Chapter 29 Part 5

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Part 5.

The standoff of both armies that sandwich Shiruda Yukushia wall showing a sign of prolong unexpectedly.

It was Jaroudeku army that scattering Kshyperuk army back with the overwhelming force,

The chance of the proud Shiruda Yukushia heavy wall being capture still low for now. 

But If they advance with the power of Tyrantor, it probably possible to destroy the wall.

After all, Kshyperuk did not put their force in front of wall in the first place. 

There is no one to protect the wall

Despite their movement were slow, Jaroudeku forces had show the mysterious movement,

No doubt that this was a good chance for Kshyperuk army which inferior in strength.

They begun to mobilize force at Shiruda Yukushia wall peripheral which they gathered number from each domestic place urgently.

Approximately one month has passed since the fighting near the border began.

The invasion of Jaroudeku army begin started 2 months ago. (they waste 1 month on Rokard)

So far, the attack by Jaroudeku army was sure slow but they ensure the damage on the best wall fortress,

The crack in wall that Kshyperuk boast proudly already visible.

It would be not an exaggerated to said that wall may be collapse sooner or later.

Behind the wall, there are a large force of Kshyperuk army which they finished their formation,

It was a sigh of relief that they able to well-equipped their war potential before the destruction of the wall happen.

This is surely inevitably,

A sign of battle.

Both armies had deploy their silhouette knight at both sides of the wall, the number of silhouette knights combine together in this deployment exceed 1000 units,

This is a rare development into a full scale combat when you look at history of the west.

In the next event of the wall,

The large force are present together as it was nature, 

Also  Jaroudeku army has showing a vulnerable spot in their formation.

While what Cristobal was waiting for has came,

Under his instruction. 

He will dictate the whereabouts in this fight, to carry on their secret plot.

[It is suitable time, go call "Steel Wing Knights" , kukuh, I'm too will head out as well. when think about people, let put the end to their misery breath.]

[Yes sir! Immediately!]


Jaroudeku army possess the very powerful forces, also the large army of Kshyperuk military to face it.

This is what they had been waiting for,  this battle.

When Kshyperuk army mobilize their excess force, it can be said that  their silhouette knight performance are inferior.

It was that of pitch dark night, a lot of clouds blocking the moonlight.

While the "Recruit vessel" of Jaroudeku has start the invasion with the cover of darkness.

Kshyperuk army never notice the final that coming.

Continue on Part 6.


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