Chapter 24 Part 1

The girl is about to sleep.

Sleep or alternatively mediation.

That is what the girls clan do when they "travel" in order to assimilate into a deep slumber.

The girl made a "journey" with sleep.

Feeling like crawling to the earth endlessly at every corners,

Her own body is slide into diffusion.

The whisper of blood vein that tickles the ear being to flow in different ways.

The spread continue, from the girl to her clan, to her fathers,

The spread of assimilation to earth keep continue.

The consciousness of the girl which about to drift to the infinite overlap and appear to caught something.

The foreign matter is interfere her sleep.

The part that deviated from the deep slumber had been produced the grainy sensation.

This is something that should not be exist.

The girl intuition believe that.

The next moment,

The girl awake and open her eyes.

The girl is the presences that undergone years among the clan which spend a lot of time in order to sleep assimilation.

The awakening that were not planned however she was not bewildered.

The girl great sleep was interfered,

It must not exclude that foreign matter.

[Is something wrong? "Chief Minister"(Elda). *1   it still not the times to awake yet.]

Her sight move with only her pupil,

It reflected the figure of her still-year-old young compatriots.

Fair skin,

Soft gold hair.

Overall soak,

The distinctive than anything,

There is the protruding ears like a knife.

It was the common characteristic in her clan.

[....There are something appear to interfere with my "travel".]

The motionless girl murmured while gaze at the mentioned direction.  

The girl body did not move.

There is no need to move.

This body frame will be greeted by any great fathers,

It no longer a big deal anymore.

[The malicious and rustling have fallen in the forest. It must be remove quickly.]

[....We're consent that. with the "Rider" we have, let hit it.]

Without having to ask the girl word again,

Her brethren went down immediately.

The girl did not return to sleep. 

If take the foreign matter into exclusion,

Sleep will not made the correct meaning.

Because there has no meaning at thing like sleeping.

The girl continues to wait.

For her own "Prophecy" to comes.

Until then how the time will cross and,

For her it will happen in the blink of an eye.

It will befall on "forest" and "township",

It was the beginning of the disaster. 

*1 大老 (Tai-ro) it is Edo-peroid term to refer a big shot guys.


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