Chapter 32 Part 7.

Part 7.

While Martina group basking in a morning light, Silver Phoenix knights carried them with a running non-stop speed on "Kshyeru road" passing through Old Kshyperuk kingdom.

[Mother, look! for reached another place like this in over a night really look like an absurd scene.]

[I hope that my eyes play trick on me but...that thing, to be faster than a horse, furthermore, a long run silhouette knight...truly an absurdity...]

Emurys just only answered with his shrugged at Martina's openly chatting between mother and daughter, 

The imitation of half horse, Tzendrinble packed with a performance that specializes in moving ability.

Furthermore, it also had a tough endurance due to its equipped two units of ether reactor which allow it to display a real potential in the long distance movement more than anything.

Even taken a fatigue of knight runner into account,  by theoretically, it still possible to cross the continent without any replenishment.

As a result of running through the night by Ady and Chid, the distance that they traveled is beyond common sense and greatly took back  the Martina group.

[ able completed this strange silhouette knight, Rys-nii's subordinates is a bit of strange...]

[Is that so? may be because a horse is an ally of the knight, I thought that was  a good idea too, but rather than, when I saw this guy for the first time, I did want to jump on it for the first try...]

[To think of such a thing really like Rys-nii...]

Emury just puzzled and made a Hm! sound.

[Isn't fine? with it, we were able to help everyone in this way. after all, it will take him away.]

Martina and Isadora looked at each other.

They also knew each other long enough, no need to say more. 

But anymore un-commonsense would definitely be a total exhaustion to their mind.

[So, in the end, you never been involved with "Detail thing", right? surely, we should able to outrun from the hand of pursuer if it was this fast.]

[For now, we will link up with the main force. then after that, I like to make an attack! because I still did not return the favor to that rumor idiot prince.]

Martina has turned around with a tightening facial expression to Emurys who proudly assured her.

[Rys, listen carefully, certainly, you had led the strong knight more than I thought. but the enemy is the Jaroudeku kingdom, not a small fry enemy. the knights who try to protect our country got a countless mortality, despite that, they still unmatch for them. but for you to carelessly said that you gonna launch a fight...I am the one here who disagree with it.]

You can call this conversation until now a leisure one but that was up to this point. 

Suddenly, a bell that fitted in the waiting room resound. 
TN: resound with a Klang! Kang! Kan! sound as SFX sound.

This is just a simple function in the Tzendrinble cockpit, something for use as a means to communication.

You can tell the meaning by verifying the tone ring of a bell same as a code and the meaning of today's tone is....

["Abnormality, be vigilant" huh?... by the rumors, don't tell me that they have a thing that able to chasing Tzendrinble. look like it is as Aunty said, I'm so pissing off!]

As he saying, Emurys had jumped out of the waiting room like a gust.

He heads toward the cockpit of the golden lion (Gordesleo) that sitting on the wagon.

Martina who was left behind rounded her eyes at the sudden situation and immediately understood the meaning of his tweet.

[How...It can't be, We already been this, don't tell even enemy catching up in this place...with the speed of centaur knight!]

Martina jump to the window of the waiting room, peek out at the landscape behind with her wide open eyes.

There was a black point as a stain on the clear sky at a spreading dawn.

She doesn't need much time to figure out.

[Airship...of Jaroudeku kingdom!]

The flying airship is stretching its sail to the end of left and right side while screeching at a mast of the hull.

While peeping with a telescope at the front distant view mirror of the bridge, Dorote floated a ghastly smile that covered his beard mouth.

[When you follow the wind, they also lead you to whatever thing that riding it...I bet this is my win! I finally found you. Kshypreuk's royalties! you shall not escape...!!]

Overflowing with a spirit of old man, he crossed the bridge to breathe.

He passing the telescope to his subordinates and issue a command.

[Get the airship above them!! We gonna drop a Tyrantor on them directly. The royalty surely in our hand here now, we will take them along the way, First, release the sealed "Catapult"!]

[Roger that, speed up, lower the altitude!! prepare the catapult!]

The men recite his order and begin to move at once.

The wind engine equipment is driving to challenge the output limit from mana pool that owns by the centaur knight, it caused a strong air current around the ship. 

While above the normal further speed, airship begin lower the altitude platform.

The upcoming speed of the ship at that time far exceeded Tzendrinble.

With the flying airship caught up with an unbelievable speed from their behind, Chid & Ady who piloted Tzendrinble had been staring at such a scene which stunned in a middle way.

[Oi oi...what the hell is that, that thing! it's a ship, a ship flying in the sky!]

[Ship is not usually fly, right?---right??  to think of that there is a person who makes a strange thing like Eru-kun...]

Both of them got curious at the appearance of the airship which they saw for the first time.

They chatting this and that while forgets that it's the enemy's pursuers. suddenly, The airship is about come up with something and they were forced back to the reality.

[Keh, Not good! It starts attacking!]

While changing the course in a hurry, a stone bullet was downpour around Tzendrinble.

The stone bullet that flew with a gravity moment went gouge the ground and echoing a sound along the way.

The aim is sketchy, only a few shots manage to hit a highway.

Judge from a result of this degree's attack, look like the penetrate power is no joke as a tree went sinking in the land, Chid and Ady break out in a cold sweat.

[Kusso! at this rate, It will catch up. Is this not quite a bit of sneaky?]

The speed of Tzendrinble that shook its course is falling.

The airship keeps chasing and closing without a gap.

At that time, Dorote was made a sortie preparation in the airship.

His body already sat in the cockpit of Tyrantor,

All knight runners already sitting inside in the cockpit of six Tyrantor that lined up.

He quickly on the next move, for that reason, he is gonna lead his squad directly himself.

The airship's figurehead that fitted with a wind engine release a great artificially wind, the airship take a hunched course over the centaur knight.

It keeps advancing while lower the altitude enough hit the around tree, despite that, it does not stop the black knight that soon will be dropping from its belly.

[The time is now, we must take this opportunity, end this in one's breath, let's go!]


The centaur knight is disturbed by the looming airship.

In the next moment, the luggage that placed on the top of the wagon blowing its cover.

Emitted a roar, openly extending the four arms of its back, the irregular demon, Ikaruga begins to move.

in the cockpit, Eru ignores everything but the kitchen sink as the situation become tense,  his eyes, his face glued at the holo-monitor.

His face is lovely but his blooming smile was filling with crucially intense intention one.

[Arrr...My god,....My goddd! An airship...amazing, It's amazing! It really floating with its entire hull. wrong.... It did not sail like a "Ballon Airship". I don't understand, It does not match the rule of "that world"(Earth). surely that there must be something that I don't know, surely....  there must be something nice up there, right!?]
[TN: this is a reason that you should not show the toy to a child, right?]

He moves with a rapid speed while sprinkling a roar. 

The maneuver of Ikaruga was too much complicated to the point that it can't be deal with  the normal conventional method, It needs a direct control support from the computer knowledge that Eru possing. with that, his intentions become a will of the demon which had begun to crazy dashing out bravely.

[Both of you, please continue to keep Tzendrinble marching like this, about that thing, that flying airship, I will..."Itadakimasu"!!]
TN: いただきます expression of gratitude before meals

Ikaragu's body jump off from the carriage after told Tzendrinble in a modest way. 

Ikaruga landed on a highway and unleashing a huge magical power which stored in its body.

Magius jet thruster starts roaring up, create a fierce acceleration that even left the Tzendrinble behind.

The demon god, the one machine in the world that incorporated with a heart that once belongs to the monsters such as Behemoth & Shell cast Queen.

Ikaruga is soaring up, blowing off to the sky while cobbling a road as a reaction. 

[What the hell is that thing!? It...It coming this way!?]

Ikaruga rose up red in the sky with the massive output power of magius jet thruster, flying to the airship in just a straight line.

It purely seeks to aim only for the airship, without any hesitation, ram on it with a collision course which packed with the shortest distance momentum.

Even there is a certain excellent function that allows the airship in the sky for a long period of time, it still needs to rely on the wind as its driving propulsion.

To said that such a thing will escape from the demon who flying at a high speed of an explosive flame would be a ground baseless talk.

Moreover, it was a place that was close to the Airship that catching up with Tzendrinble.

Sailors who got attacked all look at the figure from the bridge and screaming at their best before such an abnormal situation.

First of all, as they  looked at the unknown silhouette knight clad in flame, they do not know what's going on.

Then, while they are in fear and confusion at the exciting sound that Ikaruga released.

[What wrong? Is there something happen!? What happen to the dropping sequence?]

The waiting Dorote who was impatiently and eager to joining in the war has noticed that something happen.

[Hyiii, W....We don't know! A...Abnormality....Silhouette knight is here!? it just dropped and clinging on our ship, sir!!]

Heard his subordinates who report in confusion tone, Dorote stares blankly at the hull wall. MISHIRI! MISHIRI! a creaking sound raising on the outer plate.
TN: ミシリ SFX sound.

He immediately understood that something just crawls up on the airship.

The horror run up to his back.

After hesitated for a moment, Dorote immediately starts up his Tyrantor. 

He blows up the outer plate that Ikaruga had clung on from the inside and destroyed the scaffold, causing Ikaruga to fall.

Eru is indeed startle but he manages with the injection from magius jet thruster and sustain himself in the midair vertically, and end up with a distance behind.

An appearance of Tyrantor that raised up its back weapon looking through a large hole that opened in the fuselage of the flying airship.

It's the one that Dorote piloted.

He has perceived the anomaly threat and utilizing the powerful back weapon to blow out the outer hull that enemy clung on.

Dorote still keep shooting from there.

[Ahaha, nice reaction. you look superb! here you go, my return the favored shot! for your unreserved attack.]

Dodging the attack with the great mobility, Ikaruga unpacks a sword cannon that attached to its waist.

The internal mechanism turned expanding the blade and firing a large number of magic cannon, a too much fierce counter attack.

A flame bullet shot by sword cannon piercing the flying airship one after another, the sprayed of roar flame penetrate the outer wall, evelopped internal in flames. 

Causing a continuous explosion and blowing off the wall.

Penetrate an armor that decorated the flying airship which made by assuming that it can withstand against normal power bullet.

Before a unique demon output of Ikaruga that greater than another machine, it was an unexpected.

[Absudity!! what a power.... Not good, at this rate, the airship will fall!!]

In that moment, Dorote's mind came across with many choices.

To capture Kshyperuk's royal, for that reason they must drop the black knight at all cost but if this sky demon was left uncheck for, the flying airship will become easily fallen. 

In the first place, can he defeat it with a black knight? he was not fully confidence. just one thing that he certain, at this rate, the airship will definitely fall and his plan will fail along with it.

[Damnnnnnn ittttttttt!!!]

By thinking around, his decision was made.

Dorote's Tyrantor holding up a shield at the exposed hole in the flying airship hull.

He received a direct hit of roaring flame that exceeds the usual blow power, a fragment of crystal tissue came off and scatter by the blown that shook his entire body from his shield.

He was on his knee in just a few shots, the one that specialize in robustness as Tyrantor is now barely moving.

[...Emergency turning! now! leave this area immediately!!]

The men who saw Dorote's behavior followed it instantly. 

Furthermore, the airship is taking an unsteadily changing course to prevented more destruction of the black knight from the magic attack.

[A-re? even I took too much a trouble to coming all the way here, are you done already? that no good-desu. I still not satisfy....yet?]

While remaining in the frenzy, Eru who is trying to give a chase look back behind the commotion.

There are something following the Tzendrinble, shadows running along the highway.

[That is...A detached force! you finally done it!...]

In that moment, Eru was lost in thought.

The remaining power of Ikaruga probably enough to chasing the airship at this rate.

But he will leave Tzendrinble behind .

The goal of Silver Phoenix knights to assure the safety and bring back Kshyperuk's royalty is now overriding his own goal.

With little reason left in a corner of his mind, he halted his desire.

[Fuuu...Fine. that ship, I will let you have it for now. when we met again... I will eat it to my heart's content, without leaving any piece of its part.]

Eru turn around Ikaruga after left a word of wholehearted chagrin.

Leave by flipping the heat haze explosive flame, Ikaruga flew back fast to the original position of Tzendrinble

Continue to Part 8.


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