Chapter 31 Part 5 and 6.

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Chapter 32 is 1.5 times of Chapter 31...expected a lot of development. I planned to finish it with in 45days.

Part 5.

It begins after the silhouette gear troops which led by Ernesti head out in order to rescue the princess for a while.

Silver Phoenix knight order which consists of 3 squads, now, only the first squad remain behind.

They were busy run around the east land of ancient Kshyperuk principality. 

Tzendrinble from the third squad split a team to delivered the other two squads, they are the first squad, same the second squad in tow.

The main force purpose is to tell the noble in various place about "A strengthening Leswant draft", and seek their cooperation.

For that purpose, they split up and scatter around for the best efficiency, but the circumstances did not go well and they only achieved a little bit.

Jaroudeku's army began to take serious measures to search and hunt down their Grandmaster(Ernesti)'s silhouette knight.

Up until now, silhouette knight that assigned to their platoon usually strictly limited to 3 machines or less. 

But now it escalates to 10 machines at the minimum, and they began to move several platoons at the same time.

On the contrary, this really a dangerous situation for Silver Phoenix knights which now missing its strongest card, the demon(Ikaruga).

[Quite something that does not allow us to take it lightly.]

[That right, rather being careless, we better keep vigilant like this.]

As a result, the main force tries to avoid combat situation as much as possible.

Fortunately, thank Jaroudeku's army began to gather and concentrate their war potential in one place, the chance of contact reduce greatly.

On the contrary,

Once they were discovered, their chance of escape also zero.

The presence of their variant knight's teams now are no longer a rumor, but fully appear with an entity.
(TN: I guess in the past battle, they put some camouflage or robe on their knight to conceal their characteristic.)

[At any rate, giving a situation, with Tzendrinble's leg as our advantage. we should be able to manage it quickly before we come across an enemy.]

By horseback which pulling the second squad, Dietrich leaks a murmur.

Unfortunately, his wish did not come true.

Many numbers of the Tzendrinble unit which pull the wagon are stand out too much.

It was impossible to hide their full figure presence, the detected problem can happen during any time.

[ from "The around deer". We discovered  "The gathering horse". release a "Hawk", continue to hunt...]

In the forest along the highway, The giant black knight lurking in the gloom.

It also erected slightly sound contrary to its massive size, Almost like a ghost presence, the centaur knights which ran on the highway would never notice its presence in the end.

Before long, the black knight giant begins to move gently, several soldiers ran away on horseback.

[...So It finally came out, I was really reluctant about this. It quite a problem in itself to taking it from that "Vixen'deed".]

Gustav stroking his chin on the cormorant Airship (Levitate ship), and ahead of his line of sight,

The number of abnormalities were running on the road through the woods.

[So that is the "reaper cavalry group". It looking too much friendly, somehow, It look like something mix with a horse! well, Let use it as a material to sharpen our's rust "Sword".]

It seems that the existence of variants horse-drawn carriage group that runs on the ground exceeded far beyond his expectation who also knew as a fearless man.

As something on the level to be reckoned and challenge his gut, he retakes his wit immediately and starts issue his subordinates a command while got slightly upset.

While Gustav chasing the second squad of Silver Phoenix knight on the highway thru the sky.

At the same time, the second squad also aware the presence of flying ship looming on the empty sky from their side.

[What is that thing? Am I dreaming? A soaring thru the sky!]

[This is too much think that there was another person than our's Grandmaster, The person who build an object that out of common sense exist. as expected of west land, such a windfall.]

[Dietrich, This not the to impress there too much! What are you going to do now about that?]

The rest member of the second squad said that with intense, upset tone at the first look.

For speaking, they who do not know much about a magical beast that flies in the sky now witness an "Airship"(Levitate ship) that appeared for the first time for military use with air superiority power in this world.

Its presence is very confusing them.

Until now, due to the airship was treat as a valuable asset for Jaroudeku's army, it still not has been dispatched to the end of the east so far.

He is now in a really awkward situation.

[Truly, it really looks like a ship itself. Fuumu, that is... a sail, right? It's drawn out a Jaroudeku kingdom nation flag. Which means it's enemy, moreover, It chasing us thru the sky, Shall we greet them by shooting it down? since It seems to be faster than our leg here.]

Even they met an unprecedented flight weapons, they get over this matter quickly, It could not say because they are Silver Phoenix knights only but they already passed the day of earth shattered like it was a normal everyday event and get used to it in many bad ways.
(TN: Since the head is already weird one, I guess it can't help that the entire knight order also mutated into weird direction too right? :D)

[Each unit, prepare to take action! begin deployment for "Add on shell"(Outer crust)!]

Jump on Dietrich's instruction, each machine begin to expand the armor plate that had been subsided to the wagon.

Add on shell is a platform structure of war horse-drawn carriage(Chariot) which equipped for solely combat purpose, a simple defense mechanism that added on the transport wagon.

A platform for an attack method that uses silhouette knight as a "Load".

In order to reduce the necessary chariot's function.
TN: think "Add on shell" as addition platform for hold silhouette knight while they doing a high-speed combat. by using silhouette knight weapon as a turret to defense the cargo wagon, with that way, they don't need to waste time to develop another magic turret function of the wagon.

There, on clear area top of the wagon, Kardetolle holding up its back weapons while glared at the sky.

Take its position, aim and lock their reticle sight to the airship which is a black point reflected on their holo-monitor.

[...Victory to the first strike! Begin the attack!!]

The second squad that had been waiting while measuring the distance, under one command from their's captain(Dietrich), began their fiercely direct attack at the approaching airship.

The approaching airship that hurried drops its attitude face the suddenly magical bullet from the ground.

For they who were too much arrogance and truly overlooking the opponent from high ground, The airship did not expect a sudden attack.

[Wow, look like the airship still intact? Here's also return the favor, prepare the "Catapult"! contact the other ship, use pincer attack!]

Only one person, Gustav who did not get struck by the attack and calm down his subordinates.

The calm from the commander was transmitted to the subordinates.

While they are still panic a little bit, they shout a message of instruction to the speaking tube.

A wooden platform appears from the inside of narrow window which immediately opens from airship's side, and take aim at the cloud of dust that running on the highway.

At the same time, the bow engine starts to make a fine-tuned sound.

The airship begins to loosen its speed.

While dodging the incoming magical bullet, Two airship vessels began to run in the parallel side and attain the position to sandwich the Silver Phoenix knights.

[This is too sweet to aim, loose it!]

A stone bullet jumps out one after another from small window along with a dull sound.

"Catapult" is tower placement that has a small sling on the airship.

It is a simple spring load mechanism that launches a stone bullet. 
TN: At first, I thought it was a stone cannon because Catapult usually uses to throw a large rock but writer use 弾 instead of 砲 , then would mean it not a large rock that we saw in the mid age war movie, the scale should be much smaller and less destruction power.

Originally, It does not hold a power to the extent that able to stop the silhouette knight.

However, It would be another story if use by the flying airship.

After all, flying airship boast the absolute advantage of the potential energy as addition factor.

Even a small powerless stone bullet, may have big destruction power by the time it reaches the ground.

Now, the flying stone bullet begins to cobble the road on the ground together with a roaring sound.

After the return attack, which is just a flying stone bullets came one after another, the Tzendrinble knight runners raise their panic voice.

[This is bad! Second squad! the road already in ruined, if we keep forward at this speed, We may end up trip somewhere!]

[It surely happen-ne... Each unit of the third squad, disconnect the wagon. After become free, enter to the forest, escape from the sling range!]

A rapid breaking sound occurred on the highway.

The detached wagon began to decelerate, sprinkled a furious cloud of dust and spark. 

The second squad stand firms their machine, withstand the inertia that caused by sudden braking.

The winding up a cloud of dust which un-intended happen has played the role of smokescreen, cover and conceal their figure from flying airship.

[Haha! try to act like insolent one?, you deadly wrong!  all knights, power up! get under the ship, clad your "sword"!]

Gustav speaking while jump out of the bridge and head to the hanger in the opposite direction, his men followed after him hastily.

When the ship's huge hull come closer to the land surface, in the meantime, Air wave of swirling wind blow away a cloud of dust on the highway.

Its rapid mobility moving appearance which makes an illusion that the ship almost fall.

Decelerate by using It sails which received the wind as driving force as an air brake, It lowered the height and advanced thru the addition trees and use it as a friction force.

The next moment, the bottom armor of flying airship open up in a big gap.

From the open hole, Black giant, Tyrantor which has been lifting by a crane come out one by one.

Black knights that landed on the highway cause a vibration and sound while its steel armor with a heavyweight scraping the land.

During deployment of black knights, The airship did not stop moving.

It took out the skim high trees along the highway with its crane and fly away while raising altitude and speed.

An airship is certainly a powerful weapon but, that only truth when it flies in the sky.

For the sake to deploy silhouette knight, it needs to drop its speed and lower the altitude which really creates a vulnerable moment.

Therefore, for an airship to reduce its speed and descent, and furthermore, performing the acrobatic move to drop silhouette knight.

Should say that the skill of this airship's crew was too unreasonable and deserve a praise.

The bulky Tyrantor now line up on the highway.

In order to block the path of Silver Phoenix knight's second squad, four platoons, lined up with a total number of 12 machines.

[Just when you thinking about the attack only came from Airship and then, Next one after that is black one came out, Our enemy really hurry-ne, the opponent is a familiar Silhouette knight. now, our second squad surely in trouble.]

While raising Guyaledy from the wagon, Dietrich grumbled.
TN: グウエラリンデ >guuerarinde>Guyaledy , maybe, not sure , since it an improve version of Dietrich's Guyale.

Grasp the surrounding situation in his machine, divulge and sigh involuntarily.

The second squad and Tyrantor corp which now take a row-wall formation tactic are now head-on glare at each other.

Tyrantor which have the number closing the distance slowly.

Engulf its body with heavy plate plus a masterpiece output inside, when  to combine it together really give them an intimidate pressure.

[I really want to avoid combat as much as possible but...look like a fire just fall on me, need to extinguish it first-ne.]

Dietrich drew a sword.

Magic Power Converter (Ether reactor) increase in power, pouring and building up magic power in the frame before the fight.

In the horizontal, Kardetollet which had been holding a weapon also emerge a considered red cross pattern on its frame.

[Plus, Edgar not here either, actually,  just where the hell is he right now?  This is really unpleasant, It was you guys that using the stolen technology from us who were overwrought arrogance one...]

Dietrich's depression strongly stirrup.

Guyaledy storing up energy that flexed its body.

Crystal tissue is drawn aside like a bowstring, the force accumulates impatiently and eagerly waiting for explosion timing.

[The price for your sin really expensive, you know?]

While Guyaledy vigorously gouges the land, it fledgling.

This is its attack method with explosion boost like an illusion.

The preparation process completes without delay.

The second squad's Kardetolle also imitate it,  this is their team's specialized signature.

Their alias name, "The mix assault middle squad". 

The name did not come due to a standoff hobby but came from their attack method which really the main core.

[Fuh, To head on crashing with this Tyrantor from the front. know your place!]

The knight runner gloated in the cockpit of the black knight.

For Tyrantor which boast its strong output and defensive power.

The battle from the front is just what they want.

In fact,  They would emerge victorious even face a group of Leswant as the opponent by itself alone.

They imagined that the result would never change even the opponent is this "Grim reaper troops"

Tyrantor is also bracing itself from the front against thrust attack of Kardetolle.

Likewise, it also greets with an attack from the front too.

The armor that attached to the arm of the general machine equivalent to a shield with endurance.

A counter attack to deal with the attack already prepared

A metal mass collided with a momentum, resound a dull one.

Shouting a friction sound and spark scene.

There, Tyrantor's knight runner was taken by the unexpected thing that happens.

Kardetolle which really look like a general machine on the outside, but in fact, it was a state of the art machine that using strand crystal tissue and output that beyond its size.

The blow from its large sword squashed Tyrantor's arm armor part.

Furthermore, It even crushed the crystal tissue joint of under armor.

[Hah, impossible, against Tyrantor's armor!? This thing is completely different from Leswant!]

[Otto!, To survive the sword blow, such a unbelievable one, look like it really thick armor!]

Sprinkled a piece of crystal tissue, Tyrantor doddering back as it tries to get away from Kardetolle.

Witness Tyrantor heavy armor for the first time which really something beyond their expectation.

Originally, if the opponent is a duel-class monster, his sword would have the power to buried it easily.

[No matter how hard armor it is, there no way that it gonna be thicker than "Behemoth" armor!]

Both forces now already entangled battlefield in half way.

Dietrich also initiated full frontal assaulted.

He targets two Tyrantors that looming on the front.

For Jaroudeku's army that has number advantage, he could not be allowed not to take at least two machines of the black knight at the same time.

How far that the squad captain role he intends need to play?

He smiled down a sarcastic one.

Not hesitate at reckless action behavior.

He starts up, "Magius jet thruster" which integral mounted on the armor of shoulder and hip--- a "Secret Weapon" of Guyaledy

Only Guyaledy that equipped the same thruster equipment as Ikaruga, but have lower output and only use accelerate to the front.

Even so, it already enough a powerful trump card.

With dull, muffled explosion and injection sound, Guyaledy slightly extrudes from its original position.

When to complete its charge.

The knight runners of Tyrantor who misread the moving speed of the scarlet knight missed his chance for intercept due to sudden acceleration.

It may be slowing down before attacking.

Although they also wary that unexpected acceleration blaze as some kind of feint. 

The two machine moving its leg, while thinking "How can it accelerate freely?".

With obtained an overwhelming speed, Guyaledy runs up with the twin swords, took advantage of the imaginary first hand, wielded a sword and aiming at the head of Tyrantor.

Tyrantor lost its vision was in the unbearable state, It can't help but try to rotate itself for defense. and aimed blindly .

As expected of Dietrich, he slashing the two machines at its arm which covered with armor. 

Next moment, Guyaledy start up its back weapon "Blade on the wind"(Kamasa), firing dislocate air bullet aiming at the Tyrantor as its current state.

While the heavy armor of Tyrantor which took a hit from close range escape damage, the armored arm got squashed and a shard of crystal scatter.

They were outwitted, and if it keeps up like this, they gonna be defeat.

While clenching in anger, Tyrantor's knight runner launch itself a forcible counterattack from the collapsed posture.

Even the power may be decreased, a machine that withstand a blow from the heavy-weight Tyrantor does not exist.

But Dietrich deal with it splendidly.

Guyaledy uses the burst of the air pressure itself  alone, surpass more outside its originally speed range and thrust up, and withstand the counter blow.

The knight runner only echoing in anger when his heavy blow momentum stopped, he was thrown down on the ground. 

Fallen on the cobbled road and stirred up the dust.

Before the strength of Tyrantor, it really hard to utilized the open  gap that happens immediately after its attack.

But before The crimson Knight, that gap is too fatal one.

Immediately after that, a sound echoing with any lightning flickered, wrong, it's the twin sword with lightning convincing speed that had been pulling out as it deceit one eyes.

The Tyrantor's knight runner got startled and try to fall back before such a god killing move.

An object dancing in the air fell on the ground with a thud sound.

A huge arm that still holding a heavy sword, his Tyrantor was bisected, from the arm to the elbow.

He can't help but scream from behind, a frightened voice.

He hurried up to pull out the battle mace with the remaining left arm.

A sweet bleeding in his hand grip at the control stick, his heart beating too fast, a violently beat.

The arm of Tyrantor is covered in thick armor without any gap, to display a vivid slash to that extent , this is not something that you can do with just an extraordinary skill.

Until now, he always thought Tyrantor possess an invisible armor,

But now, he begins to see an appearance of the unreliable scarecrow dramatically.

[Just hurry up and get back! It's impossible for you.  It's our turn, this "Sword" user!!]
TN: he use ore-tachi for call himself and his silhouette knight together.

Before Guyaledy can give a pursuit, A young lively male voice split along with jet black knight made an entrance and intervene it.

An another machine that did not lurk in the back of the black iron wall.

Its intervene attack force Guyaledy to fall back.

It begins to glare unpleasantly along with its sight line,

As a result, there was a machine with the appearance different from the Tyrantor stood there.

The enemy has the height of standard silhouette knight, also look odder machine when took a glance at it.

But Dietrich looks at such quirky features of the machine more than that.

[W...what is that? Is that a "Sword"? wearing that many swords, what are you planning to do?]

Right, it is a "Sword" , carry many swords,  a standard equipment for Silhouette knight, also equipped a little erratic equipment in front of the machine.

At the head, at the body, nothing present in the shoulder, at the arm, surround the waist, of course in the leg too, the whole body was full clad with various large and small sword.

Even call that "Full Sword" would not be a wrong in the summary,

A  very strange silhouette knight stood there.

Dietrich becomes instinctively speechless despite during the fight. 

[Hmm? How are you gonna handle this? It obviously right? the side that has more sword is stronger, The strongest "Sword",  It's naturally right? ]

[Um, I see, you are a fool is it?]

[You too also have a sword but it clearly not the enough as this "Swordsman" level, not my enemy!!]

With said,  Silhouette knight which wearing a large amount of sword---"Swordsman" attack Guyaledy.
TN: At first, I did not realize that it was a Gustav silhouette knight's name, pretty sure that he doesn't have naming sense.

Dietrich returns his concentration and meet the attack with the wielding twin sword.

[Etto, this is quite a senseless joke, I want to go sleep! The response is rip-off too much, maybe!!]

The crimson knight's twin sword clashed with the black knight sword.

Though the repeat of return slashing increase by a breath moment. 

Both knight machines run at a dizzying pace.

They never stop their leg, aimed for moment to use powerful blow  and try to seize the favorable position than the opponent.

The way of the fight of this two machines is similar in a sense.

They both give priority on the attack to extreme, in a word, they sharpening a consecutive attack type like a storm.

The momentum occurred violently, even the second squad are hesitated to intervene.

[This is rampage too much!]

Kardetolle can't forcibly get close and butt-in before a fiercely sword style battle.

Swordsman put a long sword away in quickness and begin to absorb magic, pulling out the dagger  from before, look at the opponent and throwing it.

Despite that, the dagger flies with a formidable accuracy and hit the Kardetolle.

[Oi Oi, Do not interfere! Our great fighting restrict to a guy with sword only! You hear me?]

At that time,  Swordsman left out an opening and Guyaledy did not miss that chance, release "Blade of the wind".

Swordsman dodging a sharp magic bullet in blade form but take a graze damage.

It goes around Guyaledy's side, turning into tornado movement, took up its sword in a single moment and oppose Guyaledy's sword, causing a spark between them.

When you think about it,

To dodge Guyaledy's counterattack plus together with Swordsman's dagger which threw over there, manage to do circle movement while entangling with long sword of Guyaledy and continue to dance around Dietrich's machine in the instant and stopped the sword which aimed at its vital position.

For opponents such as Swordsman who was holding a long sword and short sword , everything happens less than a minute,

The sword dancing resumed between close combat of both machines.

[Otto, forgive me, our "Sword" dance still not over  yet,right? you have quite a "sword", red one!]

[You are really troublesome! trouble but very pleasant too!]

While the red knight & black knight rampage around in the middle of the battlefield, the swordplay continues to retaliate intensively.

Utilize a short gap timing, Swordsman aimed and throwing at Kardetolle around him.

The dagger flying around in  the midst of melee fight is greatly disturb the concentration of Kardetolle, killing the second squad momentum precisely.

[Keep it up like Gustav! let push them up like this, That the way black knight(Tyrantor) fight!]

While clashing, the black knight morale was renewed and ride the momentum that created by Swordsman.

For Kardetolle who possess the equal power, the enemy heavy armor is a threat.

[Heh, to get entangled with this sword.... I really look stupid, He strong! to mess around while fighting me... wrong,  this is a mistake for me to "holding back"!!]

While vibrated twin sword, Dietrich did not wipe off his bitter feeling.

The only ruffian in captain rank, he and Guyaledy combination boast the strongest duo in the second squad.

The fact that he was stopped from seizing the victory also a proof of the enemy's strength.

[Even so... it would be bad if we keep drag on the fight.]

Moreover, he begin to feel a slightly rounding in his machine movement.

The obvious reason is, by prolonging the battle will result in the decrease of magic saving amount (mana pool).

[Hahaha...your twin sword are slowing down!! what to do, what to do!  slippy handing sword like that, You are no match for us!]

Suddenly, Swordsman increases the pressure.

While handling the attack desperately,  Dietrich was carrying another kind of doubt. 

Swordsman fighting motion did "Not dull at all".

The muscle tissue of Swordsman and Tyrantor should be slow down after keep up the melee combat like the reduced mana pool Guyaledy.

But the enemy's movement did not look decline a little bit.

Especially a massive size of Tyrantor, it should consume a large amount of mana according to its body size.

It really not feel funny a little bit to guessing the mana pool for that size.

[Hah--h? Had you worn out already? well, It already fun enough. well then, I should wrap thing up now!]

The muscles tissue of Swordsman creaks intensely,  leaking a sound to the surrounding. filling up with an unnatural force.

Against Guyaledy and Kardetolle which the movement got duller due to lack of magic.

Tide of the situation changing in an instant,  the second squad had been forced into the corner.

[...certainly, we're at the disadvantage right now. I will admit it...but you guys did not forget something right?]

Dietrich's word did not lose a courage in such a situation, Gustav asked back with an eyebrow.

He just only acts bravely? Nope,  He denies it.

He always obsession in transformation of the sword,
(TN: A sword fetish, A perverted swordsman....)

He tries to understand his enemy'word by merging sword together.

In his view, remembered his intensive swordplay and the raging fire of the crimson knight which rising in strength, It's useless, he not able to make a connection.

[...keh, I got it!]

The next moment when Gustav's thought arrive at the answer, it also too late, the game changer already arrived in that place.

Echoing out of the wood, there a sound of horseshoe full of weight.

After escaped the attack from Airship, Tzendrinble of the third squad come back to the battlefield.

[That horse did not only use for transportation? and there was a few of them! this is bad....]

One company (10 machines) of the second squad plus 5 Tzendrinble of the third squad in addition, now have the number than Gustav squad (12 machines) , plus the fighting ability of centaur knight still unknown in addition, he could not maintain the current force ratio calculation.

Encouraged by the horseshoe, Guyaledy pouring its last remaining mana and taking the deadly stance.

The running sound of ether reactor with the maximum output, go punch through with shrilly voice.

Their trump card return and now they don't need to holding back.

Gustav corps are slightly upset, they completely forgot about the horse and now Tzendrinble charge attack coming out from the woods.

The cavalry assault (lance charge) with a speed of 10 times possess a fatal destruction power to the black knight which already got damaged from battle with the second squad.
(TN: I think it's 10 times of normal silhouette knight thrust power.)

Exactly 5 black knights went into total destruction after got run up by the centaur knight that charge at their flank, they all down to their knee.

[Na...this horse...too cheat! fuck this, How dare of you!!]

Gustav barking while trying to force back the fight but  an unexpected situation that "benefits everyone" happens.

The black knight who was stranded by the charge attack caused a large explosion without any warning.

An instant reaction caught up everything in the explosion regardless friend or foe who was on the spot.

But  this explosion does not have destruction power at all, rather, 
It causing a thick smoke around the surrounding which blinds the vision in few step range instead.

[A smoke...blindfold? such a nasty tactic! Fall back! We gonna crash at each other if being careless.  get out of smoke first!] 

Dietrich who lose the sight is wary about enemy's surprise attack, he falls back and  strengthened his guard.

Experienced an unknown situation, he couldn't afford to be careless.

Same as the third squad, it takes a risk to keep Tzendrinble's rush while don't see anything ahead.

[What the hell is this...what happen?]

And, even Gustav also retreated while got puzzled himself too.

He never heard there was such a function on the black knight.

Because they were able to escape from centaur knight by this smoke, it was not a bad situation for him.

By retreated together, the distance between two armies was wider.

When he trying to seek the opportunity, a blowing gust came through behind Gustav.

The smoke that was lying on the battlefield went blow away in the wind.

[This is.... a flying ship! did it just come back!?]

The second squad takes caution for its attack. 


Before their eyes, there was an appearance of an airship which serves as a trump card for the Steel Wing knights.

The airship appeared with low altitude almost touch the tree on the highway, dropped a chain from the open hanger at its bottom.

The intention is obviousness, the surviving black knights and Swordsman grab the chain of a crane that hung down from the airship and soaring up in the sky.

while rise up,  a voice came down from Swordsman.

[Tch! seem like we need to re-organize. Oi, You are a good sword holder, Red one, until we meet again in next war, you better not die!]

The airship takes the boarding silhouette knight inside, start to increase the speed and altitude with a loud voice of wind engine.

Of course,  Dietrich did not have the intention to let it run away silently,

The second squad immediately release an attack and give a chase.

However, only a few shot manage to scratch the airship.

It was impossible to stop it with their current equipment.

[ escape?..quite an annoying. anyway, we can't really ignore that airship which is an effective weapon of the enemy.  time to asked the grandmaster(Enesti), we need to prepare something about this.]

Dietrich muttered with frustration while send-off the leaving flying airship with a glance.

Part 6.

[...I see, this is your doing is it? just when the hell on earth you in charge!] 

While leaving the place by riding on the airship, Gustav asked the person who sat on the captain seat with moody tone.

[Well, before the departure, this is just a little favor, don't you agree? this is my job too, isn't?]

Gerhild who sedately sitting in the captain seat answered with odious tone to his question.

His game got interrupted, Gustav is angry.

But by the girl's interfere trick, they had escaped the predicament which was the fact.

[I will say thank....only this time, but do remember, there is no second chance.]

After only left a word with little thought, he heads to the hanger to see his subordinates condition.

While sending off his back, Gerhild floated a deep smile.


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