Too Fast....I guess....

The 1st episode of Knight & Magic anime already on air! the quality is quite good but what I worry is about story progressing...Isn't a bit too fast pace? They even skip dueling scene between Chid and Baltarsar unlike the light novel version that why they need to forceful introduce stefania at camping chapter instead of trio 1st year enrollment.


Let hope that they don't cut detail when it come to fighting scene in future episode...


  1. Any update on vol 5, stuck on 12%

  2. agree.. it was a damn too fast!

  3. That fight had 0 impact on the story. Like totally 0 impact. It was only natural to be skipped. How is the work progressing on translating the 5th volume? Seem sky dropped it due to lack of Chinese raws -.-

  4. First 3 Ep = First 3 Arcs
    Ep9 and 10 = Vol 5
    Ep11 and 12 = Vol 6

  5. 4 real ?? i watch anime frist and got in love with it so im starting search the manga and now u say the frist 3 eps are 3 arc, now i go mind blow

  6. Hi, Dogeza I wonder if you still continue to TL KnM? or was it RL stuffs making its way first, I understand. I'm still here waiting for some updates. :)


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