Chapter 30 Part 3.

Part 3.

The great steep peak mountains, Obinie being decorate with lightly cloud on its top.

There is a road passing through by foot on the mountainside that place between mountains which also indicated the end border of west countries.

The name of this highway is "East-West highway" (Occident Road) , to the east--this path also one of the few that lead to Fremmevir Kingdom.

It was a place that swarm with Fremmevir kingdom mighty magic beast.


This place was blessed as well since this is the only place in Obinie that rich with fertile granary at the same time.

The merchants are surely flock around with exceed number on this severe mountains since there were great demand.

That day too,

1 group of "Merchant Caravan" had visit the land of west beyond the east-west highway.

There are an extend long procession which comprise of a number of wagon at meandering highway for the sake to get over the slope.

They are seemed to be full-fledged merchants since they were load with heavy luggage.

The leading carriage which was going steadily suddenly stop after saw a stop sign.

[Is there something happen? "Young Master"] 

[....something wrong. there are custom check point stationed here. it's wrong.]

There is a appearance of border check point at the tip of highway which spread at the foothills of Obinie mountains for the sake to enter Kshyperuk kingdom.


The flag that fluttering in the custom check point area was not belong to Kshypereuk kingdom.

No matter what country flag was raised, it won't be problem as long as one did know what happen in the country.

However, for this group, it was a situation that they lack information for trying enter in this country.

[Is that so, the flag isn't?, then, what are you gonna do?]

[ had been decided. let begin "Negotiation" immediately.]

Wrinkle display between eyebrows of person who was called young master.

A petite boy with child like appearance nod in return then turn around and convey everything toward the back of the caravan.

Soon, caravan resume its movement while aim for the border checkpoint.

[....Yareyare, look like our group really unlucky, right...]


Soldiers group that stand guard at check point are currently set up a campfire before the majesty of Obinie which cut blue sky.

The engraved coat of arms on their armor indicate that they are Jaroudeku men.

"Ancient Land", The easternmost land of Kshyperuk kingdom already occupied by them.

[Hey, if there are check point at such a place then it would mean that there are something on the other side right?]

It's a kingdom policy anyway, for having soldiers stationed on this only road in the mountains that full of forest.

The unpopular place which have less attraction and any value. 

They look up at the faint mountains continuously and have a fun chat intently in the free time.

[What was should be a remote country with a name of Furanberuju.]
 (it's Fremmevir kingdom but pretty that even soldiers are don't know the exact detail.)

[ far beyond Obinie right? matter what place are there, there should not be any country right? since it far beyond the end of this world.]

In this era, most of human race are living with in the "west countries".

For many people and soldiers, "The World" only being refers limited to this west part only.

Except some merchant and the one who hold the authority, in most common sense,  Obinie mountains could be called as the end of the world.

It's reason for soldiers group which were task to "keep an eye on the end of the world" had a very low motivation and in predicament.

The fact that there are border check point here on this very highway prove it is being use as a road.

They also understood this reason as well , after all, This place was outside of world's interest.

[Truly, just why this place need to be guarded....what, something there....!?]

Soldiers who tried to continue the heat chat suddenly found out the accident on the former line of sight.

There are cloud of dust rising violently and advancing on the highway near the forest that cover mountains surface in the mean time.

The gallop sound roar across the land and heading to this place.

It resound at regular interval, its deep melody sound familiar to the human ears who was a soldier.

However,  the sound is surely "Too Heavy" to be a horseshoe sound, as it almost a sound generate from silhouette knight, it was full of weight and intensity.

[Wrong, it's too weird, for such a sound... to be a horse? if that the case then it was too fast! it's will arrived soon, hurry up and close the gate!! damn, I don't care even you have to drop it!]

Soldier who was drank a beer call out.

This border check point is installed with pull out gate function type,

It have a gimmick that allow to close the gate quickly by cut the rope that support the gate in the case of emergency.

In response to the heartbreaking cries of soldiers who was monitoring,

The soldiers rushed over in hurry to the opening and closing device and cutting the rope lead with a slashing axe.

The knight runners group who heard an abnormal situation also get ready for combat while the steel gate being dropping and resounding rattle and pulley then gate touched the ground.

The state of the art mass production machine of Jaroudeku kingdom, "Tyrantor" are rising up and take a extraordinary readiness for war inside the check point.

The abnormality came down from the highway and appeared before their eyes.

[What the heck is this thing!? not a horse....a human? don't tell me, is it a....silhouette knight...?]

"That Thing" appeared in the day light, with an upper body that shape resemble a human but the lower part is exactly a horse, presented with a presence of half human half horse.

If one take a good look at it then armor of steel could seen same as crystal tissue sound could be heard so it's definitely a silhouette knight.


The appearance before them is too bizarre for such a thing,

The solidified soldiers dropped their jaw and having a round eyes.

"That Thing" that came down lightly before them .... a centaur knight "Tzendrinble" is stopped and look at the closed gate of the check point.

The abnormal centaur knight shape which drag 2 huge grind cavalry horse-drawn carriage type in tow, dropped its speed which cause a big screech and spark.

While its run on the land had blow up cloud of dust and increasing,

Many variant of the horse-drawn carriage are stopped in front of the gate.

A voice from somewhere reach the stiff soldiers which stand frozen and not able to collect their thought.

[Howdy! we are "Silver Trading Firm", and on task to carrying the trade goods the mountain over there. would you kind to let us pass?]

[Don't said a blatant lie! no way for merchant to posses such a silly horse!!]

There was a slightly sighing voice back at him who said a retort word.

[What is this, you don't know?  since mountain across the country are swarm with magic beast which really dangerous. A special steel horse is needed!]

[Even it is a special horse, there was no such a thing here! you guys too suspiciously! all of you, leave and get down from the machine and line up side by side. let me examine the cargo and yours id!]

After secretly exchange nod in the back, Tyrantor corps ready their stance to fight anytime. 

Because those claim did not seem to be true, they also know noting about group that called themselves "Silver Trading Firm" since there never have any group that posses equipment this much.  

[Hou.... Could you tell me one thing before that? about that flag, it did not seem to belong to Kshyperuk kingdom at all right? just where are you guys come from?]

The soldiers should have notice that the asked voice tone is slightly become lower. however, he answer before "he realize it".

[What a slowpoke ear merchant... more suspicious of you guys. Kshypereuk kingdom "perish" long time ago. that right! this place now belong to us , under management of Jaroudeku kingdom!]

[...I see, so it already happen, if that the case then we don't have time to play with yours Q&A game anymore.]

A high pitching air sound is flowing from the huge eye-catching wagon that towed to a centaur knight.

It was a operation sound of magical converter when silhouette knight magic engine sucking ether in the atmosphere , changing its tone.

Then immediately following with, 

The cover cloth are gallantly remove and purging the steel wire that secure the load

The golden glow radiate with in sight and reflected sunshine brilliantly.

It appear to be,

A silhouette knight with a lion design and golden armor, "Gordesleo" and inside its cockpit, the image of check point gate is being display on holo monitor before the bloody thirsty Emurys eyes.

[If people speak about how open the gate unnaturally then break through with a force is also another one....!]

Jump off the horse-drawn carriage, the back arms of golden lion are activated and deploy. 

Then the armor magic script on both shoulder armor which is  silhouette Arms are open up and reveal the inside.

Emblem graph (magic emblem surgery formula) flow up with enormous mana and immediately display a magic phenomenon. 

[You are in the way!!]

The deadly weapon of the golden lion, "Howling Blast"(Shishio Todoroki) was roar up, sound of breaking atmosphere are generated, interlocked madou armements of multiple devices and fire an over-standard output magic strike.

It consumed a huge amount of mana in exchange to generate such a power and send a surging overwhelm shock wave to the gate.

The steel gate that possibly robust enough to endure against a assault from duel-class monster is not flexible enough to withstand such a shock wave.

After the crack ran across the informal wall of the base, the gate was blown away with its momentum after being destroyed.

That huge gate flying and land a clean hit at Tyrantor which currently prepare for war behind on that occasion gate.

Since everything were all unexpected, it did not have any time to evade that.

Tyrantor, a machine that boasting its heavy armor to withstand a blow attack was sent flying and turned into wreck with a single blow, its large fuselage collapse and scattered around.

This was just too crazy.

[Haa....impossible. to destroyed the gate and send the entire body of silhouette knight flying, was such a ridiculous power really come from madou weapon!?]

[No, it is too much unreasonable!]

Confronted by the far beyond expected power, the upset are indeed ran across the black knights.

Took advantage of that chance, the centaur knight had follow up by started moving. purge itself from the horse-drawn carriage, Tzendrinble galloping into the checkpoint that lose a gate.

The sound of coming horseshoe which shatter the land are growing, by equipped with 2 ether reactor allow it to generated screaming noise characteristic which sound like a neigh of the horse.

Tzendrinble taking the assault pattern with lengthy lance by setting up the charge lance (assault cavalry spear).

[Kuh, this thing...]

Not waste any sprint momentum, stab its spear into black knight.

Blow up harsh at the extruded torso of black knight.

Fragment of the crumble crystal armor are jump around and scattered.

However, Tyrantor did not fallen even after receiving such an extensive damage, it grab the spear and push the cavalry back in the reverse.

[what is this thing? isn't this insanely thick!! wait, let go of my spear!]

An unexpectedly young voice raise a cry in protest from the centaur knight.

while its broken knee destroy it balance, the black knight keep holding and did not let go the spear.

At that moment, another 1 of Tzendrinble also came running, holding the same cavalry spear, stab at black knight with its accelerated force.

Even for a black knight, it couldn't took anymore attack since it already suffered a great damage from earlier attack.

The puncture spear land at torso part, destroy the armor of black knight by keep thrusting with power, the spear did not only went through inner skeleton but also pierce thru crystal tissue.

The upper body which sever penetrated with the 2 spears is finally fall down to the ground gravely.

[Yo...You bastard!  Just what kind of merchant are you! don't expect you would get any mercy after this!!] 

Tyrantor corps suddenly went into rage after recovered from startle.

There are 2 squads of Tyrantor (6 machines) stationed in this border check point.

Although its number are more than enough to assure the safety of check point such as this remote place.

2 of them already destroyed in an instant.

For the knight runners of Tyrantor, both the golden lion and centaur knight deem to be heinous dream in their eyes.

They took a readiness stance, raise up their heavy mace and shield.

By put up enough defense with no opening gap to prevent any attack from contact Tyrantor armor.

They don't need to be fear anymore even an enemy is a young monster. They thought that.

....At that time,  The terror is roaring. it was a sound that can not be express just a simple roar from one "Direction".

The cry of behemoth emerge as just to notify widely enormity its great strength power.

The intense intake sound of behemoth heart are being emitted to the surrounding, shake the land, trembling the trees.

[....everyone are so mean, why you guys start the fight when leave me behind like this. I'm too, "Ikaruga" too, please include us too!]

Another "baggage" is start moving on the top of the remaining wagon in front of check point.  

The cover cloth is swirling burn , and suddenly blow up leave with crimson lotus color trail.

Something just jumped into the air and penetrate their center rank.

For soldiers group which watch the situation on the top of check point, this battle is something that go beyond their own sanity.

There are shadow cover over them.

It's unlikely a bird, it definitely not a beast either.

There was a figure with a shape similar to the huge human..... silhouette knight's shadow. that right, a "Silhouette Knight" is flying in the sky. 

It is not easy for silhouette knight to climb upon the wall of check point base which has a height of 30 meters.

Something allow this silhouette knight able to do that, more than that, it even jumped high up in the sky.


Even soldiers fall into confusion, they should immediately noticed some fact.

That there are overhanging shadow from their above, that would mean its "landing point" are the place where they are.

Those who are drank a beer are being commanded to escape immediately.

"It" landed into stone wall.

The elongated shadow that light up with the day light has reach the foot of Tyrantor.

while no longer able to grasp a fully situation, Jaroudeku soldiers stop the movement as being frozen somewhere.

"It" stood up slowly.

It was a knight, approximately 10 meters tall, unusual design body armor, holding a wacky shape large sword in its hand.


the most eye catching is in its back.

After all, this machine posses 4 extended further arms from the back which is crazy thing.

The centaur knight is already enough to shocking but this, this odd presence is also something unbelievable.

Before the horrify Jaroudeku soldiers can't be anything more than Silver Phoenix knight grand master personal machine for Ernesti Echevarria.

The devil mask warrior which posses 6 arms, "Ikaruga", surround itself with crystal eye in the back , gave off strangely human feeling on surface cover.

[Saaa.... Let go, Ikaruga... let begin the battle desuyo!]

tuned up by the merry Eru, main power reactor "Queen Coronet" and sub power reactor "Behemoth Heart" are being increase its power.

The swell of raging magic being produce by the heart of giant monster flown magic into magius jet thruster accord to Eru procedure.

Engulf its whole body with a vermilion steam like a cloth.

Ikaruga fly out again to the sky by kicking the wall of checkpoint.

Receive a back light, Ikaruga steeped into shadow.

Knight runner of Tyrantor  who was only get a glimpse of the figure for a moment, remembered the abysmal fear of odd eyeball at its back of the surface cover, "Fitted Eye".

[Such a thing... for real?...]

Ikaruga which come from the sky, swing down 2 large swords with both hands with its momentum as aiming for the confused Tyrantor.

Even lack the sharpness of thick sword, it eat up through Tyrantor shoulders with the force of momentum and crushing both arms.

with the Ikaruga insane output, the large sword went through feet and gouge the ground in perfect motion.

one of rage Tyrantor falling down with out any problem and become another fallen.

[One down.]

the other side who was collapsed is Tyrantor, Ikaruga rise up slowup.

When look at the enemy, Ikaruga that rise up slowly after take down Tyrantor which clad with heavy armor in a instant, fear run across the black knights.

[Kuh....damn you!! who is this guy!! go get him! attack in formation!!]

While raising a weak war cry in desperation, The black knights able to recover from a de-morale state.

The opponent is an unusual enemy and they don't have no room nor time to examine it's characteristic.

With thought  about avoid close combat should be a good choice in this case, start up their back arms.

When they thought they got this, Earlobe of Jaroudeku soldiers are being ringing.

Ikaruga which obtained a recoil which fledgling with erratic speed, thrust forward with red crimson flame trail from whole body armor.


Ikaruga avoid a magic bullet that from a groaning Tyrantor that shoot reflexively with slightly kicking.

Then, draw closer into sword range at next moment.

Ikaruga maintain its momentum while swinging down a large sword.

Tyrantor which  able to held up its shield in time with not only a sheer luck.

Large sword nailed down the shield and distort it by raw power causing Tyrantor down its knee on the land.

Crystal tissue from the arm part that support its shield emerge from armor part and bounce out , several of them become visible.

The fact that it did not its fold knee almost a miracle.

The black knight trying to struggle by push enemy back yet it was being push back instead.

The knight runner himself cast a suspected eye.

Tyrantor which is a heavy weight machine is "Losing in strength contest".

A power which able to win against the black knight that reign supreme in the west, The variant enemy. 

The fact he heck himself about who is the other opponent can be understanding also it can't be help that he can't do anything but stand in fear.

Then Ikaruga continue its next merciless attack at the held down  Tyrantor.

4 arms that had been fold out from Ikaruga back wriggle, deploy exhibition.

Should said that 2 hands held up halberd on each hand and draw a circular trajectory then stab at Tyrantor. (drill attack??)

By the body hammered with a blown that full of centrifugal force,

The sword went over both arms and go for Tyrantor's shoulder.

while Tyrantor lose its mean to defense due to stunned, 2 attacks strike its body.

Tyrantor that received a scathing slash bent its waist and fall down.

[Two Down!]

The remaining Tyrantor are only 2 left.

The knight runners are complete fall into panic state.

They are member of Bronze Claw knights order, as a proof of being elite, they were gave a Tyrantor.

Even they already pass many combats and fight many times until now, but this enemy is too much abnormal for them.

Before the unimaginable threat, they can't come up with any means to turn back the tide.

Despite that fact, They are can only shooting their back weapons randomly from the distance with determine to strike.

The armor warrior or Centaur knight or golden lion, they don't know which one need to be aim first and totally confused, with that reason cause their aim accuracy to be very rough.

Magic bullets are screaming with sound while flowing in the air, go around.

Ikaruga evade magic bullets easily while wielding its halberd.

Tyrantors keep continue its earnestly brute attack like this and drawn out its large sword despite it still out of sword range.

[Really an excellent brute attack method ! I gonna come to you now desuyo. you fine with it right?]

Eru, Ikaruga's large sword is not wielding naturally like the usual standard large sword.

The moment that he operated a certain lever, Ikaruga's large sword split in half.

Inside its thick blade is clearly an unnecessary mechanism for a sword.

Silver plate, steel frame, and catalyst crystal forming up.

Ikaruga's large sword flowing with overwhelming mana which dwell on the tip of bright installed catalyst crystal.

Which mean that this sword also serves as silhouette arms function base weapon.

This huge chunk red sharp metal is also the latest silhouette armament, "Cannon Sword" was its name.

The immense magic  power which remain flaring was invoked, tactical magic (Over Spell) that create by engraved magic circuit in coat of arms form.

A brightly brilliant shining magic bullet flying toward Tyrantor. 

While the initiated magic bullets flew as it was blurring and come from outside of common sense, the targeted black knight took a hit which impossible to evade.

This cannon sword posses destruction power rival to "Falcon" (Roar of flame spear), a large madou weapon platform that installed on one of horse drawn carriage, the "Chariot" (combat horse-drawn carriage).

The overwhelming firepower that was created to fight the division class monster did not only piercing and blown away particular parts of Tyrantor's heavy armor but totally erase its existence in explosive flame.

[3 down!]

The last Tyrantor already fled with its all power at that time.

A wise answer in a sense since there is no one left to think about how to challenge the variant demon anymore.

The 2 squads which comprise of 6 Tyrantors that stationed here was wipe out in the blink of an eye, there is no more ally remained.

Of course, Ikaruga did not let it happen.

Including armor deployment, it begin to rise up and spray a vermilion trail as demon emerge from a gap of hell.

By received an overwhelming thrust from magius jet thruster, Ikaruga appearance become disappear.


With obtained overwhelming speed between a moment from the rest, It reached the fled Tyrantor instant.

The black knight didn't even have a time to leave any word.

Cannon sword stab inside th extrude rear armor and crush its spine.

Then, blade of cannon sword which remain stuck is expanding,

shoot magic bullet directly from inside Tyrantor and blast it,

Its figure transform into iron scrap in the next moment.

[4 down! is it over already? it probably still not enough.... for Ikaruga...]

Among the remaining of afterglow explosion, Eru who pilot Ikaruga reveal his discontent like a child who still not had enough candy snack.

Wielding and buzzing halberd at Ikaruga's back.

[look like it is inevitable-ne.....]

Leaving a genuinely regretful murmur, Ikaruga begin its transition by folding back its arm along with halberd in the original state.

Following by rotate the Cannon sword in both hands and fixing its small auxiliary arm and store it in the waist armor.

Finally, it raise the exceptionally large roar, a noise that bury the entire surroundings. 

Ikaruga shift back Queen Coronet power to normal output and stop the behemoth heart function, ending combat situation.

[...If you think about Eru-kun gonna sortie, then the battle will end before we knew it-ne.]

[Well, no matter hard that black thing is, Eru and Ikaraga probably un-stop-able anyway.]

At that time at the border check point, the twin Tzendrinble looked at each other after they noticed roar that shake up the battlefield.

Continue on Part 4.


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