Chapter 32 Part 3.

Part 3.

The Princess Elleonora was caught in one of the spires that have been placed in four directions of Raspedo castle.

In a room where is no light, the girl spent her time loosely without doing anything.

Almost as she was imprisoned here for 10 years, completely lost her all life energy.

Actually,  It still not reach even one year.

Now, Elleonora who lost her energy is looking exactly like the wilting exhausted flower. 

Forced to comply the pronouncement of marriage by Cristobal, the second prince of Jaroudeku kingdom---that means that she gonna married off to the man, the ringleader who murdered her father---destroyed her country.

All of the facts was too harsh and disservice for the sheltered princess who was raised with care among a butterfly and flower.

Hardly to accept it, however, her continuing denial will result in the execution of the next target, her's cousin, Isadora.

No way out, Every choice are sealed.

Until then, she only wishes for a peacefully slumbering,  almost as her heart could break too easily at any moment.

Before long, the girl gave up the resistance and just spent the presence day after day in the gloomy state.

(The way I lived so far, almost like a plant...)
TN: inner voice...

She, who was once being got admiring as a large blossoming flower, now got abandoned as a moss that crawling to the land.

She realized it. 

The fact that until now she never decided anything by herself.

While face down on the bed, she stared at the wall of the room by slowly crawling her line of sight.

Such a dark, dreary room.

Her mental now is also similar to this room. 

Surrounded by a thick wall with a few living reason end up suffocating oneself.

It may look like a respected tower from the outside but its content is empty.

A tear fell on her cheek and made a stain on the sheets.

Wondered what she should do in this world, what she can do.

It is not possible to resolve the difficulty but it was lacking any antidepressant will.

While tasted a sense of helplessness, the girl's limbs spreading ahead.

Even the power to stand up already long gone and not exist anymore.

[...please. somebody, help me...] 

A slender tweet spun a "word", a proof of people's intention.

The last resistance that she could do in order to oppose her fate.

A faint voice than a whispered sound, floating along the ambient air---.

At that moment, her vision got shaking around.

The grate that fitted at the window got blown off, a stone wall that supposed to have a considerable robust got destroyed.

Does Elleonora'word hidden an unknown power ? of course,  nope. 

It has been destroyed by the hole in the wall, a large build knight that she was never seen before entering the room by penetrating the wall.

It demonstrated its ferocious force by breaking the around wall, it was the work of this armored knight.

Elleonora is not even get up, she keeps remain her sight on the situation before her with no reaction.

Rather than she did not respond, she was not able to react due to the too much surprising element.

[I-yah, etto...!? who, there--?]

A voice of lighter tone leaks from such the armored knight.

The arm that pulls down the string with was lifted up with barely sound and manifest the magic of fire in its hand.

The light spreading around and speculated at Elleonora who was frozen on the couch.

Chid who rush in by manipulating the Motor beat into the interior of the spire, cease his motion before the instant sight.

In the light that lit up vividly, a petite figure has emerged.

Probably much as his time of the year, a beautiful girl lie before him.

(....Uwah! this is, did I just hit a jackpot? maybe, but furthermore, she is a princess, right? should I say, she so small just like Eru, also...extremely beautiful too.)
(TN: chid's inner voice...)

Actually, the current Elleonora is fully haggard both mentally and physically, she did not possess a vestige that has been praised beauty as a large blossom flower right now.

But there is not much face detail that could be seen in the dim light room, rather that, should call it just a Chid's temporary impression.

Although they had been staring at each other for some time during the silence as both two people lost their reaction, at last, the wit return to Chid, he hastily asks her a question.

[eh...ah... that. Kshyperuk's princess, would you kindly come with me?]

[...yes. a-no, you are, ...hah?]

While Elleonora got too much puzzled by the visited abruptly situation,  she involuntarily obediently replies him back.

A sweet voice such as a birdsong tickled Chid's ear.

[I am..., eh... ah...this is such an awkward.]

Chid went back and secured his motor beat, open up the armor part. a chest armor and a helmet rashly, open its apart until around the thigh, belly, and waist area.

Exit from the armor, he removes the emblem from his bosom and held it out before Elleonora.

Elleonora who focus her eyes sticks to the knight with robust and height, round off her eye on the appearance of the boy who emerges from the bottom armor of its.

After got over the slight hesitation, the girl timidly inspects the emblem's detail. 

The girl has received an education of the princess. soon she understands the meaning in this depicted emblem.

[This is, Fremmevir kingdom...are you perhaps from aunt Martina?]

[Ah! exactly! then I...came to rescued...the lady...who like Martina...the princess...]
TN: This is interesting, his word really does not connect, Is Elleonora really that charming?

It takes a while for Elleonora in order to understand the meaning of the word that Chid shoot out.

To help, to escape, who? from where? the girl's mind came across with a fragment of thought.

But she not able to reach the conclusion.

She wants to try clinging on the offered helping hand but the girl hand and feet won't budge and did not move at all.

The resignation had scooped her mind, it not easily to wipe it out.

[Run away from here?...then, where on earth am I gonna run to?]

Even he just immediately come up with something called an escaping, Chid was thinking and tilted his neck over before the unexpected question.

[No matter place I go, it will be useless. this country already been ruined...and another thing, father is no...longer here anymore.]

Tear fall out at her latter half remark, even her word is withered.

Her weak heart can no longer endure any more despair.

Fear toward a blank future, that why she was motionless before this opportunity.

Even with the helping hand of powerful knight would be meaningless before her state.

(While she keep such an apparent, she was a small frail princess inside? ...I was wrong when assumed her to be the same as Eru...or maybe use Eru as a standard is already wrong in the first place...did I made a mistake at many points until now?)

Chid shook his head, after all, It's too much difficult to ignore the impression of his small childhood friend who never stops moving forward in his head.

He must concentrate on the girl who in front of his eyes right now.

Unlike that monster in the form of the young child, this girl is more like a delicate glasswork that would be immediately broken after being touched.

[All right, we are still here as your ally. once we got out of here, let go splashing on those guys who attacked you, let show them that you gonna regain back this country.]

Once she heard it, far from cheer up,  Elleonora went sinking even deeper.

Look like it was a wrong word, Chid soaked up in a cold sweat.

[I am...weak. not able to do anything even I was called a princess, without anything. fight? where? I can't even move myself-desu...]

[Isn't fine for being weak? after all, the fight should be carried out by a knight, the strong person like us who fight with sword and armor.]

The return word came back with the diffidence, Elleonora who headed down until now raise up her face.

[ Who will listen...word is nothing more than a tool...who will follow and fight for someone like me?]

Recalled the figure of saying Cristobal, the girl was trembling.

Such an acne in her memory turned into a different form.

It became such a beast that sip her a flesh and blood.

As this rate, she will become a hollow one.

[There is one, after all, I am here.]

Chid stretched out his hand from to the back of the motor beat, conveying her with a clearly great will and determination.

Supplied by his magic,  the assembled magic surgery formula crying, the armored machine begins to move.

Strumming the crystal tissue, the armor expanding and covering his hand and feet, sealed the chest armor part.

His appearance disappears from Elleonora eyes. 

Instead,  one knight clad in a heavy armor is now standing before her.

[In order to reprise you as a knight, I will wield the sword for your sake,  I will protect you as your's knight.]
TN: the very line of the part!!

Elleonora who still remains silent looking up at the huge armor.

The armored knight and the boy who inside it floats up a small fire.

Now, their appearance is completely different to her, once it seemed to overlap with those who have lost their life from the fight in order to protect her.

[...mine...knight...can you protect me without dying?]

Chid remembered the knight gesture that he learn at the school, took the audience bow with a superlative great respect.

The motor beat down on its knee.

[Your royal highness. please give me my first responsibility as your knight.]

Chid just keep waiting, while the heavily remain silent passed, before long, a small murmur came out and reached him.

[...this place disgusting. I am, why I have to married to the man who killed my father,  I don't want to... please take me out of this place.]

[At your will!]

Elleonora grabbed the outstretched hand.

The chilly and soft feeling sense from the touching at Chid's hand assault his mind suffered an attack from such a weak small girl, Chid desperately collects his remaining consciousness in order to move the motor beat.

After a while that silhouette gear jumps off the tower, a slender scream resounded on the silence night.

Continue to Part 4.

PS. quite an epic part...a knight swearing scene...not much you gonna seen in similar robot novel.


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