Chapter 32 Part 2.

Indeed a jail breaking event. >_<

Part 2. 

The town of Fontanie went into slumber shortly after day fall. 

The appearance of energetic merchants went soured and head back to their resident early due to the intimidate appearance of Tyrantor.

The remaining is nothing but a deadly silence and just a footsteps sound of the giants that occasionally break it.

While playing a faintly sound of driving the crystal tissue, The Tyrantor stand patrolling and look around with its crystal eyeball which is a visual device of silhouette knight but it did not mean that it can see thru the darkness.

For that reason, A torches have been placed here and there all of the street corner.

Without any person figure among the wavering light, the black knight kept walking slowly.

But that was a big mistake.

There are shadows galloping on the roof of the building connected to the Fontanie city without any sound making.

The one machine that advance to the top painted with dark blue tone.

Silhouette gear "Motor Beat"--- by utilized this craft, Silver Phoenix knights leader, Ernesti. Chid also Ady, all rode on the Motor Beat, chasing Emurys who riding on the Shadow Rat.

Apart of them are Blue Falcon knights who went over without a sound.

Under the dim moonlight, they have been turning into a literal shadow.

A steel skeleton frame supports the whole body, by uplifting the crystal muscle that connects to its limb, it keeps repeat leaping from building to the buiding. 

The shadows group had continued ran without shaking also looking around.

To move the silhouette gear's arm and leg, there is a need to energy supply with mana of the pilot themselves.

Now looking at their pace, while running at full power, there is no a trace of slowing down or lack in motion which prove that all members here are considerably familiar with silhouette gear.

Before long, they ran through the city and arrived at the center of the town.

The robust towering walls that surrounded by a moat, the former royal castle, Raspedo castle. stood before their sight.

[ our spies information, the royal family is held captive in the four sides standing spire of Raspedo castle. the uppermost part had become a prison, it appears that they were imprisoned there. out of the four spire,  I do not know whether they contain anymore personal. because to hit all at once will consume our entire division hand.]

Chid who next to Eru along with Ady and Emurys lined up with  their silhouette gear. each one of them will lead the divided platoon.

[Our most priority goal, is to successfully ensure the safety of royal custody. deal with anyone who stand in our way...but not necessary to entirely eliminated them. be quiet, be quick, please do it safely... then, let's go!]

Received the signal from the grandmaster, the shadows divided into four directions and fledgling without a sound.

Both Tyrantor and soldiers were placed on the surrounded wall of Raspedo castle as the security team. 

But none of them aware the existence of silhouette gear that running in the dark night.

It would be cruel to blame them since the numbers of the black knight that guard the Raspedo castle are less than the numbers of Fontanie city' patrolling guard.

No one would expect such a bold enemy that coming all the way here to sneak in the home territory of Jaroudeku's army.

Silhouette gear that jumped out of the city took advantage of blind spot that darkness created with a flying momentum, rush over the moat with a directly jumped into the air.

An arrowhead fly upright while making a sound faintly from the arm's portion.

Drive by an atmosphere's explosion that caused by the magic phenomenon, the flying arrowhead is connected with a silver wire.

It was an equipment called a wire anchor.

The tip of arrowhead changing form into sharp scissor, reach and fixed itself with the wall. 

As it became a reference point, 

The silhouette gear acted as a cornerstone of the pendulum while jump over the moat in the area, one after another keep going and clung to the sheer wall.

Silhouette gear is a machine that strengthens a human movement with the power of crystal tissue.

Because it utilizing the strand crystal tissue that particularly strong output, it even possible to exert a force that greater than a monster that same size as human or horse.

Assuming a moat as an obstacle to silhouette knight, it had been rendered into a meaningless before this new weapon.

Silhouette gear that clung to the walls examine its surrounding state and stretched a large limb.

The tip of Shadow Rat's five fingers fitted with a sharp blade.

While hooked on the ledge on the wall, they began to climb the walls while displaying a surprising dexterity.

The walls are high up to 30 meters,  exceed the height of silhouette knight itself. 

The shadows reached and enter the top without any difficulty.

There was a sentry patrolling on the walls. 

For Jaroudeku'army occupied Fontanie city without any much commotion.

The soldiers on sentry duty already lack vigilant and a restless one, they are already seen in a vivid plight state from their appearance.

His ear picked up a distraction, a sound like wind flows up from somewhere.

He halted and check around with a torch in his hand, light up the area, nothing abnormal.

While inspecting the surrounding not too long, he shrugged, turn his torch back to the previous direction and resumes his patrolling---A shrill rotation sound echo again, a dull sound kicking the stone walls.

During the time he turns the torch toward the sound, someone just popping out of the shadow.

the stick out blade painted with a matte black color, the shadow also stood against him without any sound.

The guard's death was confirmed with the very torch dropping on the ground, the shadow throws away the corpse.

Not only just him, the other sentries who were on the wall are quickly eliminated by the shadow that appeared one after another.

[No remaining enemy around.]

[From now on, we have to race against the time, let run through it at once!]

Eru's motor beat overlooking the courtyard from the walls.

Compared the wall's stringency with the city's monitoring, look like the inside was the negligent one.

Also less torch here.

There is still a much dark spot in the garden.

Seen it quickly, he casually jump out beyond the edges of the walls.

The shadows dancing into the air from the top of the walls of formidable height that surpass silhouette knight many times.

Motor beat should get inevitable destructed.

By no mean, he is not an extraordinary person.

While motor beat was on the verge touching the ground, it was  displayed the magic phenomenon at its protruding hand.

Collecting the air and create a cushion with the magic "Air Suspension".

By relief all impact from the fall, the motor beat landed in the courtyard quietly.

Followed it, a shadow figure has been falling one after another.

The limb of Shadow Rat made from a special structure, wrapped with a powerful strand type crystal tissue joint that divided  into many stages.

It can be move flexibly in order to absorb the shock and incidentally suppress the sound at the same time.

Shadow Rat fell and take up a beast like movement, slide into the safe landing.

Although there was a guard in the courtyard, they were not aware of all shadows in the least.

A decent size shadows perfectly hide in many darkness spots and because they do it almost silently , their presence is really significantly small one. 

There also a limit to the guard's attention.

In the end, there were a lot of soldiers in the castle.

But none of them manage to notice the presence of intruders.

As they let their guard down in the castle due to their strict security control over the city.

More than anything, the silhouette gear is kept lurking in the unknown blind spot which makes all of this possible despite the difficulty.

They ran through the darkness without leaking even a slightly sound, soon they will scattering and reached to the base of the destination steeple that placed on all directions of Raspedo castle. 

[...This is the place right?]

Eru looked up at the towering spire and fire the wire anchor far above on him.

After he checked the fixed resistance, he launched himself flying with the hoisting wire on the outer wall of the tower with a momentum.

Soon, the Shadow Rat followed him.

Because this place imprisoned the royal family of the ancient Kshyperuk principality, a very important presence,  the exceptionally strong security  had been placed at the steeple.

They kept the focus on the bottom stairs that allow people to up and down but none on the above top and its vicinity.

Who gonna thought that there are people who able to rise up on the towering that higher that the wall itself by climbing it?

Even start climbing from the poor outer wall as a starting point, it still difficult even that person already gained a considerable training.

Moreover, even somebody manage to reach the top, there is no such a doorway. there is only just a small enhance fitted window that human can't pass.

Unfortunately, such a logic and common sense don't apply on silhouette gear.

The motor beat that reached the top, implanted its wire anchor solidly on the wall and constantly destroyed the surrounding of said window with its powerful muscle strength.

Abandon the conceal activity, it destroyed the stone walls, entering into a huge systemic reinforce room.

[...For forcibly breaking into women's room on such a's enough to call a culpable one, just who on earth are you?]

A quiet challenge greeting came faster than Eru can even look around.

When he turned at the sound origin, at a dim room place with just only a lamplit.

Young blooming aged women sat on the chair there with one book in her hand.
TN: 妙齢 eternal seventeen....again? if K&M gone into anime adaptation,  I highly hope that Kikuko Inoue will cast Martina's roles. just how old is Martina??? another young mother...

[Since the location is such a place, some of the irreverent should be pardoned sometimes,  it can't be helped right? Are you the grand duchess Martina?]

[You are indeed right. Still, I yet to heard your reply from the previous question?]

This woman is indeed, "Martina Orto Kshyperuk"---who married to the former Fernando duke.

Basically, she is Emurys's aunt.

Eru nodded, take out the emblem from his bosom and quickly form a small bow.

What engraved there is the nation flag of Fremmevir kingdom with silver phoenix appearance at its surrounding.

Martina who keeps composed until now reveals her surprise for the first time.

[...that proof. did you received from brother's hand?]

[At your will, I will be brief since the situation has been imminent. We, the servants of Emurys highness came in order to rescue you royalty.]

A sound of lock removing can be heard from the entrance of the room.

The soldiers indeed perceive an abnormal and began to inspect it.

[...seriously, that a place like this! fine, as you state, I will trust you. but this place still caught the royal highness princess and my daughter. I will not run away alone!]

[We're aware of that, please be assured. the other personal already heading toward the other place same as this place,  because we already planned to extract you all at once.]

Martina only has a little time to nominal thinking.

Soon she closed the book and throw it wildly.
TN: lol....poor book.

[Good, then there is no reason to hole up in a cramped place like this, could you show me the way, cute knight-kun?]
TN: even Martina who was an eternal seventeen women called Eru "可愛い" (kawaii), I guess his charm work at all female age range. as a girl stuffed toy...

[At your will, the escaping may be a little rough, therefore I like to beg you a pardon.]

[Haha! just quickly breaking out clearly under their nose directly! isn't that good? ]

Eru re-enter the motor beat while made a wry smile, he really want to protest against the decision like aunt like nephew of her.

He moved its huge arm and embracing Martina.

[If that the case then, I will escort you out...for sure!]

By his word, they came dancing out of the large hole without any hesitation.

[What on earth is that sound?]

Immediately after this, the soldiers who opened the door wildly got crowded collapsed.

They put up a lot of locking mechanism to prevent the royal family escape but now it becomes their hindrance instead.

The soldier depressing, when they entered, the room already become completely empty, only a cold air that flowing thru the broken window from outside remain behind.

[Fool...even escape away from this tower! , Oi, go assemble the surrounding barricade!]

Soldiers sounded the horn, alarming the entire Raspedo Castle.

All of the Motor beat destroyed the outer wall, begin to invade the spire, the silhouette gear troops arrived and enter the steeple in addition. everything happens almost the same time at four directions.

[I am Emurys! who was imprisoned here!? I came to help!!]
TN: this guy just seriously stated his name in the covert operation?? even his father (the king) keep repeat to hide the name...such a hilarious one, I like it.

[...!? that voice,  Emurys-nii!? is it really Emrys-nii? ]

[Ou. Is that you, Isadora? Yosh, your sound surely lively isn't?]

Emurys who entered inside by breaking the window area similar to Eru, remove his helmet and descent down from the Silver Rat seat.

Showing his face under it, Martina's daughter, Isadora bounce back from her stunned and jump to his chest immediately.

[Otto. It alright now, Isadora. ....Oi, Don't cry, as expected, you scared cause you are caught right?]

[Tch, Wrong, ...It not that... this... because it was a little crowded and cramped...] 
TN: ping-pong!! Tsundere flag raised!!

Isadora wipes her tears and becomes flustered, Emurys teased and stroking the girl in the good mood.

Her hair becomes fluffy, Isadora escaped from his hand in a hurry.

[Haha, if you are healthy then it all good. now that we came here, you don't need to worry about that degradation idiot prince, let get out of here immediately!]

A small laugh and giggle reach Emurys's conscious thru his ears while he returns to Shadow Rat and made preparation for escape.

[Fufu, this is surely strange. Rys-nii called other people a fool!]

While Emurys quickly suit up silhouette gear, he moaned with discouraging appearance.

[What the heck is that mean? nevermind, time to pull out. come here, Isadora!]

Stuffed Isadora in one hand, Emurys'Shadow Rat send out the signal. there is a man who waiting outside the steeple that keeps check around,  he began to move in order to lead him.

[Since it will become a little rough, hold on me tightly!]

[eh, wait a sec....Rys-nii, come to think of it again, how come you reach her...e....Hyi...yahhh!?]

Isadora who reaches the suspicion at that time doesn't have any time to think, they leaped out from the top of the spire, dancing in the air.

Continue to Part 3.


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