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 Pilot : Cristobal Hasslow Jaroudeku
Heght : 10.7m
Weight : 18.7t
Equipment : Long Sword x 2
                    Back Weapon x 2 

The Jaroudeku kingdom's finest machine that built for royalty. 

It's role is to act as a flag machine on behalf of the king authority who can't leave the country, available for prince & princess only.

Its performance is stand out among the Jaroudeku's forces while it was built based on a great fund.

When combine the agility of standard machine with the output power of the average heavy type, Tyrantor. It become the strongest silhouette knight.


 Pilot : Gehirut Hetaknas
Heght : 11.2m
Weight : 16.2t
Equipment : Estoc
                    Move-able attack arm

Copper Fang knight order grand master's personal silhouette knight. 

It has been solely develop for extremely aggressive strength. 

By taking advantage of the origin lightweight to perform hit & run tactic, they become a skilled fighter from the front by placing their backpack toward enemy as a special attack weapon. 

The machine was rolled out as the powerful machine. 

But on the other hand, in order to display its performance, it need an extremely complex operation for piloting. A bad-tempered silhouette knight.


Pilot : Edgar C Blanche
Heght : 10.5m
Weight : 22.6t
Equipment : Long Sword & Shield
                    Flexible Shield Coat

The power machine for Edgar, replacing the destroyed Earlecumber. 

It's appearance resemble the Earlecumber(Kardetolle version). equipped with move-able additional armor that Edgar tested. 

A higher tier silhouette knight which resilient against a great power. 

It also posses enough offensive power as It has a built-in madou weapon. play an active role many times in battle as captain's machine.

Well , this is not about K&M but death march instead just in case that some of you guys also read it.

Since I was waiting for it too... 
It's Aze right?? If so then I only say "Good Job"
May be the best design women in series that I like the most.


  1. Welp now I know what she's Satou type xD

    1. Agree, Although he surrounded with many girls & lolis, from all along illustration came out to now, Aze already my best choice.

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