Add some silhouette knight!!

 Pilot : Emuris Ieieru Fremevelia
Heght : 10.5m
Weight : 19.5t
Equipment : Madou Armament "Blast Howling"

   A renovate dedicated personal machine for royal prince base on a state of the art mass production machine of Fremevelia kingdom, Kardetolle.  this machine is provided with high output and thick armor per request of the pilot. it exterior has become even coupled with very fancy as gold color and had been apply with lion design to the whole body. same as its brother machine "Jirubatiga" which is the same machine except it appearance is covered in silver tone instead 

well, if anyone wonder about prince Emuris appearance, this should be his picture, he made an appearance a lot in vol 3-4-5


 Pilot : Black Jaw Knight members
Heght : 12.0m
Weight : 30.8t
Equipment : Snake Mace/Mace/Pike/2 Back armed

   A silhouette knight deploy by Jarouteku Kingdom,  a state of the art heavy silhouette knight type. it equipped with a excellent output but bad fuel consumption strand type crystal muscle, it has very high output due to extremely increase of the muscle mass in order to effectively utilize it property to maximum. its raw output also allow the machine to equip the extraordinarily armor, it is the machine that embodies either the heavy armor and  large output. the weight also increase on the contrary which make it mobility very poor. its endurance also lacking.

ok, so it really a have a look of bad guys machine, i'm feel sorry that this black fatty groups gonna turn out to be noting but a stepping stone for Eru "Ikaruga" debut...


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