A little match up

This is really nothing important, I'm just match up the line in Illustrations with the line from Sky-trans...
It just a minor detail. just click at the link and find which part of it in his blog.


  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/LightNovels/comments/3eukbh/tl_stellar_transformations_a_case_study_in_the/?limit=500

    Please don't take over the project. I guarantee it'd be much easier to just be a reader.

  2. Your Link is reasonable, Indeed
    But here the fact;
    1. I'm never contact sky directly to take over the translation.
    2.You directed this question at the wrong place..... I just one person and INDEED not a group that sky mention about take over from him....
    3. I'm doing different version from him since it JAP and there a lot different in name when come to CHN version which is really another interesting factor.
    4. I'm never made any ads, sky just put me into his tab on his own blog. so, don't take it like i'm take over the his project.
    5. this is the most important,, and don't take me like i'm blame him,
    What will happens if Sky decide not to translation K&M?? I have to wait?? keep waiting??A month passing by???A year passing by like that? without never know when i'm can read it again?
    If this was a popular novel like SWO or Mahouka it would not be a problem since there are a lot of group working on it. It not hard to find the continue content.

  3. I'm really sorry baka dogeza.. it's really hard to read your translation.. if there are 1 or two mistakes(or several) in a chapter, I'm ok with it (look for andur's novel in royalroad.dl , , and . there are some mistakes but it's minor/wording issue). but it is really hard to read when there are mistakes on nearly every paragraph in your translation..

    though thanks for trying to translate...

    1. You don't need to be sorry since it my translation is too hard to read for you, it couldn't be help then.
      Thank you for your comments


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