Chapter 48 Part 3

Since this is a short one....And I really sympathy with Batson. It's sure hard to be a knight-smith....You guys can think this part is a follow up from yesterday.

Part 3.

The story after that....

The black-smiths breathed in astray phase as they just finished their maintenance of silhouette knight that belong to Silver Phoenix knights, then the troublesome Master came with standby facial expression.

The moment they saw it, They too understood that something gonna happen soon

As they thought, It was the usual.

[As you guys know so far, His Majesty is getting more feverish deploying an airship. How-everrr, Our group already decided to make a new type of silhouette knight instead! Maa, It is a whim of silver boy! Oh well, You guys better prepare yourself before time.]

There is no upset sound among the surrounding blacksmiths.

As their chief said, they could predict this was coming somehow.

They already spent a long time in Silver Phoenix knight order too.

[Maa, it can't be help.. if it was Eru then it definitely the case.]

[I have a feeling that this gonna happen quite a time ago.]

[It is because he was the leader!]

After laughing a small chuckle for a while, Master who look around slap his belly with a great determination.

[It is because of the previous battle with the dragon battleship, thing could be bad if we didn't build Ikaruga...nope, I could say that everything would do down to the hell, probably....there also a special detonation javelin which our group made for Silverveil's surprise attack. as a blacksmith, I say that one really expensive.]

They made it themselves, The unit so-called "Ikaruga"

How much absurd overwhelming power that unit was, They know it the best.

At the same time, They also knew too well about its shortcomings.

In order for Ikaruga to display its transcendent performance, Its required an unparallel knight runner such as Ernesti to pilot it.

There was no one else can fit that role.

Rather, even move it would be impossible already....A defective machine......nothing more nothing less, as the blacksmiths, they can't say they are very proud of this fact.

They got a very complex feeling as this is not amusing at all to them.

[Because of our Grand-master so everyone now will be able to fly! let us said a gratitude, shall we?]

It's not just Eru or knight-runner staff but the knight-smiths, They too will have a chance to challenge the sky world.

Their vigorous voice continues to sound, Master face floated a ferocious smile when that happens.

While the tide full of cheering sound, Master just went disclose another earth-shaking news to them.

[Moreover, Our boss also starting design even a new airship.]

Their movement freeze...the knight-smiths keep freezing one by one after Master spelled a doom on them "There will be even a new airship" beside the new silhouette knight matter.

As the unleash hell time was crawling close to them, The knight-smiths turn cold even the room temperature was too hot due to a summer season.

Everyone's laughter started to fade bit a bit, a dry laugh and silent in the all, They can only accept their destiny and prepare against what awaits them.

[I will be's a battle! about directing the construction of new airship, I will leave it up to you!!]

[..........Hahhhh??? why I never heard this before? How come it turn out like this!?]

"Batson Thermonen" just jump up from the group at the word of Master which just popped out from nowhere.

[Of course, It is because this is a first time I said it! since you knew our head very well, won't it a normal thing to have his partner participate too?]

Certainly, Batson was Eru's childhood friend. 

Furthermore, They also have a history of develope silhouette gear together so far.

That is also why he can't be allowed to off the hook...... 

[...Then....then......What about you? Master, what did you do?]

[Still not decided yet, maybe a new flying silhouette knight, probably....]

Batson glare fiercely at Master who talked with tight manner.

[That side sounds funnier! why don't let me do it?]

[So annoying!! This is an order! as the chief of the knight-smith squad ordered you!]

[Uwaa, you really gonna do it!?]

While an awful arguing sound of dwarf combination broadcast so far, The rest of knight-smith can only have a distant look to their tomorrow.

No matter who leads them or no matter which project they were assigned to, thing will not change as hell await them anyway.

Thus, due to Ernesti the child from another world lead them now, Silver Phoenix knight order begin to run of order again

Fremmevir kingdom already began to adopt a new technology called airship but what awaits it? a new strength? or a new conflict?

The king Riotamus only know that it will be revealed after a time passed for a while.

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  1. just wondering, if you could use Leader for Eru instead of grandmaster and Chief for David instead of like what Sky and the other translator used? Silver Phoenix Knights Grandmaster sound weird tbh, same with Master David...

  2. I wouldn't mind Grandmaster for Eru, but for David maybe Boss is more gangsta haha idk but Boss fits his dread hairstyle even more. :)

  3. About how to call Eru by rank, this part was trouble me as well....after all, a knight leader was not a rank.... sometimes they called a knight head, knight chief as well...sometimes knight leader can also refer to knight captain as well which is not the supreme leader rank.

    If you go by rank of Templar knight in the real world then the highest rank would be Grand Master[Eru] followed by Master or Commander [David,Edgar,Helvi,Dietrich] in the order.

    About David nickname, ok, let called him "Boss" may be sound wilder suit to his trait.

    1. Hi Bakadogeza, I'd like to proofread your translation. If you provide me your translation in .doc form, I'll proofread it and format it correctly. I'm pretty confident that I can make it better. But I can only do it on weekends. Message me your email address and I'll contact you there. Cheers!

    2. Ok, I will send some if I translated something after new year.

    3. Augustus Manuzon, This is a month late but can you mail me at

  4. How about Supreme Leader?? like the first order! I don't think snoke gonna mind.....

    1. I think the word 'Supreme' fits how OP Eru's behavior perfectly... but I don't mind.

  5. Your a legend mate! A bloody legend!


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