Chapter 32 Part 1.

Hmnn.... An Exo-suit arc...

Part 1.

"Fontanie"city, the home base of Jaruodeku kingdom's army east strategic point division.

Originally, it was a capital city of Fernando dukedom, a place that flourished as the part of trade route leading from the east-west highway.

There is a compartment zone in the corner of the city that had been constructed by the poised merchant.

In the past, It was daily basis crowded with a lot of people who were coming and going.

But now, the former prosperity has gone after the city fall in the hand of Jaroudeku kingdom, it is completely quiet.

The thing that had appeared in this place instead was a Tyrantor, Jaroudeku's army silhouette knight.

The black giant stands regards at such a town corner, sweep its crystal eye a vacant gaze, dominated every people who walk down the road with its sharp look.

[...When I came to this city at the first time, it was a hard time because there was too many people move on the road. then,  what with this plight state? ...for the town that used to be overflowing with lively...]

Avoid the black knight's line of sight, the man with merchant cloth grumble while walking down the street corner.

If look at him closely, he doesn't look like a trader with the profession at all.

Leaving with trotting pace while avoiding the public gaze of the resident.

[I see, It seem like Jaroudeku kingdom is rushing stabilize this occupied area,  but with this current state, they rather kind of missed a good taste, right?]
TN: Lacking of management skill.

A petite boy who looks like a nobleman manservant was wearing a low over one's eye currently walking next to him and give a supportive response.

The man kept his disappointed appearance while walking to the back of the street. 

They proceeding to the low popular road and arrived at the old abandoned warehouse at the street corner.

[God grief, avoiding the public gaze is certainly inconvenient.]

The man with merchant appearance throw off  his jacket and plunk sit down. disguised with leathery and hairstyle, Emurys, the second prince of Fremmevir kingdom was there.

Without a doubt, the one who wears a small dress is Ernesti.

They are boldly disguised as the merchant of "Silver Firm", sneaking in Fontanie.

To tell the truth, It is really not much meaningful cover since the economy of Fontanie is in a state of confusion.

[For now, I roughly understand the state of city and able to grasp the surrounding state of our objective, Raspedo castle.]

[Just leave it to the guide when it needs since this one already burned mostly geography of this town in the head. it was a common knowledge! ...then, how about it, shouldn't we moving soon?]

Then, Emurys turn his line of sight to the back of the warehouse.

This warehouse that previously owned by a merchant is quite a large stores in its own way, It has enough space.

It got deserted after clear out its goods but now a large systemic armor painted with dark green color had been arranged in a row instead.

They are disguised as a silver firm's "commodities", in the crowded box shape.

[As your command, the old silhouette gear (Motor beat) of your grandmaster excellency, under "re-modification" of our Blue Falcon knights. now, it's all covert specializes purpose silhouette gear. one platoon with twelve units in totals] 

In the first place, the dark green silhouette gear here and there, "Shadow Rat" is a special silhouette gear that has been created for castle hawk knights sake which mainly focuses on intelligence activities.
TN: they certainly use "shirotaka" (castle falcon) not "aitaka"(blue falcon)

The one came up with this idea was Nora who was dispatched to silver phoenix knights as a liaison officer.

She witnesses the success of silver phoenix knights operation with silhouette gear and came up with a conviction that it has its own "professional".

The new weapon silhouette gear had the capability to provide covert support for those who are responsible for gathering intelligence such as Blue falcon knight.

That is "skilled in maneuverability, quiet while demonstrating a better large power output".

The difference between silhouette knight and silhouette gear mainly focus on the presence or absence of ether reactor than its different size.

At first look, it seems to be a disadvantage that there is no furnace, but actually, it was  an advantage.

After all, ether reactor is something accompanied by a considerable noise in its operation.

For covert type silhouette knight that has been designed so far,

The internal mechanism that oppressed by the mechanism of suppressing the noise has set a major drawback extremely to a combat capability.

Silhouette gear doesn't have such a problem.

In the first place,

Silhouette gear is much less combat capability compared to silhouette knight. 

However, silhouette gear warfare can be said that it was a deadly force for flesh and blood enemy.

It was the best choice for Blue falcon knight with its interpersonal mission.

Such a history gave a  birth to Shadow Rat, now, as the core of this strategy, its ability is what it need.

[Then, everyone.... we will begin Kshyperuk royal rescue operation after today's sunset.]

Received Eru's instruction, everyone slowly nodded.

The operation of special forces that utilized silhouette gear for the first time in this world, begun to move.

Continue on Part 2.


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