Chapter 30 Part 2

Part 2

Woodland, Old kshyperuk kingdom center.

A sound of cavalry and horse-drawn carriage that been travel can be heard slowly between the tree which sunshine illuminated light through.

A large burden rest in the hand of maiden who ride the carriage.

They are moving slowly even they were not order to proceed quietly due to a cry and seclude circumstance happen inside the main horse-drawn carriage. 

The circumstances are being showed by people who ride in horse-drawn carriages.

The fatigue was distinctively displayed on her face, the girl who has become expressionless through her weakening body.

This very girl is no one but, Eleonora, who was suppose to be a princess of Kshyperuk kingdom.

The wife of king Kshyperuk younger brother, Martina sat opposite her.

There are also another girl next to her who look at her(Eleonora) with care feeling, her name is Isadora, Martina's daughter. 

[Eleonora, get a hold of yourself! I also regret about what happend to his majesty.... but, From now on, you need to support the country. also drive off those villains out from here.]

Isadora even raise her voice when she notice that Eleonora did not response back, 

She keep shake the body which seem belong to a people who just broken sync with the shaking of the horse-drawn carriage.

While Martina who watching the situation display an expression by increase the wrinkle, raised her eyebrows.

Since during the escape, Eleonora had been keep up this lifeless state.

Her figure right now is very looking like a doll, un-feel the animate, as her good look which blossom in full glory is now disappear.

Look at Isadora who scream her voice to reach out her many times yet no reaction, It would be most likely end up futile.

They were barely escape from the royal palace with a sacrifice of the king on the night that capital city, Dell Van Cool was attacked by the steel wing knights.

The woman and girl group are originally plan to go straight to the east.

The younger brother of Fernando who was Martina husband is the grand duke who governing the eastern part and presence there.

There are no better place to hide the princess who need to success the throne than that area.

But their movement were hinder by the airship of steel wing knights.

With great foresight as expect of the late knight Akatsuki, the Jaroudeku troops was too busy and careless, occupied with the late king.

It took before long for them to notice the disappearance of the royal family.

The royal blood line of the country which reign supreme in the  west.

The remaining of king family which become a problem in later time.

They had been relentlessly sought for information about the royal family that fled while extending their hand by invade more further inside Kshyperuk domestic area.

With the apparent appearance of ship that once across the sky, Martina group journey turn into covert travel as top priority.

It could be say that this place is the last hope for Kshyperuk kingdom.

With the precious bloodline, the last one by any chance, the escort knights choose to proceed with extreme caution.

For that sake, they try to avoid and keep contact city with minimum as much as possible to prevent a leak clue about their trail.

They keep continue a big detour in the forest and get away from highway.

The hidden passage way with rough condition which not comfortable as good as the normal one.

In such hopeless situation and nothing to support.

It can't be help nor blame as the heart of Eleonora who was pampered and grown up in a cage bird broken at very early.

[...If she continue to be like this, Even we able escape safely, The heart on this child may not be recover.]

The escape itself already a lot of problem, It could be said that they already riddled with enough problem even there have no problem with the girl body, but her mind 

Martina has been struggling about Eleonora state.

Even after they arrived at grand duchy state, 

They may not be able to revive Kshyperuk kingdom under legitimate banner under Eleonora who was a lineage blood.

She is clearly critically lacking the strength enough to stand on the top which is necessary for that purpose.

Martina suddenly glanced at the state of her own daughter who sit beside.

Isadora who still act with out losing gallant in this predicament,

Although Isadora wearing an air of worrying Eleonora,

She never give up on herself.

As expected of tomboy who put an air and mockery of the knight,

Could be said that her strength in this situation is hard to posses.

If Eleonora even has 10% of her daughter strength...,

While Martina who can't help but only think so, the horse-drawn carriage which had continued to proceed ride is suddenly stop its movement.

Knights in the surrounding are moving in hurry, come through inside of horse-drawn carriage.

[....What happen!?]

The horseback knight, open the window,at Martina asked sharply to the knight who accompany.

[My apology for speak from the horseback, from our scout report, they found an abnormal situation ahead.]

[Is it a enemy?]

[I do not know the detail. unlikely by any chance, The place is very detour from the main road .... ]

While knight said and turned around, that moment, their ear able to heard the sharp wind noise, also an arrow that flying at  the same time, pierced though head of knight who peek out of window.

In front of very eye of Martina who was breath taking,

The figure of knight disappear from the window and collapsed from horseback.

[Enemy Attack! Enemy Attack!]

[Impossible! it should be further ahead isn'it !?]

[Just move any way, we are sitting duck like this....Guard!?]

While the escort knights prepare to retreat for sudden attack. 

The crossbow soldiers appear from the bushes one after another in the mean time and mercilessly slaughtered them.

All members were wearing the armor of unified design.

The coat of arms painted with Jaroudeku kingdom insignia.

The surprise attack reduce number of escort knights steadily,

Coachman who ride on the royal horse-drawn carriage try to sudden accelerated the carriage by whipping the horse.

He also one who had receive a knight training.

The speed could be said that was to be fully maximize,

However, it was too late for such a situation.

Suddenly, a light come flying with dazzling orange land on the ground in the way of the horse-drawn carriage, follow up with an explosion.

Strong wind fan the fire overwhelm a horse and kill it.

Horse-drawn carriage was roll over 180 degree, land and bounce on the ground about 3 times.

Full of multiple footsteps approaching from the front.

A sound of armor made from metal that hitting each other,

Further more, a high-pitched sound of drive by crystal tissue can be heard, also the muffled intake sound of ether reactor sucking the air too.

There is no need to explain the true identity of sound origin,

A giant knight in jet-black armor that higher than trees--- a silhouette knight is approaching slowly.

It appear not only one machines, one after another are coming from the surrounding in total of 6 silhouette knight machines appear to en-circle around the horse-drawn carriage.

A giant knight with armor of heavy black iron could bee seen.

Just as the other day that the capital city was trampled by the new mass production machine of Jaroudeku kingdom, "Tyrantor".

It projected the back armed from its back, which had a trace of pale light that prove a existence of magic bullet.

The flesh and blood soldiers are running in agonize from the foot of Tyrantor.

They are completely surround the overturned carriage that unable to move.

All of them were line up with crossbow and cane.

Then a person come out before them was a man in armor. assume to be a captain who try to pull his men together, raised the distort voice in the form of smile.

[The person who in the horse-drawn carriage, come out to the outside. resistance is futile.]

Of course probably suffered a great damage above all degree by surprise, only silence come return.

But he snorted the unpleasant-up, cast a demand again.

[Apart from us, the only survival are now only you. I'm also thinking about blow this remain carriage too, you know?]

It seem to be blatant threat but, Tyrantor aim its weapon according to his word, how was it?

[Please wait.]

There are sigh sound only a minute.

A really answer had been return.

The man straight himself raised flutter and eyebrows.

The door of the carriage which had been overturned is [being blown from the inside]. **did she kick it to force open??

Jaroudeku soldiers are scaring and set up their weapons.

A figure crawling come out slowly from horse-drawn carriage.

It's Martina, she drawn herself up on top of horse-drawn carriage and glaring at ordinary soldiers which surrounding area.

[Fuh!, to even bring along such exaggerated thing as silhouette knight. Well? you group just gang up on one woman who not even hold a single weapon, am I not allow to even speak? ]

Strengthening her woman tall stance on top of horse-drawn carriage and overlooking a large surrounding area, while wearing a thin dirty dresses for a long journey,

despite her state, She did not look lose her majesty and power

The soldiers recognize  her instant, the man who was a captain also relieved, he regain the nasty-nice attitude and recall the situation.

[My, my, my, to think that her royal highness Martina-sama was here. I almost extremely fear that we would be not able to meet your grace face.]

[Suit yourself....] 

Martina ignored the captain man word with a frown and looked around.

Her group had been completely surrounded by soldiers.

Further more, there also have silhouette knight in far away.

on the contrary, her escort knights who protect her are all already fallen.

The situation is too unfavorable.

Even use herself as a decoy, will Eleonora and Isadora be able to escape successfully?

She bitten her lip and tighten herself for not be able to reach a conviction.

[His highness Cristobal command us to capture you lady, we can confirm your safety....  as long as no more resistance being made, I could said that there will no un-expect thing happen. that if you follow us peacefully, but if not, we may need resort to do something that rashly un-call for.]

Martina eyebrows close in displeasure at the captain word that block her from made the decision while did not even try to hide his overwhelming superiority.

Indeed, there was no room for her rebellious mind to decide what to do there.

After all, his giant knights are intimidating her in silence.

A human being can turned into ground meat instant, anymore resistance is meaningless in front its power.

[Surely, you should already foresaw it matter whatever we do, it will end up as a failure, those Silhouette knights are bad news.]

A chagrin down murmur could be heard from Martina,

The man captain wear up his ugly smile then continue his word,

[Ops, It may be too late to say this. but from the direction that your horse-drawn carriage heading, there are seem be a ships appearance aimed at the east territory. it is certainly targeted at the late king brother territory. however, it really shame isn't? since we are, "the one who come from that direction(the east territory)", you know?]

Up until now, Martina heart was full of chagrin of stout so this news take away all her will power.

[I...It can't be.... You guys!]

[As expected of clever lady, you should be able to figure it out already right? that the pride airship fleet of our country! The Steel Wing Knight orders, are heading to conquer "Fontanie" , the east capital city of this dukedom!]

The fact struck hard at Martina who was collapse as it was illusion.

The frighten news keep flooding, the sound of annoying blood flow could be heard badly.

While enduring the worst premonition, she glared at man at the her brave heart. 

While he pretend to be unnaturally daunted as he mock her, he keep split more despair after stop being pretended.

[Yes , yes, look like the Prince brother  himself was die in the midst of conquered battle too or something like that. with this, the remaining royal blood in this country is you lady only. there was no more place to escape for you anymore.]

At last, Martina was score down to her knees.

Despair, filled in her heart, sink her, and shattered all hope that support her.

(arr.....arrrr....mou, everything is over now. both Dear husband (Fernando) and Brother in law (Augustin) are all gone... how can one girl gonna regain back this country.....?)  

The soldiers keep encircle them closer to made her give up.

No way to escape, no power to resist.

Dead-end is before her, include the captured daughter who had been shivering in horse-drawn carriage.

The last hope which place in old Kshyperuk duchy, The princess Eleonora party had fell into the hand Jaroudeku kingdom.

This news  keep spreading enough to break the spirit of defiance that remained in the old Kshyperuk kingdom nobles.

It was happened in west calendar years 1281,

At early summer of smell smolder season.

Jaroudeku kingdom conquered all of Kshyperuk kingdom land and complete its invasion.

Continue on Part 3.


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