Chapter 32 Part 9.

Part 9.

A lone flying airship staggering soar in the sky of dusk.

Suffered from a magic attack of the raging demon, Dorote's airship somehow barely escaped from it.

It was a fierce appearance that burned down many sections of the outer walls even distorted the steel frame.

Because they fled with maximum speed in that state which creates and piled up a strain, now, the hull is in bad shape and soon will reach its limit.

The only blessing among this unfortunate fate is that Ether floating device still intact.

Once this thing broke down, the airship will be not able to float in a sky anymore.

[...lower the altitude. don't crash it.] 

Dorote who sat on the captain's seat, spit out the word in a gloomy state.

Go back to the time that fights the demon, how come that it did not give a chase?

In vice versa, there must be anything that poses a threat greater than this ship.

The men have quietly followed his instructions, the ship landed on the ground.

Now that the ship in no longer usable, they have no choice but go back with Tyrantor's foot from here.

Even that Tyrantor which got damaged and destroyed by protecting the airship also in a plight for transportation purpose.

Before Dorote's squad who got off the ship leaves this place, there is something that they must do.

That is destroyed the airship.

The airship is a unique and crucial weapon of Jaroudeku kingdom.

Although it got a heavy damage and not able to fly anymore, he can't leave it in that state.

Dorote manipulates Tyrantor raise its small battle hammer in a jerk motion.

He applies an unnecessary force on the control stick that he hold, trembling even now.

Lose the ship, lose the black knight.

Furthermore, fail to recover the fled Kshyperuk's royalty.

A grave blunder that he does not dare to ask a pardon.

Almost as Dorote has lost everything.

It would be better if he was sunk together with the airship---such a self-punishing thought is now piling up in his mind.

At that time, one of his men who watched the entire situation pointed beyond a sky noisily.

Beyond the line of sight of all members, there is a black point that has been a stain in the sky.

That is an approaching airship which gonna reach them soon.

Two vessels of airship are advancing toward the west under the twinkling night star.

One intact airship, behind it, the second airship that has a trace of mysterious damaged on its hull is towing by the first one from behind.

Without saying that one belong to Dorote's fleet.

It advances steadily and takes a cruise with intending to pick them up.

Dorote who leave Tyrantor cockpit looking at the picking airship and the face of his subordinates, he showed a look of relief.

But his face distorts immediately, take a rough walk foot step from the hanger to the bridge.

An appearance of Dorote who went up the ladder appears into the scene of the bridge.

He keeps an eye on them in one place.

At the person who sat on the captain'seat who take up position in that place

[...So, as expected, it's you, Sir Gerhild.]

he walks to captain seat and called the name of the female knight who sat on it.

One of the knights of Jaroudeku kingdom was sitting there, the Grandmaster who led his Steel Fang knights, Gerhild Hietakannas.

While She always abiding with her leering smile, she breaks the greeting.

[Yeah, it's me, or there is something that you want to complain?]

[....Oh jest, I am truly grateful on behalf of my subordinates....]

Their relationship is not that much close. 

If anything, Gerhild is more like a person who stand behind the scenes of the surrounding.

Witness at emaciation appearance of the unnatural Dorote, she express her doubts.

[So, What happen? Aren't you his highness best men? being got truly slapping like that. isn't that a bit sorrowful state? It's not what am I thinking right?] 

Dorote did not hide his bitter situation, he groaning at the whole situation include his blunder from the other day.

[....and that is all of my stories, maybe I really go senile. It was shameless to accept  that we got defeated by some silhouette knight in the night, moreover, it was a completely beaten.]

The demon who cornered them was an unbelievable enemy even for the veteran warrior as Dorote.

[ fate is sealed and done. this blunder would probably cost my life.]

The cool and daring air of Jaroudeku military instructor do not exist there at him anymore.

By looking at his feeble appearance, Gerhild spat out a word while frowning.

[Tch! by giving that dedicated wrinkle neck, you think that gonna redeem the mistake? I really can not say amazing...]

[...Then...then, how the heck I have to do in order to atone for this, this grave blunder?]

[This is why a warmonger is....! Listen! the royal family got escaped , lost both the airship and black knight, both of them are worse. but the worst is you come back home without having any single bit of information about the enemy.]

Gerhild led the Copper Fang knights which are a group that stands between them.

Their main role is collecting information also assassination depending on the case.

Dorote becomes thoughtful with a word of different logic from the knight.

Determine to make an atonement, he slightly forces a comeback.

[But, as I say about the situation,  the enemy is clearly outlandish as this was a grave blunder, It will reach his highness ears soon. now, We must make a comeback at  the situation, I will gladly offer my neck on the plate at a later time.]

Changing by a little wind, the usual dialogue can be heard, Gerhild is tentatively looked up to heaven as she did not have to give him any more medicine.

[How refreshing, well, if you gonna die anyway then, you should die when fought the enemy and drag them to their death at least]

The girl teasing him as she seriously nodded while saying her word of joke.

Continue on Part 10. 

PS: This chapter finally near its end, gonna finish both C10&C11. 


  1. Thanks for the chapter. Just a thought but how about you change "masochistic thinking" to "selfpunishing thought" I just think that it sounds a but better.

    1. Indeed, that would make Dorote look more responsible man than a sadist one

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    PS. and how the eastern countries manage to get ether reactors the first place if all demon beast reside at the eastern continent? Were there other beasts reside other places? I'm thinking airship's ER are huge to manage that flight ability? yet another of me thinks the inventor has a unique way to diminish and boost the performance of an ER pool? :)

    1. About that, have to find out in the LN as the current translation still not revealed it.

      But I don't think Eru can salvaged Dorote's ship since he already smashed the floating device. and yes the floating device is a huge same size as silhouette knight itself. the secret should lie in Cruz family's secret research.

    2. @sweepberry have you read in the previous volume where eru and his group went to the secret city of elves to help defeat a large invasion of shell-type demon beasts? it was there that we learn that the elves mine the crystals and use them to create ether reactors and use those for trade with Fremmevira Kingdom. We can deduce that either the city not only traded with Fremmevira but with other countries as well, or there are other elven cities or countries in the western continent that can create ERs as well. I think it's only Eru that manage to create ERs from demon beast magic crystals

    3. @Mike yup I did, tho it makes sounds a possibility of other source such an elven race in west, yet I decline the thought of trading ER from Fremmevira Kingdom a source, since it would cause questions and doubts why a certain country demands such massive amount of ERs the first place? That would be bad in terms of a nation planning for war, is it? so I'll deduce that... and I do think it's true only Eru might be the only person that manage to create ERs from beast magic as the story's facts dictates, but who knows?

      @Baka D, hmm I see then about that floating device, It might be not an ERs at all? Since the ERs are said to be a mithril-like ores and only magic can render it's shape, thus breaking it with brute Knight's strength be a question? or the Knight itself knows and used a Silhouette arms to do it? as for the device... source... maybe similar to Fremmeriva's beasts but unlikely... my wild guess be from flight type demons lurks at west or the Cruz family's secret LOL! (well the latter is a moon shot with no basis orz)

      P.S. read KN's manga chapter 4, and I'm pleased that the story somehow close to the LN. /cheers!

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