Volume 6 chapter reveal

Flying Knight Development Arc

Chapter 48 The world in his view.
Chapter 49 Dweller of the sky
Chapter 50 Formation of Purple Swallow knight order
Chapter 51 Silver Phoenix knight order's choice

The 2nd Forest Expeditionary Army Arc
Chapter 52 Departure of advance investigation fleet
Chapter 53 Corruption Infested Beast
Chapter 54 A Place without him
Chapter 55 Encounter of forest demon

Chapter title really spoil many event especially for the one who already view the web novel version before

Thank you very much, Ady!

Too bad for Ady that it was her cheek.

PS. well, to think that 3 month really passed  , time sure flew! and I'm just pile up novel more and more (really never thought that it gonna happen the same way as my GUNPLA.)


  1. Ohh..
    Finally, are you bout workin on it?

  2. ohhh damm............ ....
    ma waifu ahahaha.......

  3. So you'll be translating again? Thank god, was just about to put up a pickup request on novel updates

    1. actually, it fine to put up a request, you know? it not like i'm official translator or possessive something, i just do it for fun. (free time and mood also important.)

  4. Your slow skythewood already has everything done to chapter 37


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