Chapter 29 Part 1

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Part 1.

The land was dyed in black. coldly, dull shine in full black tone, the heavy hard metallic black.

The one that turned it into the land of black is,

The giant knights wearing a whole body armor that clad in black--- a silhouette knights.

It number are enough to be call an illusion that most likely fill up to the end of the land, 

A giant silhouette knight troops had been gathered in this place and it was orderly lined up.

This place is the imperial capital city of "Jarouteku Kingdom", one of the major power country among the western countries.

A huge and magnificent royal palace is located in the center, 

A vast space at hand is paved with wide array of cobblestones.

From the balcony that project to the front  from the royal palace,

There are an insole area packed with this just black iron carpet

It is possible to overlook at every corner of the square since there were a few empty balconies.

There are 2 people, one was female.

They had been glaring at the innovated jet-black knight from earlier,

Soon, one young man is walking out in the front.

His age about mid 20 years old, a young man with a fearless impression.

In the conjunction that he walked to,

A giant, which lower its head hushed the beating of it heart.

Suppressed by intake & exhaust sound of "Ether Reactor", a crystal tissue ringing almost not audible.

All surrounding are become quiet as it died out.

By gaze at the black knight that was solidified as a statue,

The young man nodded with satisfaction, he begin to speak in calm tone.

His voice had transmitted to every corner of this plaza, just what gimmick he used behind this trick?

[...To think that I will be able to witness this day, it struck my chest real hard, Gentleman of "Black Jaw Knights", become a heroic!! Our country will conquer the west.]

He is "Kratos Sal Jarouteku", the eldest child of the king  of Jarouteku Kingdom, "Bartolomeu Bult Jarouteku" 

He stop his speech and slowly turn around.

His pair of beautiful eyes give the impression of cleverness,

He intent to release his loving gaze of power in the surrounding just now.

[As you gentleman knew that our country father, His majesty Bartolomeu had been falling before the sickness. In the past when our fathers near death door (he mean the king in the past), Our land was divided by the despicable rebel. Our biggest task for aim is always regain it back. Just how much regret that our father was embraced? it was unbearable!, We must not abandon that aspiration and inherit it!]

Gasun! Gasun! , the black knights nailed a prey in their hand to the ground,

A prey that represent a substitute for the thing that he said.

While Kratos show his please at such a view, He continue the words.

[Once in the past, The land of the west was just one country, It was rule under the lone king. Gentlemen, all of you should already hear it before, the name of that country is "Father of the world"(Fil Zehnder Ar Baden). now, the remain of that my country, Jarouteku Kingdom, Kshypreuk Kingdom , The coalition country of Rokard, and The lone country of the elven race (Elven Flag)...  all of these huge nations are the remains that divided]

His word gradually began to take on heat,

those part also begin sound like exaggerated.

It had been directed to all these black knights.

["Father of the world" will oversee the people , even get rid of  magical beast that pose a mighty matchless power, an exactly ideal country! However, due to flame of the harbor ambition that those foolish people conducted, devoured this utopia. We, Jarouteku kingdom, who inherit the blood of power that once perish, The rightful successor. We have responsibility to dispel our fathers regret!]

The black phantom silhouette knights resume it beating in unison to match his brandishing arm.

Soldiers of black iron knight are being revive from statue state and stamping it shield to their feet.

It was a chorus that respond to their lord word.

An unexpected disturbance sound echo in the square that paved with cobblestones, going roar to entire 4 direction thru the land.

Kratos shake the restrain arm again at the roar of black iron knight that fill with pressure.

Heard of steel, are immediately changing to one of tranquility.

[The time has come!]

Despite his murmur being quiet, it went soak in the heart of those who listen with hidden wonder and heat. 

The knight runner manipulate the black iron armor one by one,

An intense pupils staring at the holo projector without realizing. 

[That time has return to us, return to the great one again under our banner, the utopia country that was torn by a number of regrets!!]

The knights cry are all raised at once,

The roar of ether reactor that raised up it output has shake the air.

It is no longer important about who is saying what, 

Since there are no one who able the grasp what is accurate.

Only some enthusiasm left in this place, a madness one that will engulf all everything.

[The Black jaw knight that our army pose will retake the rightful land! All soldier too! Prepare for move out!]

In place of his ill father,  Kratos is about to take sovereign his country.

His word is already equal to Bartolomeu word, the king of Jarouteku kingdom.

It does not take much time for the knight runners who fuel with the flame of conquest enter their silhouette knight, start walking and shaking the land immediately after that.


West calendar, at year 1281.

Jarouteku kingdom made a declaration of war to the neighbor country, The coalition country of Rokard.

About a week later after that declaration,

Black Jaw knight order , Bronze Nail knight order, Copper Fang knight order,  

The greatest war potential of Jarouteku kingdom, 

Which belong to the hexagonal knight order.

A total of 11 squadrons (about 600 machines) was mobilized,

They begin their march to the border all at once.


The greatest all-out war by the greatest country of the west,

It will be know and call in later time as "Western Grand Storm" 

The curtain of battle has unfold.

Continue on Part 2.

PS. the reason to invade others is really a common one isn'it? :D


  1. question: I know this is the kingdom that stole the prototype. but I want to know how the hell were they able to make SKs without the knowledge how to create ether reactor O.o

    1. I'm not sure about this but as far as i knew, the ether reactor was give away by the elf race, it was made in their city then give it away to human country to assembly silhouette knight. No one have know-how about how made ether reactor beside them. So they may be loot it from other silhouette knight that they captured/destroyed in the past and stock them. It possibly since Jarouteku plan to conquest the west for long time ago, they may be stock them past many generation. or they may have their own connection with the elf.

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    3. thanks I thought you might know because I thought you might have read the novel ahead.

      but it still doesnt add up. because the fact that the elves are the one who's creating ether reactors is also a national secret even the elves location is a secret and is guarded by alvanz? I doubt a connection between jarouteku and elves is possible ( what's more from the hints so far, for me it seems there is only 1 who knows how to make ether reactor the so called 'master' so I also 75% doubt that there is a rouge elf ).

      which leaves the stealing. I highly doubt that they can steal about 600 ether reactor even for 100 years span of stealing because of how precious ether reactor there is no way that the kingdom wont notice and wont do anything about that. and if they manage to steal ether reactor or a whole SK they would've invaded other countries long ago because it's not like the kingdom can do much against them if they did that as they have to defend against monsters.

      I wonder what was the scenario in the author's mind when he did this arc O.o

      by the way are you translating from web novel or light novel?

    4. LN, I knew just only what being translated.

      At this place, it not still confirm that the city of forest that produce ether reactor is the only city of elf race in the story, there may be more living community of elf that disperse to entire continent since they were ancient race. i don't think they got ether reactor from forest city in the first place since it is in Fremmevir territory. it too far for smuggling, they should get from other elf community in their land.

      The reason for them to be national secret should be that they are the one who produce ether reactor which essential for Silhouette knight, so they living place must be protected. And LN did not state that other nations don't have Silhouette knight, each country should have their own source of ether reactor.

    5. There is also the fact that the Watchman straight up said previously that there are other 'Homes' then just the one in Fremmevir.

    6. but what about the fact the reactor was so heavily modified that even the main lab of the kingdom of the mc couldn't reverse engineer it and could only make it because the mc told them how to make it and gave them the plains that being the case wouldn't it take many years to reverse engineer it and longer to produce that many

    7. The head of NTR is an elf, I don't think he gonna split his race secret easily that should be one of reason that NTR can't reproduce the ether reactor, the thing that Eru teach them was the strained type crystal tissue not the reactor isn't? even Eru need to go to elf community to made an ether reactor from behemoth heart but that thank to the king Ambrosius request that he made to the head of elf tribe.

  2. Thanks for the translation like always~

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