Chapter 31 Part 1

Part 1. Un-edited

Recently, eastern old Kshyperuk land. 

A strange rumor was flowing around while Jaroudeku army occupied this land. 

Its content can be describe as "The dead reaper with devil face which stood on the strange looking horse-drawn carriage had run rampage and hunt down their silhouette knight". 

At first, most of soldiers laughed off before this rumor.

After the fallen of Kshyperuk kingdom which lost its major threat, no more reason for them to be afraid.

They are brave, absolutely confidence in themselves.

That why they spent time without suspect anything---and then, they met "It".

[Strengthening the defense line over there!! You will get pick off if stay separate like that!]

[I... , Impossible, there are no way to defense it... against that reaper...]

The following words was interrupted by a neigh sound which penetrate through air.

The very nightmare presence appearing before the Tyrantors that try to hasty regroup its formation.

The irregular sound of horseshoe that split the land keep closing.

Its identity is a giant armored horse-drawn carriage which being pulling around by twin Tzendrinble.

Designed as third special purpose cavalry carriage "Chariot".

Further more,  the devil mask reaper in question (Ikaruga) can be fully seen on it.

When they found out that the rumored reaper turn out to be nothing more than this very formidable presence.

The black knights (Tyrantor) confronted it while become significant upset and more bold.

Because they can't outrun it with just only their leg.

[These wait be collect silhouette knight of you guys....I will take it!]

It did not state any question nor answer but only left a decisive declaration.

From certain distance of it, Four sword cannon are visibly being setup on both side of Ikaruga's back.

Red magic bullet are gushing out and turn into mercilessly explosive flame fly directly at one of black knights direction.

Follow up with Tzendrinble's jump in and begin its charge assault at the disarray formation that collapsed.

Received such a momentum and weight assault, the bulk black knight was sent flying regardless its armor or shield.

The last remaining black knight that stubbornly survived its charge was hit with *Kiryuken (beast slaying blade) which extending from the war horse-drawn carriage while run passing it. 
and broke like character "く".
*A scythed blade that attached to Greek war chariot

This thick lump of metal sword is able to take out many shell beasts at once at the time.

The armored black knight too, fall as its prey without any exception.

When the ruinous dash of the deadly horse-drawn carriage (chariot) complete its run, only wreckage of black knights remain behind.

The war horse drawn carriage loosen its momentum by perform a large arc turn is running back.

[Yes! yes!, we were able to stock a lot of "Merchandise" today-ne. lets head back immediately and use it for the negotiation!]

[Eru-kun, look like you have a lot fun-ne....]

[Thank to this guy, I able to leap all i want in the world... together with the silhouette knight, Ikaruga.]

After that, the third corps which appeared after them came to recover the wreck of black knights.

Later after that, nothing remain behind. 

The scene that patrol troops was completely spirit away had been born.

Thus, The followed incident that cut off the intelligence relay for black knight corps during its patrol in eastern region keep happen one after another.

The rumors of death horse-drawn carriage being further spread, let alone it disappearance already planting fear in soldiers on the front line. this become more severed.

While this rumor continue to haunting Jaroudeku army, they still need some time to realize the truth behind these rumors, about the presence of formidable enemy.


A horse-drawn carriage with fully load coming  while making a sound of horseshoe echoing along the way.

A bit un-natural heavy load for the average horse-drawn carriage size, causing an attraction.

More over, because the very wagon was attached with centaur knight (Tzendrinble).

Accompanied with Kardetolle corp, A silhouette knight that acted as its escort.

[Somehow, the rumor is really true....?]

"Baron Modest Retonmaki" , the noble man of old Kshyperuk kingdom is looking with wide-eyed at "Merchandise" that lie up before him.

As it was a matter of course, because the wreckage of silhouette knight that visibly seen on the wagon---belong to Tyrantor, a mass product machine of Jaroudeku.

The surprise did not limited to Baron Retonmaki only, 

All forces that the nobles held are all older mass product generation, Leswant, it can't match the mighty of Jaroudeku army's Tyrantor at all.

The battle so far already prove this unpleasant result.

[How is it?, my "Firm's Merchandise? don't look away with just only this, there still more, you know? ] 

Emurys proudly stretched his breast while showing the result of "Purchase Contract" of "Silver phoenix firm". 
(honestly, this masho man....)

The truth behind such a ridiculous rumor, Masked reaper that has made victimization of Jaroudeku's army, lie in front the eye of baron.

However, although he was startled and excited at first, he went with a clouded look later.

[.....Ah, certainly you guys power were enough for request without a doubt, It was a splendid "Merchandise", Our hand both unexpected tied up and outdone by the enemy such as Jaroudeku's army. This result deserve a praise, But you know... this is just only that all. Even we manage to obtain a  victory locally, a good start, it will only end up with more enemy will come at next time.]

Baron Retonmaki speak in depression while drop his shoulder.

[We can't win this, no matter how much strong you guys are,  in the end, you guys will be only got corner..... that why even you guys, I wonder about you guys can come out without scratch or not?]

Emurys only take a sip a cup of tea wildly in tut-tut manner despite the initiated good mood.

The rumors spreading around due to silver phoenix knight continued to crushing black knight at various place however, they also began to feeling the gradually stalemate.

Even they have a high force calibers as silver phoenix knight, in the end, the entire force when summarize all three corps still only about 30 machines , a little, they were overwhelming inferior in numbers.

The number that currently act to "protect the land" but definitely not suitable for act as attack force.

[....because of enemy's might, you already give up?]

[There are various speculation for the weak nobles such as us. to have a people who even not able protect their own, why are you so against it? furthermore, the precious royal lineage already been lost and no longer remain, it already too late. this country will never return to its former state.]

Thus silver phoenix knights objective is working hard to contact the survived nobles of old Kshyperuk but they got unsavory return reply instead. there were many reason, as example, they lack the noble who able to raise a "flag" to carry out a resistance.

[Did Aunt's group already....really?]

[I don't know. It just as you can heard from their words, They already fallen into enemy hand. and we can't be too optimistic hope. even they still alive, they already beyond help...]

Emurys intercepted by last word of Baron.

The earlier remark, thing like that can't be accepted easily for him.

Baron Retonmaki also apologized immediately for his gaffe slip tongue.

Martina, Emurys's Aunt, is Fernando's wife, The grand duke who is highest noble in the eastern region.

It obviously that he has to accept it by just words for now.

After all, although Baron Retonmaki about to acknowledge the assistance of silver phoenix firm, to speak any more of this would be prevaricating.

unlike other noble similar to him, that only promised secretly to lend a hand but they are all refuse to continue the fight.

[...useless bump, no matter how much we took out small fry, nobody want take part in it.]

Emurys raised the beat up like savage beast.

For the noble to took such indecisiveness attitude situation can be understand, further more, the bad mood raise every day when concern the whereabouts of royal member in addition.

[Fortunately, We only came to hit in order to catch a glimpse of enemy power so far, I guess it's time to change our plan soon, need to think for a while, for a "special method" in fight in order to obtain the cooperation from the nobles in addition...]

Eru still held up his arm but there was a feeling that the direction of trouble slightly shifted in his case.

[Are there really nothing we can do in this land?....]

Even full of high enthusiasm Emurys begin to doubt. 

The act of silver phoenix knights begin to show going clog up, the news that change the entire situation begun to unfold.

Continue on Part 2.


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