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Pilot : Adeltrude Olter
Heght : 17.3m
Weight : 42.6t
Equipment : Cavalry spear, Spear thrower pod, Short spear and towing anchor.

Developed by Eru who got inspired with the flying airship, the very first full-flight silhouette knight in the history. made by combine technology from silhouette knight & flying airship, with the appearance of half human-half fish.  alias, the flying knight. by a large reference from the centaur knight,"Tzendrinble", applied the kinetic behavior had raise the level of cavalry warfare into the air battlefield, it had been said that it look like a rocking horse. 

The completion of this unit is greatly expanding the realm of activities region with its mobile ability alongside the established airship fleet as a air combat specialize machine.

The great achievement of Silver Phoenix knight orders of Fremmevir kingdom.


  1. Will this be shown at the end of the chapter or will be part of the next chapter?

  2. This is not much of a spoiler. With the emergence of flying ships, everyone knows that Eru will make such a thing soon. Flying mecha is a basic thing in mecha stories.

    1. yeah but you know? someone may be sensitive about this since it will take a while before they come into the play. since it still too soon for the current translated content, I just made a precaution.

      After all, it spoiled that who gonna be its first pilot together with the new addition warfare.

    2. is it the ruined princess or emury's little cousin. its either those two is what i believed

  3. Well it's unorthodox to call this a spoiler a "spoiler" itself, if most readers are all SPOILED already knowing Japanese novels translated to English novels, Instead of learning it themselves right? LOL (I for one as an example of the Team spoiled orz )

  4. Please do tell who's the pilot!

  5. seems like either the creator of the airship joined eru and made that maybe or eru just stolen sone airship and made that based on the airship how its made

  6. Wait I'm late to the party, is there an illustration of ikaruga too somewhere?

  7. This is Eru were talking about. He is dangerous and cleaver. He designed a magic jet engine so imagining him designing a flying Silhouette Knight after seeing the flying ships is not a long shot, in reality it is expected.


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