Chapter 31 Part 2

After think it for a while, I decide to change Dorotheeo name to Dorote.

Part 2. 

The Ancient Kshyperuk principality can be divided roughly into five regions.

Beside the imperial city at the central area, there were "Four-way territory" separated at East-West-North-South direction.

The king's brother, Archduke "Fernando Nevalez Kshyperuk" was lived in the grand duchy capital there and governed the east land.

The term "was lived there" already a past tense when the Grand duke himself had died during the invasion of Jaroudeku kingdom in the past , the land had been took over by Fernando's younger brother, "Akatsutei" who succeed the grand duke along with the right in throne and bestowed with this land.
*His name can be read as "Aukusti" in western name too.

Since his last name still attained "Kshyperuk" , the royal family name, his territory is "Fernando grand duchy" or just call it "East Territory" as short version.

Even you see it like this, the archduke position is only give to someone who connected to royal lineage.

Inevitable, now, everything are eliminated and perished in the invasion.

The east capital dukedom, "Fontanie" is now conquered by Jaroudeku kingdom, in order to govern the east territory, "East Strategic Point" was made with a portion of Black Jaw Knight's order which stationed in the city.


Once in the past, the royal castle that served the Archduke, the "Raspedo" Castle is now take over by Jaroudeku's army and used as their base.

Raspedo castle has high tower placed in four directions.

The tower of the old days that had been used to lookout the surrounding, now lose its function as time move toward to the peaceful era. you could say that it is a decoration to the castle. 

However, recently,

It was being re-used in practical way with a completely different purpose.

In it, there is a room is, A girl who wandering her line of sight in a listless appearance.

The name of the girl, Eleonora who inherit blood line of the king. a rightful legitimate princess. 

which mean this room is being use to "imprison her", although the appearance precisely looked modestly, it could not be call a room for accommodate the royal family.

The girls spent her time gaze at  iron bars fitted window and an unusually sturdy door randomly, does not know when her time gonna come, she sighed.

For not able to see a change for better outcome, this is truly a dull room. 

After fallen in the hand of Jaroudeku's army, she was imprisoned here, in Raspedo castle.

This room located on the top floor of steeple in Raspedo castle.

With the height of several ten meters from the ground, the way to get on there or leave there is to use a single long spiral staircase only.

A tight security has been laid around the area to prevent the girl from escape this place.

Even this place is easy to escape, whether the girl has the resolve to does it is still another question.

She keep repeated passed the entire day with sigh and silence.

The king who was her father no longer alive.

With strong desire to escape her painfully feeling reality, plus the fact that being isolated from her aunt, Martina and her cousin, Isadora, which also has been imprisoned.

Caught in helpless situation,

She even turn away her eyes from the reality & her future even more.

The girl doesn't know where she can find hope and become sluggishness.

One day, something happen.

An event of visitor who came suddenly which break the silence in the room,

Only a sound of heavy knock from door was made out of a room.

For the change that happen too suddenly, she was start to trembling in fear.

A maid who was in front the door has move toward next room while conceal her breath.

After she exchange looking several times at the door, mechanical sound which happen from using key resounded.

It can be seen clearly from far away,

A strong omen indicate that someone gonna enter the room.

The owner of omen walking toward Eleonora who does not directly strive her line of sight at it.

[Does the mood around here suit your taste? "Formerly" Kshyperuk princess.]

The girl shaking lightly, raise her line of sight in frightened appearance at Cristobal, the supreme general of Jaroudeku's army ,the second Jaroudeku's prince who stood over there.

[fuh, are you not a bit too "calm"?]

Initially, when got imprisoned in this land,

Eleronora became restless but after cry out and lament for a while, when her emotion become sluggish, she got calmer.

[Today, I bring you the good news to you. be rejoice, the method how to "use" you has been decided. in order to stabilize Kshyperuk region, time has come, your bloodline will be put to use.]

Not hesitate to ignore her reaction,

Cristobal tell her in pomposity manner and distort the end of his mouth. 

[You shall be become the wife of this great me]

[S...such a unpleasant...-desu]

At last,

Eleonora manage to gather her will and squeezed out her return word, a slender voice, face down and make an intention to reject him clearly.

However, that does not disturb Cristobal's smile.

[Do you think you have a choice? I don't think so. be obediently and agree to it.]

Cristobal leaned closer, reach his hand and draw out Eleonora's arm that flee from him reflexively and whispered to her.

[If you gonna reject that much, then you have no any value. the people that got caught together with you, I will hasten their execution date.]

Cristobal sadism's smile reflected on the wide opened stark eyes of Elenora.

[The daughter of grand duke is it?, the continue of bloodline of who once was king's relative. her fate depend on your decision. will this enough to motivate you? after all, "she was caught together with her mother".]

[A....ah.... it can't be...]

Leave the collapsed Eleonora who lost all her power,

Cristobal turn back after he finish his business.

[To show you mercy, I will give you sometime to think. you better made you mind as soon as possible and do tell me. if it take too long, I may be change my mind, you know?]

He said it bluntly and exit the room, leave the stunned Eleonora behind.

Then after a while,

[....I'm sorry... I'm sorry...everyone...I'm sorry, father...!!]

There are nothing that the girl can do but lie down on the bed, crying out and cover her face with her hand.


A sound was made again before the room that imprisoned princess,

It's Cristobal who went down the spiral staircase.

Unintentionally, he leaking a sigh.

It was a disappoint face for someone who gonna marry the renowned maiden of west land.

[...seriously, women know only weeping and cry. anyway, I liked it.]

[Your highness, If you bring out such a reason like that, there no way she gonna reject it.]

Cristobal twist his face in more displeasure at the unstoppable remark of Dorote who was outside the room.

[Hm, of course, it sure thing. they even dispatch my younger sister in order to reign over Kshyperuk. To not service this me is in-acceptable. however, you don't need make a fuss about care over that hindrance, you got that?]

 Dorote had been harboring a worry feeling but it seem that the lord himself did not take it seriously, he leak a relief sigh secretly as long as he was not blame.

[By the way, this east territory seem to be busy a lot lately, Am I right? Deroteo.]

Another bitter thought is now rise up in Dorote, by Cristobal who changed the topic there.

Because it is a topic that he want to avoid the most and no desire for his lord to hear it.

However, he answered innocently.

[Yes, it is apparently that there was an unexpected experience fellows. we think about deal with it soon or later.]

[Hou, I thought that people in this country always lack a ball, so there still someone with the bone left? Oi, ...finally...a worthy prey....]

[You can't , sir!]

A restraint word just shot at Cristobal who's mood was slightly improve while hasten his walk down step.

[Your highness gonna need to lead a punitive expedition soon right? you can't do this no matter what, because you are our Jaroudeku's army supreme general. please leave such a trivial matter to us, you need to fulfill your role.]

Cristobal feel incredibly annoy and unexpected bored right away but he manage to stand it.

[then hurry up and get rid off such trivial thing!!]

while following Cristobal who haste his pace, Dorote revert his disturbed thought face to his original compose one as the usual behavior.


After split up with Cristobal, Dorote immediately summon his men.

This subordinates are all members of 2nd prince Cristobal's forces, soldiers who serve under Dorote's command for long time.

[ that why, I always say we better clean up this mess early, because it gonna unavoidable caught his highness interest.]

With long relationship history with Dorote and Cristobal, they are all know well about his personality.

Easy to figure it out with just looking at him.

They are all unanimously wear a wry smile.

[I need to attain to his highness assistance role now, I leave this matter to you, "Gustav".]

A young man with tall and thin body stepped out among the men after received Dorote's word.

His strange dress was equipped with various large and small "sword" attached on numerous belt around his hip, he answered with his fist, a self confidence appearance.

[Ou! you can wait, Oldman! , leave it to us, because we are gonna make sure to stop it.]

That right, this man was adopted son of Dorote, "Gustav Marudones", assure him by hitting his chest.

The adopted father look at this really reassuring rough appearance with blank expression while leak a sneak laugh at the men groups.

This exchange interaction between parent and child is a usual event for them.

During such a dangerous calm, they were interrupted by the voice of third party.

[About that task, would you mind to let me take part in it too? is it fine?]

A firm voice of suddenly appear figure has bind everyone there.

Dorote narrowed his questioned eyes at the person who coming from darkness despite create the tension around the area.

[....You are... Sir Hietakannas.... "Leader of copper fang knight" right?, what in it for us?]

The person may be look outright suspicion attitude, however, she is Copper fang knight order's grand master, "Gerhild Hietakannas",  look around everyone with natural gloss smile.
ゲルヒルト>Geruhiruto> Gerhild * the heck how can they read "d"? I almost use Gerhilt.

[You guys don't need to be that vigilance, anyone who stand against our Jaroudeku'army are all our enemy equally. or you don't like if I lend a hand?]

[Although burrow outsider hand, I can only feel that trouble gonna increase. you can take part but only help us out. is that clear?]

[Judge from the fame Steel fang knight ability, It should be enough already right? we'll only search for that nasty death reaper for you.]

Dorote try gather his thought carefully in order to deal with the enemy and the purpose of Gerhilt.

The most troublesome problem would be pinpoint enemy position, So he take up the offer.

[Kukukuh, well then, I will go to dispatch my subordinate, you can expected a good news!]

Gerhilt walk away while leaving odious laughter like enigmatic snake behind. Gustav raise his voice against his adopted father with suspicious air while send her off with a glance.

[Old man, Is this fine with you?]

[...although this unexpected woman fox seem to be careless but her work can be trusted. what wrong with it?  We only need to focus our task. Gustav, soon as you received report, go sortie at once.]

Gustav and the subordinates make a salute to Dorote. after a while, An airship that carried them depart from Raspedo Castle.

Continue on Part 3.


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  3. Is he the heir to his kingdom cause if not it's weird that this country is being given to his sister to rule

  4. Is he the heir to his kingdom cause if not it's weird that this country is being given to his sister to rule

    1. nope, he not the heir to the throne, he just a military and fighting maniac man, his sister are more skillful at management the order. that why the first prince gave the role to his sister instead of his brother


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