Chapter 29 Part 3

Part 3.

Jaroudeku army had destroyed coalition country of Rokard in the blink of an eye, as it continue marching into vicinity of  Kshyperuk kingdom border.

Kshyperuk kingdom, 
Western border line, 
near coalition country of Rokard border.

A smooth terrain that covered all of the area are called, Bastor plain.

With less obstacle,  it is really an unsuitable terrain to engage a defense formation against a large army but,

Kshyperuk kingdom had built a long protective great wall that suitable to called a work of power nation.

One of this large great wall is called "Shiruda Yukushia", one of the wall that Shiruda Todaira fort posses,

It posses a solid wall with a height of several times of silhouette knight,

Behind it, the fortified camp spread around the area

The defense capabilities are boost greatly when combine them together,

It was no an exaggerated to say it won't fall even face attack of 1000 silhouette knights.

Before this large great wall of impregnable stronghold that notified the world about the might of Kshyperuk kingdom,

Jaroudeku military deployed silhouette knights in large formation,

A all-out attack formation from the front.

At the center position of Jaroudeku troops that blacken the plain,

There are people speaking while their look at the wall of long stone that block the vision.

[As expected, this is really one of world renown fort, it is impregnable strong fortress of the enemy.]

[Hmph, a sign of coward, after all, all they do is just merely hole up themselves behind it.]

There are a person with similar appearance to the 1st prince of Jaroudeku, Kratos. however, he look slightly childishness when compared to Kratos.

A haughtiness that impossible to hide was floating around him.

His name is "Cristobal Hasslo Jaroudeku",

As it is a younger brother name of Kratos,

the 2nd prince of Jaroudeku kingdom.

He was assigned as the general of this Jaroudeku kingdom expeditionary force.

The name of middle-aged man who had a hefty physique which stand beside him is "Dorotheeo Mardones".

He was Cristobal staff who does not belong to the knights order.

Among the heavy tension that radiated between both army that stand ready to engage each other,

2 persons really had a carefree small talk while their attention stick on the best wall fortress.

From their position, 

Kshyperuk army which build a defensive position in front of their best wall fortress can be seen.

But no matter how robust wall fortress is,

Any collision from attack would allow a crack to happen, it will remain exposed as a opening to attack.

Kshyperuk army too, will not focus their force to fortify at one place.

Overlooking at the guarded Kshyperuk army that did not come out to repel the Jaroudeku army,

Cristobal floating a violent smile like a predator that ready to pounce at it prey, just like a hunting game.

[Did Kshyperuk had taken a forward defense? just like we want them to do, Your highness]

[Such a old tactic, it's sad but it still around. well then, it is good for us to keep participate in this glare match?.... although it unpleasant but it seem that some of us begin to flinch. first of all, the enemy is human, let go war!]

[My pleasure!]

His decision was relayed on the next day.

Together with the sun rises, Jaroudeku army began to march.

Matching the trumpet sound that echo thru battlefield,

The array of black iron knight begin to move forward.

Forming number of columns, the formation of Jaroudeku army press forward.

That is exactly, just like an illusion of black wall that rushing to swallow it prey, it given pressure to Kshyperuk soldiers.

[Is that...Jaroudeku new type silhouette knight?... how should i's huge...] 

The knight runners who sitting in the cockpit of Kshyperuk Mass production silhouette knight "Leswant", forget their breath at the majesty of Jaroudeku army that approach before their eyes.

A huge knight, and it is not a metaphor,

The coordination of Jaroudeku military state of the art silhouette knight "Tyrantor", 

It's huge compare to their Leswant in 1 on 1.

Tyrantor posses a formidable heavy armor and incredible large output power packed in it body.

Rather than say it's fatty, it's over bursting in with power instead.

When Kshyperuk army witness the marching Jaroudeku army, they immediately begin to return fire.

A long-distance attack from Shiruda Yukushia wall.

A rain of stone perform by stone throwing had pour over the Jaroudeku army.

It is not funny if get hit by it, even Leswant shield would be crush.

However, Tyrantor just only held up it's shield and deal with stone very easy.

Just how much power that new machine of Jaroudeku army have?

Beside their stoning attack do not have effect, Kshyperuk army still learn another horror fact.

The press forward Jaroudeku army had reach their silhouette arms firing range. 

The powerful bullet from both side begin to rewrite the terrain.

In the mean time, Tyrantor troops was approaching to the verge position of Kshyperuk army.

If it this close, they could hit their ally.

Stone throwing can't be use any longer.

Tyrantor troops threw their shield and rush into close combat.

They just simple walk across the defensive position that built before the fort,

The sound of sword crossing from both army echo thru that place.

[W, what is this guy?.... so hard! my weapon is not getting through!?]

[Damn it!, my sword, my sword being bounce back...kuh!?]

Without require much of times, it became a one-side battle than expect.

Tyrantor had demonstrate it's invincible fighting capability.

Tyrantor tough and curve armor easily bounce back Leswant sword attack,

It much be heavy weight to be able to wield a matchless power like that,

It pulverize Leswant with a single blow in reverse.

Beside it nearing attack in dense column formation that coming,

Kshyperuk army was beating helplessly and scattered.

More than king Akatsuki feared,

Jaroudeku army and it's new machine are powerful.

In the past,

The performance of silhouette knight that Jaroudeku army and Kshyperuk army used are not dramatic different.

Judging from the past,

There probably was a exceptionally innovation that cause a revolution inside Jaroudeku.

Even he learn it by now,

It won't comfort Kshyperuk soldiers who are being crushed right now.

[Damn, Those Jaroudeku, this match already go their way....!]

[There are no point for us to continue held this position...retreat! retreat back to Shiruda Todairo fort to defense it!!]

After quite a time pass,

Bastor plain had become a barren land which was left behind with red flame by the black iron knight.

Average number of Leswant wreckage visibly, only a few wreck belong to black iron knight.

At Kshyperuk army which suffered one side damage and pain,

There was no other choice for them beside retreat.

Fortunately, the boasting Tyrantor of Jaroudeku army, lacked mobility heavily due to their heavy armor that cost a of lot of large output power.

It can't chase the retreat Kshyperuk army properly,

They barely make a good escape from Jaroudeku heavy weight troops which seem to be possible.

While watching enemy troops fill the plain, the remaining soldiers within the absolute wall which Kshyperuk boast a non-successful invasion were in despair and anxiety.

Jaroudeku new machine boast overwhelming power.

With the black tsunami that flood before them, no matter how much strong of impregnable fort, it will not last forever.

This is their 1st time, to carrying a doubtful feeling in their chest about non-succession invasion fortress legacy. 

The messenger horse was immediately dispatch from the fort to imperial city,

The hope of soldiers in the fort were carrying along with it.

While advancing at foothill of the fort, Jaroudeku army is neither panic and proceed at it slowly.

They prepare besieging the fort before them.

Compare to Kshyperuk army that already lose confidence, the appearance are too indifferently, it has not even display eeriness.

They did not show enthusiasm to hunt down the enemy nor lacked the focus before their prey.

Just only him, 

Cristobal broad his smile in his command stronghold at Jaroudeku force that exist in the rear.

[Ku Ha Ha Ha! That's trilling, just now, our guys are like eating a cake but time sure flying!]

[It would be of course, You putting into word very well, Your highness. as expected of powerful Black Jaw Knights, this is surely cause damage to the enemy wall]

[That seem so, Shall I show you the best attack "Plan"? We will combine our force and appear all together at same time. it will surely exposed their key point.]

At Cristobal who imply the sinister prophecy to the future of Kshyperuk kingdom,

Dorotheeo returning the smile but it was only a blurring wry smile.

Continue on Part 4.


  1. ha, so they take advantage of the new braid tissue to make heavy knight corps. The strength will allow for a heavier and thicker armor and they solve the weakness of structural frame weakness by making the frame larger to allow room to reinforce places the muscle attaches~ They are too heavy tho so they cant run, large weakness against demonic beast that are inherently larger and faster than silhouette knights but good for fighting other knights. Centaur knight can just run them over tho~~

    1. Indeed, I'm looking forward when them crash at each other, since both are next gen silhouette knight.

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  2. Confused to who the fuck is doing what

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