Chapter 30 Part 1.

Part 1. (Un-edited)

Dell Van Cool, Capital of Kshyperuk kingdom has fallen.

Also Kshyperuk state of war which continue to being invaded.

These situation had been report back to the homeland of Jaroudeku.

The 1st crown prince, Kratos who rule the country in place of King Bartolomeu who was sick bedridden, blurring with the joyful look appearance on the "Throne" located in the center of royal palace, tell the nobles who sit in roll.  

[According to the report, after conquered the fallen Kshyperuk's Dell Van Cool has been grant favorable result to our side but it not like we can dominate the entire Kshyperuk in anytime soon. but when that happen, it almost as good as most of the western countries lie with in our palm. the remaining miscellaneous countries presence are noting more than flies, this will be the new founding of strongest nation .....since the collapse of "Fil Zehnder Ar Baden"]

There were roaring around after the prince word.

Kshyperuk is a huge nation in the west as well as Jaroudeku (the coalition country of Rokard is a bonus).

When combine their territory together,

It could be said that it will be the birth of largest nation among majority of the west.

The west will be under one banner of Father of the world (Ancient Fil Zehnder Ar Baden) which perish long time ago again,

It no longer just a ambition dream to fulfill anymore.

[As your gentlemen also knew, we will take action with careful prearrangement. base on it, my younger brother, Cristobal had perform a well done job for me. as expected of a guy with ferocious mind, exactly deserve to be called the best sword of Jaroudeku.]

Full please laughter play along with the prince word of good mood Kratos,

The group before the throne are separate to the side as they made a way then a 17 years old girl stepped forward.

All the sharpness gaze turn back at Kratos,

Her feature is her cloth which similar to him as the common point. (may be a royal dress)

[Look like Cris is doing well, right? the occupation progress also proceed steadily,  probably a good time for let it handle by the hand of "This Girl" by now. as we discussed, just appoint me as political affairs assistant]

That right, the eldest daughter of Jaroudeku king, "Katalina Camilla Jaroudeku" said.

The brother (Kratos) nodded in response while smile wryly 

[Um, Cristobal maybe lacking talent in this, he is good at war after all. that why we have you for that purpose, show us your great support!]

The 2nd prince, Cristobal is a combat maniac, in addition, other people also acknowledge him in that way.

Against the eldest daughter who unsuitable for war, but skilled in political ability.

In order to govern territory that now larger , it was a perfect ability fit for the job.

Received encouragement of her brother,

Katalina come down, bow along with the word of acknowledgment.

[With this, Kshyperuk kingdom invasion will be proceed without trouble, and, how are the movement of neighboring countries?]

A man in military officer cloth came forward following response to Kratos inquiry.

He is one from knight order which most of them remaining in the country for the sake of border security.

[Haa, here are my report, there were movement of country of loneliness (Eleven Flag) , our Lead Bone knight order will take this  invasion chance to eliminate it. please take a loot at this, I urge you to grant us full permission on this matter.]

[How troublesome!, Just tell The Lead Bone Knights, to process with caution and safely]

The Grand master made his deep bow and keep down like that while he back away.

Then, After Kratos made his confirmation, 

He rewarded each officers who were in charge in each task.

The order was gave out eventually,

The voice sent out to one man who stood in sulky face at the corner between the audience.

[... "Sir Cruz!" , your work this time was indeed play a great cause. The result that produce by "Levitate ship" , under the guidance of those ships, has bring a very victory to us. ]

[I'm unworthy for your praise,  as long as help out his royal highness and the nation, this one incompetence intend to keeping devote both heart and soul from now on]

Kratos smile in return instant but also made a small snorted, at the man who silently, keep remain lower his head in his respectful manner.

[As expected from great man who keep strive for result. from now on, keep continue to support my black knights order]

[...As your wish, then if there are 3 workshops right now, I could present you with a newly force to supplied to the black knight order]

For the man who bow in awkward gesture behind between the audience, aside his word content, it does not seem be fit attitude for a king officer who received a praise from his king. in fact,  any noble are looking at the situation with their furrowed eyebrows.

[...That man, does he not seem to be unexpected rude before the very presence of his highness a bit?]

[It all right, regard the place,  certainly that his gesture is scatter bird but if he can keep working fully for our country then the courtesy which has no real value can be toss aside.]

Kratos carve a deep smile on his well equipped poker face. the nobles around display their consent appearance but also not show their disturb feeling by such ambiguous attitude.

One man who just withdraw  from the conference, stripped off his jacket wildly and took a quick pace to the corridor of the royal palace, loosen his neck and finally took a breath. the cloth for ceremony display a grace feeling but too cramped, almost to the point of suffocation. 

there was a medium high body build under that jacket, the body seem to have been trained utterly. this show that he was nor blacksmith or knight (but both??). 

[yareyare, this really feel weird... his royal highness is perform his duty as "Proxy" as usual. well, to received a great support in such scale, I wonder about the fact that airship suppose to be just a mean to fly in the sky.]

The name of this man is "Horacio Cruz", who serve as Jaroudeku Kingdom head temple of technology development for 30 years.

To put it in simple word, A central figure head in workshop of development.

It is he the one who---realized his family's theory---by proposed it to the country, his innovative idea by applied it for weapon propose  caught attention and being evaluated.

His family leading theory, that is being call "Function Logic of Pure Ether". the magic foundation principle which is a power that move this world, 

Theoretical system that anatomize characteristic of "Ether" which could be said that it is the ground basis of the previous era.

A technology that come by multi-derived from that point.

As conclude result, it provide a full-fledged support for Kshyperuk kingdom invasion.

"Levitate Technology" ---to complete this technology which is the essence of Function logic of pure ether, the first man who utilize it by show "Levitate ship" to the world.

[Thank to his royal highness, however, the problem that happen here also suffocated as well]

Not only a ship that can be fly in the sky that he need to do.


It also overlap with completion date of new model silhouette knight which were hasten from former schedule, could not be achieve by just thinking or only great determination.

There were great ambition which inherited inside the royal family of Jaroudeku kingdom.

An ambition to conquered the west by force, to become a super power nation as legend before.

Now with the world first flight force accordance with  new entirely management logic,

Plus the new model silhouette knight with combat capability that far greater than the old generation.

that definitely poured smolder fire seed.

[Since thing become important. the gaze of the nobles also surely a pain]

To disclose 'Function logic of pure ether" which had been his family conceal research and study secret, had become a perfect dogma for Horacio.

It cost a huge price to realization it, 

In other word, it need a national scale support.

Therefore he, betrayed his family by lent his knowledge to Jaroudeku kingdom.

This prospectus of him achieved so well until now.

[Yare-Yare , I don't know where is my airship flying right now, they should just hurry up end the war already, I'm too also want to flying in the sky as soon as possible.]

Horacio whose appearance still fired up and had been looking up at the sky from the hallway for a while, resume his vitality and return to the central development work which also his home as usual,

He walk toward to the landing site for an airship.

Airship that has been built until now were too few in numbers and its using still not spread much.

As its developer, he was permitted to use it at his will as method of transportation.

[Oh'yaa, I'm just arrive....]

When he reached a landing site, Horacio come across a person.

Who was trying to board the flight which set course to Kshyperuk kingdom,

It's Princess Katalina,

At that time, he remembered the conversation that had been exchanged  in the conferece.

A revelation flashed back to Haracio mind.

Soon, he took a quick pace to Katalina.

[Please excuse me, Your Highness, Katalina-sama, could you bestow me a moment of time?]

[Are you perhaps,  Sir Cruz? considerate of your great deed as your airship, then it might be possible.]

Katalina send a suspicious gaze at Horacio who sudden appear, pointed at the next air ship.

[We're aware about your busy-arimasu. to sum up, I would like to ask your highness a favour-gozaimasu]

[...I must off to Kshyperuk as soon as possible, please made it briefly.]

Horacio thank her while raise up vigorously.

[As i mentioned to his highness Kratos, I plan to haste the progress of my work about black knights and airship. however, it can be done with more room in workshop, For that purpose, there is a need for "Information" the way, that best information can be obtained from the Black knight which utilize the airship across battlefield area sky only... we do not have information on other land of Kshyperuk beside that.]

Katalina face display a fully eyebrows while being retreat.

[With advantage of my knowledge power, for the sake to provide further force to our country, please allow me to accompany your highness to Kshyperuk...]

Horacio gallantly lower his head while hide his inner smile behind his expression. (this guy just want to run away and ride airship only right? )

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