Knight's & Magic Volume 4 Prologue Translation Part 1

Umnn.... this is just to kill time until we can read sky trans again or his successor on this series.... Vol.4 is all about war, so it should be interesting. 

Part 1 
*Re-edited with Zoro34 Suggestion
*Change Keyword with M4rc0s R3is. Suggestion

"Zetterlund Continent" ....

 A name that is given to the land which Human and Demon beast reside on this planet. 

The land was divided by the great high rugged mountains "Aubigne",

The west side of the continent is crowded with many countries created by the human race.

People who reside there are called the "Western Union"(Okushidentsu) compared against the only country on the eastern side of the continent,

The country which is the sword and shield of the humanity "kingdom of Fremmevir" located near the great sea "Bocuse", the area of the beast.

In the foothills of Obinie mountains, there are "Raihiara School District", the city with the largest school facilities in the Fremmevir Kingdom is located here. 

"Olverse fort" *1 which became the base for the "silver phoenix knight order" was located very close by. Although it was referred to as a "fort", it was not really a facility that was (prepared?) for battle environments.

Therefore, almost all of its contents are "Workshop" facilities. The parking places by the sides of the facilities are wide enough to hold various groups of "silhouette knight".

The pure white knights lead the 1st squadron, The crimson knights lead the 2nd squadron, and the 3rd squadron is made of group of centaur knights. this place has some of the most combat capabilities in Fremmevir kingdom.

The machine for knight leader is located in the deepest part of the giant knight group,

 ..... an "armor warrior" with 6 arms and 2 heart with total height of 10 meters approximately, it was a huge humanoid weapon "silhouette knight".

 These knight of steel are made in order to fight magical beast, though it must move like a sophisticated statue, it was well ordered and filled with majesty. 

But there was also,

Those who were moving around hurriedly on foot are another story.

The "knight-smith" group had been working to upgrade their silhouette knight, continue with their bustling work. 

Such a blacksmith group, raise the yelling and skip the instructions to the person around. 

And then, there was a muscular physique, a respectable beard in rugged features, 

It was a  young dwarf.

[Good grief, nothing good out of the boy who self-indulgences too much with silhouette knight.

While complaining with a bitter smile, his arm grabs his shoulder and makes a "gokigoki" sound *2.

For a certain reason, The Silver phoenix knight order has unique silhouette knights which makes it the most advanced unit in Fremmevir kingdom. 

Each one of them are powerful machine but,

There was a need for man power to maintain their ability and many upgrades.


This resulted in increased work load of the calvary knight-smith group.

[MASTER!! About under-body part development of "Tzendrinble", It was complete! same as crystal tissue, We keep re-made it with a brand new.]

[The king hardship. It seem to be a  "Long journey" anyhow. we're end as go all out on the under-body part of Tzendrinble in particular]

Received reports from his subordinates that came rushing,


"David Hepuken" had a display of satisfaction.

He has the title of Silver phoenix knight smith corps captain.

A long part of the relationship since he took over the nick name of school days that been call as "MASTER".  

He was even familiar with it himself,

In fact, his work was nothing other than master of the smithy.

[Master-san. about upgrading and stowage of the silhouette knight, It is all finished.]

[Oh! Pigeon boy also worked hard. with this, the rough maintenance problems are finished.]

David looked at the young dwarven subordinate who had come. 

He is "Batson Terumonen"

He is the unusual cavalry knight-smith who is more well versed with Silhouette Gear than Silhouette Knights.

From then on,

One after another reports of completed maintenance arrive to the master.

From silhouette gear to silhouette knights,

Such as the large carriage truck drag Tzendrinble in addition,

The equipment that was owned by the Silver Phoenix Knight order really had a wide range of variety.

When combined with such scale,

It's quite a big task to get accustomed with the simultaneous maintenance.

[The final preparation have been done, Now with this guy in tow, It will probably be a bustling journey. You guys too, just hop in already!]

Master who displays a pleased smile just skips the manifesto,

The blacksmith group respond back by swinging up their arms.

He also said the same thing to the group of the steel knights that stood behind,

while being shine proudly somewhere.

Continue on Part 2

*1 it write in オルヴェウス - Oruvu~eusu, please suggest alternative reading if you have proper a way to spell it.
*2 SFX, ゴキゴキ 

Basically, in this part 1,
-Fremevelia Kingdoms is the lone country on the east side and the only country that suffered from magical beast invasion, basically a meat shield for the rest country in this continent.
-Silver Phoenix Knights just packed up and prepare to go somewhere... (may be go for war)
-Ikaruga already built.
because there only 1 silhouette knight with 6 arms in this world.
-Tzendrinble was mass product but may be use only in Silver Phoenix Knights group since it was expensive and very hard to tame.

The problem is we may never know until sky touch the Arc 6 on Vol.3 again.



  1. Thanks for the prologue. And that answers my question if Arc 6 is part of Volume 3 or 4.

  2. Vol.3, you can see at my topic menu page of K&M. Arc 6 is about calamity at capital city.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hi, i hope that you will have time to read my post, english is also not my native language and i'm just happy to see you release the first chapter of K&M and because of this i'm writing this for you. because since when Sky posted on his blog about dropping K&M everyone started to badmouth you just because your translation is not on the same level as his and this is true i would not deny it but be aware that i'm not saying this to make you sad or anything and without doubt i'm happy that you translating it since everyone need to start from somewhere and even if you are not perfect by theirs standard i would like to you to know that are people out there like me that is also happy about it and with time without doubt you will also improve is just a matter of time.

    Now about the chapter itself, i would like to say that as a reader would be better if you use the names of cities-kingdoms-characters the same as the ones that sky already have translated since it would be better as a reader to keep track of it.
    about new things that may appear like new Kingdoms/mechas etc it really does not matter since it is new.

    Aubigne mountain range=Obinie
    Western Union=West countries
    kingdom of Fremmevir =Fremevelia Kingdom

    well don't take it the wrong way or think that i'm saying that you are wrong or anything ,I just think that in those things it would be best to always use the term that was first introduced to the reader to keep a good flow of translation.

    M4rc0s R3is.

    1. I'm really appreciate for your recommendation about Keyword. since the author always using katakana when they write a name which really cause me a headache since they did not spell exactly like english and hard to find the english match word sometime. I will replace the name soon.

    2. there is a few other words too, when i have more time i will try to re-read the chapter and select every of those words , it may take a little since i may need to check the previous volumes in search of a specific word so i will post it later or when the next chapter is out.
      M4rc0s R3is.

  5. Thank you for picking this up. I see a lot of complaints but not enough thank you. Hope you continue with it and improve. \(o_o)/


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