Chapter 31 Part 3 & 4

Part 3. 

The news had reached Silver Phoenix knights, It was happens during the preparation to sortie out as usual.

[...Is that an reliable information?]

[Yes, It probably some means to held down remnants of Kshyperuk, they too begining to give a positive reply. further more, we already prepare a back up too. just in case.]

Blue Falcon Knight, "Nora Frykberg" answered Eru's question with expressionless face as usual.

At the same time, The Blue Falcon knights came up with a their investigation result after entered the territory of ancient Kshyperuk.

[Understood, the situation has been change...this should be able to convey the young master.]

Eru immediately gathered all of knight members and tell them this important announcement that gonna effect their future.

[By the way, first thing before I want to inform everyone. Young master, there are good news and bad news. do you want to hear it both?]

[Hou, then let hear the good one first?]

Eru answer at came back negligent word while fully cheerful smiling.

[Then, let start off with the good news first, we found the place that appear to held out Martina-san and other royal family who survived.]

[....!! Is it true? Silver leader (Ernesti) !? For real?...really. so they were still alive...!!]
*Emurys already give Eru a nick name...

Emurys look back vigorously and swung up both of his arms as he barking toward to the sky. It not just only him, the wave of joy being widespread between members.

[If you knowing that much then, send out Silver Phoenix knights to rescue them right now!!]

[Please wait. I'm sorry to break you now despite high spirit, but you still need to hear the bad one before that. they are certainly alive....but apparently, the girls were in a little awkward situation.]

Emurys who has the downside about being hasty was restrain by Eru who explain the another information.

He start off with the royal family girl are imprisoned in Raspedo castle, then they gonna married off to Jarodeku's prince.

When he heard it, Emurys's reaction does not betray anyone expectation.

[Oh! I see,  you gonna tell me that while they cause a mess by attack the national land, on the other hand, they now carelessly lay a hand on my cousin princess (Ellen) too? then, let go and brutally murdered that idiot prince!]

Emurys's expression at that time filled with too rough voice and stand out almost like "Shura".
*a carnage fighting being.

His aunt, Martina is not only one that he worry about, there still include the duke princess Isadora, her daughter too. also his acquaintance, Eleonora (Ellen).

By destroyed Kshyperuk kingdom, disturb a hedge between kingdom friendship. this already drive him in shaking rage state.

[This prince is truly idiot! To force a marry on woman, Unforgivable!]

[Yeah! That's right! such an insolent person, let go hang him!]

A angry reply emerge from silver phoenix knights'women group which particularly came from Ady and Helvi.

Because of that,  more 3 member's arm swing up in great spirit.

The surrounding girl also ride a wave and take part in it.

A laid back voice of Eru from somewhere reaching their back who jump out now and now.

[Oh dear, oh dear, please do not be such a hurry. it's better to not move the knights right now.]

[What!!....then how can I'm going to rescue everyone!? don't tell you plan to only waiting and continue to watch it like this!]

Then, Eru respond in order to calm down Emurys's approaching look which really harbor many great worry right now.

[Her royal highness being held captive in Fontanie. that place location right now, is  under the control of east strategic point Jaroudeku's force. in short, it is one of enemy's stronghold.]

[....Cheh, you're right, It's not easy for Silver Phoenix knights to march up there, right?]

Finally, blood up in his head went down after recognize the problem, calm has return to Emurys.

If that was a enemy main base, then the allocation of forces that stationed in such highly value area must be not a joke.

In the past, Silver Phoenix knights gained victory, mainly rely on mobility of Tzendrinble and powerful silhouette knight like Ikaruga and Gordesleo. 

But if the battlefield reduce to only one single horseman size then It would be overwhelming unfavorable fight for Silver Phoenix knight which accustomed to attack side.

[To give a example in word, It very noticeable if we move the entire knights. in the worst case, there also a risk that they will thrown out the princess group into the fray. after all, they did not only held out 1 person there. It will become a very difficult situation if we handle the hostage poorly. in other word, we need to rescue all of royal family who got imprisoned there before the enemy notice it.]

Emurys's eyebrows begin to wrinkle again.

He glad to know the location that imprisoned the royal family but there is no change the fact that they still in the hands of the enemy.

Helvi and Ady too, were put up an arm with chagrined look on their face.

[If that the case, while our knights fighting in this area, let's go steal only the royal members.]

[Correct, I also thought the same thing. by take advantage of the current state. given that we still don't have any casualties against Jarodeku's army. but there are a chance that they will increase more force in future in order to defeat our knights. that will be their attention. the main force of knight order is usually a silhouette knight, but we have another force as well... I will use silhouette gear.]

Unaware of Eru's expression, It was the same as child who came up with mischief idea. or it just look like a child who boast his favorite toy?

[While Enemy's eye focus on our main force knights, we sortie  an infiltrate troop with the latest combat type silhouette gear, let go return freedom to the imprisoned princesses shall we?...Batson! now is the time for "Shadow Rat"(Covert type silhouette gear) come into play!]

[Oh, Ou!? you mean that thing right? if  it that thing then it gonna be fine for sure!]

The panic Batson who under attack with with suddenly topic, confirmed it while look behind.

There was a different silhouette gear than the standard Motor Lift version, "Motor Ru-beet" park on that place. 

Next to it, Blue Falcon knight members nodded powerfully at Nora.

Finally, Emurys who keep listen to the talking Eru patiently spewing a word.

[Tsk, fuh fuh, fuh ha ha, ha hah ha hah ! Silver leader... you really are, kuh haha, Yosh! I like it! this plan! ku ku ku, In short, all of their effort gonna be wasted,  right!?]

While Emurys who showed his wit, he began to move around everyone.

Ady move gently next to Batson, asked him.

[Hey, pigeon-kun, about thing that Eru-kun mentioned, It possible that I able to use it too-right?]

[Since we talk about Eru-kun's work then it possible. may be, it really unlike you to ask.]

While Ady and Batson whispered and nodded at each other, the plan discussion progress swiftly to the summary.

As a leader, Eru distribute the strategy outline that he plotted to the members.

[The rescue team will be lead by me. also Ady and Chid, please participate in this mission too.]

[Yuck!? We too?]

Suddenly got called out, not only Ady but Chid too was full of surprise.

[If it were you two people, then you guys definitely able to pilot the Motor Ru-beet for sure, it was the same as piloting Tzendrinble. I need a minimum manpower to help transport and infiltrate.]

[I see...roger that, Eru-kun! let do our best and save the princess!]

[well, I guess it something like that.]

Ady swing up her fist forcefully than usual while Chid shrugged his shoulder and look down.

At that time, Emurys who listen at conversation quietly finally grab Eru head swiftly.

[Hey, Ernesti, I too will join the rescue team. I already giving a lot of thought and came to the conclusion. anyway, let do it.]
translator note : Seriously, you can think? I don't believed it. :D

Shaking his head vigorously to escape Emurys's grab, Eru can only sigh.

Emurys is hardly suitable for this conceal mission but anymore deny would be useless anyway.

[It fine you want to join the rescue team, Edgar-san, Dee-san and Helvi-san, I give the important mission at all members of Silver Phoenix knights in addition.]

The squad captains who gathered in front of their grand master correct their posture.

They already know how story gonna turn out, their corps will become a bait to attract enemy attention.

A light of determination show on  their facial expression.

In that imminent, Eru take out a bunch of paper from nowhere.

[In order to have everyone of Kshyperuk join the fight, This is a blueprint that I thought, a draft to strengthening their Leswant.]

[Eh!? just when do you did it?...Should I say as expected of you?]

While the squad captains surprise, they received a bundle of paper that look like important one.

Eru tightening his facial expression after being proudly attitude.

[With this in your hand, I want you to use it to wool every noble around the country. while we, the rescue team will safely rescue the royal, with that way, the king of this country will return. The battle from now on, It will be not only us who fight, they too, need to standing confront it together. this is a means for that.] 
*bait and hook :D

A bundles of paper that hold in the hand of captains were feel more heavy after hearing such a line. 

Another means for recapture strategy of Eru, the blueprint is now become a major key that gonna influence the future of this land.

[...seriously, you surely say it like something easy.]

[But, interesting. Anyway, I'm good when come to protect something. this blueprint, I will make sure to keep it safe and delivered it. I definitely let it blown off right on their face, those guy.]

The rest of members also happily swing up their arm after Edgar.

beside the rescue team,  the destination of other two squads already been decided.

Silver Phoenix knights begin to move out fast like a storm but quietly.

[Fuhfuhfuh, a princess rescue strategy is it!? it sound good somehow right....Ahh but, for Eru as the one who come to rescue her, I'm feel a little bit jealous...]

[Stop talking non-sense, we're going because it's an important role, let go prepare our self quickly.]

During knights start moving, Chid casually grab Ady's collar who still in her's world. dragged, and leaving just like that.

Part 4.

On top of the empty vast sky in the east territory that draw out such gentle pattern, there was a black painted ship figure.

Sail with wind, advance thru the sky sedately.

Two "Airship", a secret weapons of Jaroudeku's army.

These ship leave Fontanie and march to the east, lead by the knight, Gustav.

[Ou ou, take it more seriouly, don't sleep too much on the precious airship.]

The men look back at Gustav who speak while sitting on captain seat in good mood.

[Don't you think it is a bit over kill? the opponent is just merely formidable bandit.]

To mobilize this much of force against Kshyperuk's army, A hidden meaning word of his men.

Moreover, by no means, It not only his thought since no one gonna belive that an opponent which able match the entire Jaroudeku's army fleet really exist.

Gustav which heard that slightly smiling in amazed, he speak with a light tone immediately.

[In the end, just what is that reaper? we only know that it's enemy, but just how did it disappear so fast! with our superior speed of airship here, we will strike after have it strand out! how was it? perfect right? If we do not deal with it quickly or take too much time, It definitely create a problem to Oldman.]

[Haha, that also right. after all, our real enemy is his highness patience itself. when compare to Kshyperuk's coward, he definitely much more worst one.]

While seeing off a man of subordinate who walk away while making people laugh, Gustav sit cross leg  and elbow slovenly on captain seat.

[...Ah...ahhh. this is a missing feeling that I yern so far, such a poor straight dangerous one. rumors of reaper-san is noting but a rumor, Hey, I feel really awkward. after all, we're the one who gonna killed it.]

While he seem to be understand the problem, it should be noted that he was a fearless and full of self confidence.

The ship carrying this kind of person while heading straight to east.

Continue on Part 5.


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