.

It could be said that it was quite a feat despite that the war still going on during the time.

[Yes, His Majesty told me that he was ordered NTR to attend its development prior the announcement of the airship existence at the ceremony. I believed that NTR side should probably in totally upheaval state by now, maybe...]
(TN: NTR=Nation Technology Research, Absolutely not "Netorare", don't think too deep guys. )

[Once that the design of such a heavenly airship was hand down to them, That definitely happen for sure....]

Recalling her experience in the past, Helvi murmurs.

The airship was a first real flight vehicle that appeared for the first time in this world.

For Eru who normally create a thing that never existed before while he himself always treats it as a normal thing to do could be judged as too abnormal already, probably....

[ I really feel sympathy for NTR, I really mean it.... That also a reason that you can't go to the western countries for the time being since the research about airship of our country should become a full-scale activity by now. If by any chance that your idea leak to outside, Once that happens even us would be ordered by his majesty as its effect us too....Isn't your idea quite rash a bit?]

Unable to find any deny nor excuse, The 2nd squad captain "Dietrich Kunitz" entered the discussion with barely right timing.

That also the reason that everyone in that place doesn't need to think too much when they looked at Eru who repeated nod while said such word.

[I see, However, Please do not forget what is the purpose of our Silver Phoenix knights.]

Eru emphasizes his will while raising his fist strongly.

[Our group has been received only one command....that is developed and making a new "Silhouette knight", Improve it and reach a higher level! Since that command never been changed or revoked. In another word, It means that it still effective.]

[Ou, that's right. then it can't help.]

Master's hand touch Eru's head from the sideways while he himself unexpectedly nodding.

Dietrich unleashes a long sigh as Master'hand press Eru head down.

[...Haa, even Master too, please don't get persuaded so easily like that. thing gonna be complicated if you go along like that since it seems that an airship was very useful. So, It's obvious which one gonna be more important to His Majesty, right? If we ignore the airship then won't we will receive a punishment or a resent from His Majesty by the next day?]

Silver Phoenix knight order was formed for Eru sake, to support his selfishness in the pursuit of his hobby. 

That why it was exclude from the norm regulation, country policy to the point that can refuse it.

Because It was the knight order which reports directly to the king Riotamus.

[It's will be fine-desu. since I'm around, We can claim that we doing for the sake of my selfishness since I try make an OP silhouette knight. So, there won't be any problem.]

[Ey?? Really? .....Seriously?]

Eru's fearlessly eternal smile did not crack even a little bit before Ady's suspicious gaze.

[You got it right! if one said his majesty is currently emphasis an airship then it becomes more necessary that new silhouette knight must be able to fly in the sky than before.]

Edgar and Helvi faces turn frown softly while Dietrich response by shrugged his shoulder.

The twins reaction are not hard to read as there would be a question mark floating over their head right now if emotion icon is visible.

Only Master alone that look assuring.

[If you gonna ask me why....Let see....Ok, You guys should already experience it, right? with the airship tech, the battlefield that normally restricts only on the land is now escalating to the sky. Let me put up an example, how are you gonna do if your land type silhouette knight is suppressed by an overhead attack from the airborne ship?]

From the experience that they gained so far, The answer already clear without saying.

[The potential of airship attack can't be ignored, An overhead attack is definitely dangerous so one must drive out an airship away as much as possible.]

[Yeah, not to mention that you can't outrun it even with Tzendrinble's speed, It's really hard to escape.]

[You are absolutely right! in another word, whether you are fighting in the land or the air from now on, the first thing that needs to do is always "limit the airspace" first.]

The twin came and bring out a blackboard with them instantly as they were asked to do.

Eru who clearly excited is shaking his choke, draw a draft of silhouette knight on the blackboard and draw a ship on the top of it.

He has drawn a circle line over the silhouette knight and write a  word "Air Control" on it.

[This is a concept of "Restricted airspace". and now, I have a question to everyone here, In order to eliminate an airborne ship and took control the sky, what is the thing that you need to do?]

[fumu, Ernesti. I begin to understand what are you trying to tell, However, We can use "Wizard Style", We already have "Missile Javelin" as well for that purpose, right? do you still really need to bother making a flying silhouette knight? just want to do it because of you like silhouette knight, right?]
[TN:*Wizard Style = the form that silhouette knight went all-out attack by hold all magic weapon in their arms and sub-arms.]

Eru's blue eyes caught Edgar's puzzled face.

His smile run deeper to another level.

Suddenly, Everyone in that place could almost felt that the atmosphere has been changed as it was an illusion.

[Truly.. ...if it just only that.....but do you really think that is enough?]

While a feeling of an awkwardness and chalk radiate from Eru, He keeps drawn more on the blackboard. He drawn an anti-air weapon platform on the airship, there even have a thunder shield cover the airship as one could saw from the battle with Jaroudek which demonstrated the ability of proximity defensive firearm group or "CIWS" 
[TN: refer to a group of stationary Tyrantor type that fixed on the wyvern.]

[Human's wisdom is surely something amusing isn't? to think that they already come with a way to deal with it from the last fight, there's no doubt that missile javelin alone wouldn't be enough in the nearest future, I guess.]

Because he was the person who introduces missile javelin into this world. So, He knew too well about what it can do and what it can't do.

He already understood well about the promising absolute advantage of an airborne airship.

[Besides, did everyone forget it? despite talking about an airship,  there is already a battleship that mimicked a form of a dragon.]

When that was mentioned, all the presented captains were making an unbearable facial expression.

"Veville" (The Flying Dragon Battleship). 

There is one.....although it could be said that it was only one ship but it alone already possessing a fighting strength comparable to the entire single silhouette knight battalion or may be even higher.

Although they able to sink it, it was a strong enemy which requires the all-out attack from airship Silverveil and Ikaruga into an equation.

It is strong enough to the point that no one in this place denies it.

[You may be right.....but the only one who built that thing was Jaroudek isn't? They already suffered a great deal of damage and probably won't move for a while...]

Eru nodding at Dietrich's word but he has a different thought.

[It may be like that at least for now......However, Its existence already displays to the world. So, You can't deny the possibility that it can be copied like a 2nd one...even we emerge as a victor last time doesn't mean that we gonna win next time, then we need to come out with the new countermeasure method all the time isn't?]

It could be said that only Silver Phoenix knights can do the countermeasure since they had fighting experience.

Dietrich thought with his arms folded at that the returned question.

When mentioning about basic countermeasure right now, It would be utilizing "Wizard Style" that emphasize long-range attack, they can launch a missile javelin as well.

But only that won't be enough and would be unbearable, He knew this fact himself pretty well.

[To fight a flying dragon battleship which has vastly air superiority against a target on the ground rather, It already an invisible flying fortress, right? then at least you need to build the same battleship in order to fight it.....forget it, that would be asking too much no matter how much we looking at it right?]

He leaks out a  groovy voice.

After thinking a various idea, He eventually gives up by raise both of his hands, Then, He changes his thought quickly and raising his next doubt question.

[Suppose we have flying silhouette knight, Do you think you can fight with it?]

If silhouette knight able to fly in the sky then certainly it would raise up in the same battlefield level. However,  It won't be enough to oppose the dragon battleship since there is a huge gap between their fighting ability which undeniable.

[Considered a thunder barrier that provides a great protection from very long range attack plus its mobility, Any long-range attack would be easily dodged. Rather, A close combat was the only choice isn't?]

[I see, However, Allow me to point one fault part in that statement, I wonder can we assume other units to be able put the same feat as Ikaruga or not? nope! I pretty sure that would be impossible.]

[I knew that fact very well, After all, Ikaruga was a custom-made unit which I carefully put too much effort. I don't want to do the same trick on another machine. However, I wonder why a few number combine team of normal silhouette knight which practic tactics would be inferior to a dragon battleship?]

Fremmevir kingdom also has the same thought since they always put up a fight with the mighty monster.

[Certainly, If thing keeps up like this, We can't deny the possibility of poor countermeasure, right? rather than that, I open up for any idea so do we have anyone who wants to offer a thought?.....]

While everyone around him agreed, Eru erases all text that he wrote on the blackboard at once and turn around in a good mood.

[The topic we discussed so far was about how to fight a levitate ship but if we really do concern about His Majesty's plan then the topic from now on would be a crucial one.]

There still more?? No one raises such a question.

Since the topic from now on would be related to silhouette knight because they saw Eru's gesture which he usually displays when he in deep thinking and put too much an effort.

They already knew him for a long time, long enough to grasp his nature.

[The strongest point of airship would be its mobility and transport capacity. I think, With such a ship you can cut quite a distance in short time, right? For the goal of Fremmevir kingdom which travels to western countries as the destination...there no way with just only that purpose, right? It definitely not gonna happen for sure! After all, This world is not so small for narrow down with a blink of an eye....then, what would be the next goal?....]

This time, a simple draft of Fremmevir kingdom and the Occident group were drawn out on the blackboard instead.

The member already waiting for Eru's next explanation.

The airship fly thru a vast sky, If its course is unaffected by the terrain element then where should it go.............

[The great sea of forest "Bocus" isn't? or should it be the uncharted sea territory? no matter which one, I'm pretty sure that it will be an area crowded with the demon beast. to go there with just an airship alone would be dangerous, it is necessary to have an escort-desu......that's right, aside utilizing a silhouette knight, Is there still other option?]

Edgar, Dietrich, and Helvi all breathe shallowly. 

Chid and Ady remembered something that they were taught in the school.

[Did everyone understand now? It would be impossible to focus only ground deployment alone. After all, We exist for the sake to fight against a group demon beast...Am I right? Every one of knight-runner staff-san.]

A stabbing word which no one can deny it.

They don't know about western countries code but all knights in Fremmevir kingdom, all knight order exists for to protect the people more than anything.

Silhouette knight is a giant knight which exist to protect people.

The sword which strikes down a demon beast.

They exist as a shield.

If anyone going to be a knight then get the resolve to honor such a code would be the first step.

[The realm which people live will be always expanding and now, An airship which flying in the sky will accelerate that process. So, the next battlefield would be in the sky as well, A silhouette knight and a knight-runner as well will be needed. this will not change......nope, "It will change" Let us reach the world where people continue to walk together with silhouette knight no matter where they go!]

The face of everyone in that place is toppled and they almost fall down to the ground.

The only one who out of common sense the most so far was no one except their knight grand-master.

They clearly realize that this is "Wrong".

The discussion so far told them that Eru alone just actively to try to change the world as he wants to expand the human realm.

It just only that, it just that he wants to do it, nothing more special.

What lies beyond his action, no one can predict it.

Just only one thing they are sure, it gonna be a silhouette knight in that place.

[....As expected of our knight grandmaster, I think. However, It could say that was an attractive idea from a cavalry knight point of view.]

[Maa, we are not "Shipbuilders" since the beginning. We better do something within our expertise like silhouette knight would be more appropriate.]

[Understood. since there is no objection from the captains then, As usual, Let's do our best to develop new type silhouette knight, shall we?]

[Ah----Ah , Fine, I guess we can't avoid doing a lot of new things again, right?...]

While everyone displayed various convictions, their very mischief Grand-master is scratching his neck lightly.

[Did everyone forget something? Just make silhouette knight alone is not enough, you know? We also need a new airship too!]

It almost like the time has been stopping as the very grand declaration just pop out from nowhere.

Eru energetically draws a new draft on the blackboard while everyone stops their motion like their battery was run out and look at it with a dead motion.

[In order to soar in the sky by using a silhouette knight, We need an airship to act together too. To do the thing like in the past would be no good. We need both, that's all-desu! that why, Let us The Silver Phoenix knights try making an airship which gonna be our flagship first, Shall we?]

Just when they come back from war, the next war already waiting for them.

Master is totally lost his word as there would be no word to describe his mental state right now and he can only leak a sigh as to let it go......


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