Chapter 30 Part 4

Part 4.

Tzendrinble from 3rd squad of silver phoenix knight order are marching down one after another on the east-west highway.

At its side way,

The silhouette gear corps are detaining the remain Jaroudeku soldiers snappy at border checkpoint.

Their heart are horrified since Tyrantor was pulverize so easily in front of their very eyes,

They surrendered with out any significance resistance and became prisoners of war.

[You guys too, take a look at this for a moment.]

There are the gathering for deputy captains of silver phoenix knight.

The young master, Emurys spread the map that found from check point base.

[It worse than we thought, the whole are mess up! this check point located in the end of east Kshyperuk kingdom, then the position of Jaroudeku kingdom which is an invader located in the "West" among the west countries. these 2 countries were superpower rival each other but now that Kshyperuk kingdom unable to turn the tide and had fallen. So what about his majesty the king.....Just what is his situation right now...what about my aunt....!]

His face became distort while saying painfully and everyone who heard it all went in to cloud mood.

It all well-known fact for everyone that Emurys enter this fight because he worried about his aunt well-being.

In other word, this mean that this topic,

It's one of silver phoenix knight order's main objectives.

[There are too many thing that we don't know , So it would be better if we start off by go gather some Intel.]

Eru said while keeping his sight at his back.

The people are gently nodded off in return his gaze.

As support, Silver phoenix knights got accompanied by people from Blue falcon knights order.

They were the suitable group for infiltration task.

[Investigation is surely necessary. but, since these land already fallen in the hand of "Enemy", we don't have time to leisurely wait.]

Listen to Emurys tweet like murmur, Eru folded his arms with difficult face.

[I already thought a lot of plan. like initially gathered the information while pretending to be merchant and do it secretly.]

[Although I thought it from the beginning, leaving Tzendrinble so openly like that, do you seriously think that a mere merchant would normally able to own it...?]

Dietrich retorted, but it was ignore in very naturally way.

[When is was, What about this kind is,  Let's go along with front cover like using it as transportation mean for the purchased "Merchandise". until all information are fit into big picture.]

[Are we gonna continue to use that setting....  then what kind of merchandise you refer to?]

Eru turn around with devil smile to his(Dietrich) amazed face.

[Of course, how about silhouette knight product for Jaroudeku kingdom? how was it sound?]

After determine their course of action in immediately, 

The occupied border check point was use as temporary base for silver phoenix knights

The group of people who wear silhouette gear are underway on hastily set thing up. they are transportation corps which come to carry the goods in order to build base in this land.

they even diligently sabotage the named purchased goods.

[Well with this, won't our group just look like dissident? far from look like merchant, It already passing look like a "Bandit"?]

And that complaint of Dietrich was being ignored again....

Then silhouette gear corps are prepare for next stage.

The silhouette knights have put away the destroyed wreck of Tyrantor.

The knight smith corps were to scheduled to dismantle it for investigation of enemy forces in future time.

[...this is, don't tell me. It couldn't be....]

Edgar who was continue working on his pure white silhouette knight "Erledyradcumber" is inadvertently stop his hand and staring at the wreckage that reflected on his holo monitor.

When he open the cockpit and staring intently while jumping on that debris.

[Hey hey, what's wrong, Edgar? you are still in the middle of work, you know?]

[Helvi, come looking over here. this structure ....of the enemy look "Familiar" right?]

While cocking her neck, Helvi also get off her machine and looking at the wreck of black knight.

She doesn't need much time to reach the same conclusion as Edgar.

[Fuhh...., I see, it's "Strand rope type crystal tissue"and "Back weapon" -ne. then,....combine with [Young master]'s word, this enemy of Kshyperuk was really a real strong opponent right? I think I had seen the reason behind the difference in power between them up to now-ne.]

[It's about silhouette knight right? You're talking about silhouette knight right? If that the case please include me too pleaseeee?]

[Wowww, Er , Eru-kun. just where the hell on earth did you emerge from?]

Before anyone notice it, Eru already folded his arm and stand still next to Helvi.

It is his motto to stick around silhouette knight at anytime anyplace.

[You just came at the right time, Ernesti. won't you tell me just what the heck is that thing?]

Eru followed the line of sight of unfazed Edgar and soon  he display an expression.

[The technology that applied to this black silhouette knight that they were using is "same thing as ours" right? to already utilize the state of art technology that we invented.... it's perhaps as you guys have in mind. I could say that it's origin must be derived from the stole "Tellestarle" without mistake.]

The event in the past few years ago just re-surface on Edgar mind.

The defeated of his "Earlecumber" at the final escape of the last one silhouette knight from the past had become a lead to this sole development and turn into the current situation.

[If that the case then this guys are the enemy that this country can't win, it will become a formidable enemy even to us! to destroy my Earlecumber, able to steal Helvi's tellestarle...!!]

The power putting into in Edgar's fist could be seen visibly.

"The casadesus incident" the incident that become a shining stage for  silver phoenix team is an unforgettable event for him.

There are hand grab him gently and pulling down his fist, It was Helvi's hand.

[to become restless like that. even I get that kind of feeling. I too get sick of that, I think it's unforgivable... however, Edgar is a captain now right? What are you gonna do if getting upset easily like that?]

Edgar take a deep breath moaned and release strength in his fist slowly.

[You're right.... sorry. To have you admonished me about the "Promise".... look like I, evidently, have not change at all. same as the old me.]

[You're welcome. well,but... I'm too piss off a little bit about that, thank you. I really happy you know?.]

After softly, leaving a soft touch by graze Edgar's cheek, Helvi walk back to Tzendrinble while leaving the frozen Edgar who was stunned behind. 
{hand or mouth, please use your imagination since it did not describe.}

[Ah...I'm sorry to mention this...but you know.... somehow...I wonder it some how...that attack you took right now is not come from current enemy.]

On the other hand,  

Dietrich's groups who was present on same level, had continued working non-stop.

While continuing to throw remaining corpse suitably.

He lamented toward the sky in variety of something.

[Since there are plenty enemy waiting for you to defeat, please do as you like without hesitation.]

[Hou hou, Eru-kun too want to be love-ne! then I will give you a kiss kay?] 

[Ady. since Dee-san is making a very funny face right now, please calm down a bit.]

Eru gently chided Ady who had imperceptibly hugged Eru from behind.

Since the thing became better and better, Dietrich whose earnestly bitter look is saying something different entirely, shrugged his shoulder as a result of throwing a give up sign.

[....well setting that aside, I was wondering what are you gonna say, Ernesti? Since it's already been utilized and spread around, In this way that would be meaning the enemy has already figured out all of technology that we invented right?]

[It seem to be like that-ne. really a interesting development-ne.]

The return word came back in an unexpected bright tone cause Dietrich and Ady look at each other's in dubious faces.

[A silhouette knight that was built from someone rather the "silver phoenix knight" or "our country", they made use of technology from Tellestare, when and how do you think they made it? it already very interested. There also...]

Eru murmured while smile like a carnivorous beast before its prey and those looking at him thinking about what the hell....

[In the first place, they were made based on our technology. it would not an exaggeration to say that it is a rival to our mech. and it's  the enemy, But It is a good thing that we crushed it separately-ne? It would be more fun if there were more full silhouette knight available around like that,  I think!]

[No no no, that reason is really wrong. it's wrong right....?]

When he thinking about saying those line with a smile and ferocious expression like that, Dietrich did not notice himself that he floated a similar smile.

[I think the guys that steal Tellestarle away is not a normal opponent as he was able to defeat Edgar. Let alone young master's word. now with our dear grand-master excellency opinion, they even used a sacrifice.]

Dietrich overlooking at the land of Kshyperuk that spread from the foothill of Obinie moutains.

A flag painted with silver phoenix flutteing at end of the east, 

while creating a new flash point into the storm, this is how "Silver Phoenix Trading Firm" begin their start of fiercely action.


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  4. Like volume 29, another boring volume. Author really like his story building i guess. I only hope volume 31 we finally getting some action instead.

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