Vol. 7 Chapter

Giant Country Arc
Chapter 56 The world of giants
Chapter 57 Meet the wise man's question (Battle)
Chapter 58 A prelude to war
Chapter 59 Meet the wise man's question (Conference)

Dwarf Country Arc
Chapter 60 Longing for a reunion.
Chapter 61 For a quiet village, It's not quiet at all!
Chapter 62 A little bit to the sky
Chapter 63 To know someone
Chapter 64 Let the welcome be done!

PS. Eru just done something crazy again as this time, he made a new type of silhouette knight for giant race


  1. New Silhouette knight huh... something like Destroyer in Gundam Seed Destiny in size...

  2. I am not thinking as Silhouette Knight but rather a Shadow rat in Mega size for the giants? And glad to see you back!

    1. Yeah giant too large for a Slhouette Knight but if armor type like Silhouette gear is possible

  3. he was not going to build armor for them? at least the spoilers pointed out to a full body armor/knight but without the entire core-crystal tissue so it won't be a complete silhouette!. at least this is what the spoilers have said. well, once we got the summary we will know for sure :)

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  5. I need it now. Anyone know where I can buy volume 5 in either english or spanish?

  6. Actually he just teaches the giants how to use magic, he chops down a magic conducting tree and creates magic rods and tools out of the wood for them. The humans who serve the giants help him carve magic runes onto the wood. Since his Ikaruga has no crystal to repair, he tries fixing it with that white wood. He carves the ether formula onto the wood and ikaruga is able to fly again. There is no ether container and it creates a rainbow circle around the ikaruga. He also tried to build a new unit using demon beast bones but it gets melted. The giants make their own weird beast armor. Those are their trophies

  7. Hi guys can you please point me to the right direction for RAW of all this. Chapters. I've been googling but cant finf them. Thanks


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