Vol.4 Prologue Part 3 (*SPOIL ALERT)

Part 3

West calendar, Years 1281.

The times before early summer,

The times of pleasant weather days.

At the imperial city of Fremmevir kingdoms "Kankanen",

The man figures was proceeding  at straddle of the royal castle "Shreiber" corridor.

The man with a large solid build stature is rushing wildly.

The 2nd heir royal prince of Fremmevir kingdom, "Emurys Geijer Fremmevir"

He had continued proceed to the corridor, he kicked the door that exists at the end of the way aggressively.

[Old man! .....no, your majesty. I want to go to "Kshyperuk kingdoms" (クシエペルカ) right now! even without the pretext, you understand right?]

What lies ahead is the place for the audience with the king. the deepest spacious room, The king already arrive at the throne,

The king "Riothamus Harus Fremmevir ", 

He raises the hand together on the pretense that probably mix with resign and give up feeling,

The people who stand surround was being order to fall back as they are being dumbfound.

[....Good grief, i'm hear it coming. The idiot son of mine, your waiting ability is unexpected short, although i'm already anticipate this once your voice could be hear (or it may be his foot step). 
Can you tell me why you suddenly want to go to Kshyperuk kingdoms?

He was displaying the lament appearance without knowing which seem to be care or care not about his son as the usual etiquette, 

And had cried while heavily clasped his fist. his action befitted of the appropriate person. 

[That kind of thing, It's obviously right! I don't how to say  this, Fathers. Kshyperuk kingdoms is "our aunt" (Martina) country, It was being invade by other countries!!]

From the scene of the stressful 2nd prince who was clenching his fist, 

King Riothamus has grumbled with appearance of slightly give up somewhere. (you can't tell where but he radiates a give up aura) 

[Oh, because it precisely turn out to be what i thought, that why I'm still not taking any action. just where the hell you hear this sensitive news from?...... however, Emurys, none of request have been arriving from her country. It need a reason for head to the battlefields.]

[The reason? such a thing are not need! our aunt is on verge of danger right now! it is naturally for us to go help them, that should be enough isn't? ]

Riothamus nodded quite naturally.

[I see, but to deploy military force. Have you forgotten? Our country right now have pretty limited number of silhouette knights. To keep the wide national border in check is what you need to do in order to protect the people, not hold out to war in other country.]

If only just wideness of the country, 

Fremmevir kingdoms can be count as a large country among the human nation.

The reason that country are being treated as a frontier nation,

Because its existence have infested with countless "Magical beast" all over the country.

In order to keep  this country peacefully,

It always require many number of silhouette knights.

Before the undeniable fact,

Emurys had involuntarily closed his mouth, and frankly hated it,

He basically has a strong heart of chivalry.

To help his aunt,

He will expose the danger to his people instead,

No one will forgive him for that.

That's why, 

He inevitably can't utter more word. 

[Is that so? I'm got it.....  then, I will go to Kshyperuk kingdoms alone, It should be ok if just me go there to help aunt!!]

Once again, he immediately made a obviously rebel action,

Riothamus is unintentionally holding his forehead,

A voice reach his son from behind. 
(I'm believe that Emurys already turn his back on his fathers and on verge of leaving the audience chamber at this sentence being made.)

[Even you go alone, just what the heck is one man can do? ]

[....I don't know! But, Aunt took care me for a long times, To do nothing while thing are keeping continue like this, There is no way i can do that!]

Riothamus narrowed his straight eye with absolutely calm appearance,

[Then what about your name, "Emurys Geijer Fremmevir"? to go to country during the war with a that name, Do you know what does it mean? Its obviously that you should know that with out saying, right?]

He is suddenly stop walking as he struck by a lightning.

[Abo...about that...]

[Until now, There were no one stupid like that, right? Certainly, this is about my younger sister country. But more than that, What will happens if my own son go there? It will be treat as a inflammable "War declaration from Fremmevir kingdoms".]

[Even you said that...Hmm! that's it, Kshyperuk kingdoms is the country that place on the west side of Aubigne moutains. for it to being invade over there, the next target after that might be our Fremmevir kingdoms! If you lend them a force before that happens....]

[That might be possible. But even that the case,  Are you still going there just to cause a bothersome enemy? the action of the king will effect behavior of the country. You, the one who will succeed the throne someday. Emurys. the choice you make will turn into the country choice, that is the basis answer. do you have resolve to involve the people of our country?] 

Emurys falls into silent.

He can't say out even one word,

He squeezed his fist strongly enough to make his blood bleed at any moments,

His whole body is trembling.

He  is about to say his eloquence of the feelings.

[So his majesty....father...., are you gonna forsake auntie....!?]

[Such a thing will not happens.]

Emurys reaction delayed as he was being take aback by the light tone reply that ignore the flow until just before.

[I can't allow you to go there and act alone. In order to achieve significant result, there is a need for the comparable force. although it unthinkable for us to deploy a large force, I wonder about rely only knight order soldier wound be a good thing....]

When Emurys mind listen to his fathers grave word,

A certain names of knight order just came to his mind.

There are many knight orders in Fremmevir kingdoms,

But there are limited only just one of "knight orders" that suitable in this task,

He almost involuntarily uttered it name,

At that moments,  

The king was being notice about "Their" arrival.

[Your Majesty, sorry for being late, a three company of "Silver Phonenix Knights order" are here to establish a expedition preparation, Sir!]

Ernesti who appear among the audience while he has been pulling Ady & Chid in tow, he get reverently on his knee.

This un-usual event make Emurys dumbfound, 

Riothamus is just only nonchalantly laughing on the back of his throne.

[Dissatisfy? Emurys. their power are very well known right? The recent dismissed of Land Emperor (Behemoth) and Armor Queen of Beast (Queen Shellcast, クイ-ンシェルケ-ス), They're the strongest knight order that save our country from perils again & again, right?]

While exposed the expression of discourage,

Emurys scratch his head.

[I'm well aware know about that...... Hey dad, in order to not let the country get caught with this mess, the commencing from now on must be not know by anyone right?]

[Um, exactly, therefore Emurys, you must avoid the name "Fremmevir kingdoms" as much as possible, behaves like you have no relationship with our country, also not give a just cause to anyone.]

As being exorcised, 

He finally break his missing vitality posture.

And regain his favorite pushy & brute force stunt, 

which his brute force alone is enough to startle others.

[....Father, This is kind of, Is it not the quibble matter?]

[Wrong. this is something which said by the winners only. what happens? Emurys, what more important is push it through till the end.]

Riothamus clear his throat by pinch it, 

And change his expressions into serious one.

[Our country now is the the most important than anything. "After" this critical times may be noisy or hotter, the obstacle will happens. We need to do everything to overcome it even though it will be a little peace or thing may be get rough(issue escalation). Also more,  please take care my idiot sons,  Silver Phoenix Knights order.]

[It my pleasure, our silver phoenix knights order will protect the life of royalty at the best of it ability-gozaimasu]

On the beside,

Emurys had no idea what he should said but,

It definitely become troublesome for sure,

He started walking with Zuka-zuka sound (SFX ズカズカ).

[Yosh, it does't not matter! it really encouraging to be accompany with you guys. let's go,  Silver Phoenix Knights order!!]

Chasing his back who begin to walk from behind, 

The Kings word reach him.

[The war between a fellow country, it better for you to see it with you own eyes. the next era from now on will drastically change. In order to face it, Our opponent will not limit only a magical beast anymore, right? .....and, go help Martina!, that all I ask out of you.]

Emurys slightly looking back and vigorously nodded. 


The greatest un-penetrate city of Fremmevir kingdoms

The imperial city Kankanen surrounded by rigid wall.

Kankanen west gate, 

It large enough to be enter or leave by silhouette knights,

The silver phoenix knights are gathered there with their fully equipped armament.

And the core of the troops,

The 3th squadrons of silver phoenix knights are made with the centaur knights "Tzendrinble".

Behind the large back of Tzendrinble are connect with the huge carriage "Dray".

It display a high transportation capacity.  

It is necessary capacity for a long distance march,

Which adjusted for sake of careful preparation.

On top of the wagon,

There are machine standing in knee stance.

Those silhouette knights was being treat as a luggage.

Most of it are the "Kardetolle", the state of the art formality mass production machine.

It was the main force of the 1st & 2nd squadrons.

Of course,

There are not bring only just a silhouette knights,

There also great number of normal horse-drawn carriage that was load with repair parts which also treat as silhouette knights consumption,

The whole of them were up to a considerable scale.

[This really look like a large family-ne]

[Then what about going to help the friendly countries, how does it sound?.  Because we're going there to fight.  In other words, a lot of necessary thing need to be done, right?]

The 3rd squadron captain "Helvi Olberg" looking around at the surrounding with admiration.

The one who answer her is the 1st squadron captain "Edgar C Blanche". 

Up until now,

The silver phoenix knights orders having both high mobility and powerful forces,

They are run around many times as they were beg to be around.


All of it are still with in their country,

The prerequisite to provide the support on-site assist is in lightness state.

This will be the first time for their experiences,

There will be plenty of materials from the expedition.

[I don't know what happening over there, but it look like something big happens to me-ne. well, the 2 guys also the grand-master seem to be presence. Let come with me for boarding preparation to move out soon.]

At that place,

The 2nd squadron captain "Dietrich Cunitch" appear.

He tell the 2 people and,

The voice echo around and multiplied at group members. 

The group members who had been carefree as poised until then begin to quickly going for each position.

At the castle gate exist,

Emurys who brought Eru with him appeared.

He looking at the fully equipped silver phoenix knights order,

Remember "The calamity of the shell beast" incident that whispered.

It wast told that the worst in recent years,

If the silver phoenix knights order did not show up to prevent the incidents.

It surely.............. while he is sinking in his thinking process,

He already arrived at the exceptionally big carriage at the front row of the knights.

On the top of that special carriage which was tow with 2 Tzendrinble horse,

A silhouette knight that flashy reflected the shiny golden color bright as the light of day has been place on it.

[....Yo "The gold lion"(Gordesleo). for auntie sake, you will display your full force when the times come, you know?]

Slip through beside of Emurys who look up at the gold lion in deep motion,

Eru look back behind the knights.

Without realizing,

The line of sight of all members in that place are gathered on him.

[His royal highness. we're await your command.]

[.....Yosh,Yo-Silver phoenix knights order! Our group will proceed for the sake to help auntie. also to stop the war, we 're going to kick ass the stupid country that caused incidentally fight!!]

From the description which is too rough in various ways, 

The group members who should  have the correct posture collapse their posture as it is extremely disappoint to see.

Without care,

Emurys clench his fist, and keep continue.

[Our opponent this times is not  a beast! our ordeal may be hit at any difficult. But with the power of mine and you guys, I believe that it will be achievable!!]

[Yesss sirr. Everyone, Let enthusiastically participate in "War", shall we?]

As if some screw loosely happens,

Eru who floated a happy smile with pleasure made a concluded with ferocious words.

The group members roar,

The silhouette knights made a high-pitch aspirate intake & exhaust sound as it also conclude along ferocious words,


The silver phoenix knights order was taking to the midst of the raging storm in the west land.

It was the 1st times for Fremmevir kingdoms to establish  a expedition to the west.

Through all East and West,

This year will be a history about large movement in Zetterlund Continent.

The time of the beginning has come.

About this part
-Yosh << equal to "good" or "Fine" but i don't like either of it. after all, only a pushy character say it.
-The throne of Fremmevir kingdom already passed from Ambrosius to Riothamus. 
-About the Shellcast Queen, I'm only know that it happens in Arc6. and assume that it was another type of dangerous magical beast like Behomoth then Eru group beat it, and he may be use loots from both king & queen class magical beast to create Ikaruga. may be Ether reactor of every silhouette knights are made from magical beast heart or use it as a component (it still a secret. so I can only guess.) 

*After this , I will take time examine the next chapter also re-edit what people left a suggestion, Have a good day!


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