Knight & Magic Ch.56 Part 1-4

I know.....This is a month late but allow me to say it [Happy New Year 2018!!!]

January 2018 is a good month to me since a lot of work flew in, it was a good start of the year, I hope the same happens to you guys

Since NOT already working on Vol.6 content, I switch back to Vol.7 so someone may be confused why it is not continuing.

If you feel bored and don't have something to read, try this!
This is the first half, the second half should be done in a week (If my work table not change.....)

Ah! after finish Ch.56, I will try to do Black Create Summoner Vol.1 prologue and switch between K&M Vol.7 content. If it still un-touch at that time since I still don't find anyone working on it.

I can assure one thing that Ch.56 would take not too long to finish since I still feel cliffhanger myself after they play just start play TAG game.


  1. it's been like 4-5 months where's this "in a week" you speak of?

  2. Hi there! Seems it took a year before I said my promise to read this. But here I am, Thank you for translating!

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