Chapter 32 Part 5 & 6

Part 5.

The silhouette gear troops escaped from Fontanie with quickness such as gale heading  into the woods as it is near the city.

Use the simple forest to hide from the deployed pursuers because they escape safely from the castle.

[Although It  has become a little rough way, Did you get hurt somewhere? since we already made a preparation, please wait a moment. the transportation from now on will be changed.]

Martina who finally got off from motor beat's arm starts to rise up with an unsteady step. 

The mind of the woman did not hide the color of fatigue that been through a forced fiercely marching.

[You called that "a little"? hey, that was quite an exciting experience. but Jaroudeku's pursuer will be catching soon. To outrun them is not an easy task, how on earth are you plan to do from here?...]

During the time she saying, Martina's voice become lighter and lighter when she noticed the presence that lies before her eyes.

Shine with the moonlight, illuminate a huge variant figure crouched in the forest.

It was a variant figure of half man half horse, the majestic figure of centaur knight, Tzendrinble.

[... this thing...just what in the world is this?]

Martina group which got breathtaking, gazing at such a mysterious thing while every member of Silver Phoenix knights is deftly preparing.

Two units of Tzendrinble along with two wagons were stand by at this place.

They walk to the wagon and hop on one of them while silhouette gears being stored in another one.

Then Chid and Ady jumped up and entering the cockpit of Tzendrinble.

The ether reactor which was set in an inactive mode now starting up, the centaur knight leak a neigh as a sign of awakening.

A voice reached Martina who remained stunned looking at how they proceed with preparation , Eru's voice pulling her conscious back to real world.

[then, Everyone, please get on the wagon. we will leave soon. since if we didn't go soon, we will not able to get away from this place far enough as we planned.]


Martina who finally only answered him shortly pinched Isadora's cheek who was stand behind and still in her own's world.

The girl group already got startled at the knight who ride in silhouette gear scene but this centaur knight had delivered more impact than that.

Also, they never heard about any silhouette knight in another form than a human form before.

Emurys who rose up here saying that this thing was made in Fremmevir kingdom.

The girl group twisted their neck before an unexpected mind exhausted question and answer while they got across the street on the wagon.

[...I have not gone back for while, Just what on earth happening in Fremmevir kingdom...?]

[Ha Ha! there still more to see after this. then, Aunty, you should take a loot at this!]

They did not amazed at Emurys's appearance while he guiding them but they wonder why Emurys showing the guts pose while he at it instead.
TN: hmnn...must be some kind of Macho Pose!! just imagine that someone makes a weird pose that shows off his muscle while that person also guiding you on something....

The girl group was guided to the waiting room inside the wagon.

Originally, It was a room that a knight runner use for rest when they on the long distance travel, the internal may look a bit over cheap in its own way.

Elleonora is just only one who still in embarrassment behind Martina group who got on board with curiosity.

[...This is...a reality...really happen...?]

Believed in the boy's word that he would become Her knight, thus, she hardened her resolve to escape, the scene in front of her eye is too realistic as almost a lie.

Her mind can no longer successfully recognize the reality, thus, she finally begun to think.

About the help coming, about got stuck in Raspedo castle too, her weak heart had witnessed a good scene of convenience too much.

This event has many things happen too much at once.  

That is, It was a thing that easily exceeds the permissible amount of her frail spirit.

[It gonna be fine, Your royal highness.]

A word flew from the centaur knight toward such a half-sleep person as her.

A voice of boy knight reaches out to her, it was a huge, fearsome, centaur knight but the girl wonders why she can clearly see the boy figure behind its crystal eyeball.

[Just leave it to me, I and this Tzendrinble will definitely escort you to the safe place.]

Her knight's word pulled her back to the harsh reality. because it was her's command, and he answered it. how can she not believe in this knight? After gathering a bit of determination, the girl goes stand up.

[...Yes, please do...]

Her slender voice would have been drowned out immediately in  this place due to a driving acoustic of silhouette knight, however, the boy's ear clearly heard it.

[Hou hou! just suddenly looking motivated-ne! As I thought, Chid is still a boy after all... did you already fallen for the beautiful princess?]

[Shut it. I just...that it, a members of silver phoenix knight order!]

[Houuu---Uho ho ho ho ho. good, good for you,  I wish to get motivated like that too! just like that.]

[Garghh!! You will make the other people misunderstand it, Ady!!]

While the two siblings chatting at each other, all preparation has been completed.

Eru voice came from silhouette knight which got carried on the wagon.

[Yeah, yeah, both you two, surely energetic. get ready. then, Silver Phoenix knight...let it's begins!]

The two Tzendrinble begin to move. with a neigh sound.

Head toward an end of the eastern side of Old Kshyperuk kingdom.

The fledgling knight becomes strong by rescuing the bound princess.

Part 6.

One flying airship rowing thru the wind and hop on Obinie's ridges at dawn.

Dorote had been sitting deeply on the captain's seat while listening to a sound of wind torrent that came thru a glass window.

Basking in the dazzling morning sun, he putting up a hand in frustrating.

He and this airship which carrying his troops had left Fontanie and heading toward the east of Old Kshyperuk castle in over all night.

For the airship going the sky that not affected by the terrain, it advances extremely fast compared to existing mobile means such as horse-drawn carriage and silhouette knight.

They already stepped big forward into the east.

[...Where...where the hell in this land...the fled royal family should be somewhere around here!] 

The line of sight of Dorote pouring around a map for possible location of Old Kshyperuk royal family on the captain's seat.

It's not something that he made recently with haste but it was an extremely detail one.

He borrowed it from Raspedo castle with him.

Moving by flying airship may be fast but there also a con since
the way to read the course is completely different.

If going by land then road and the city itself are already a course mark.

But now they have seen it all from a bird's eye view, all of the circumstances will be different.

A compass and a map, see the scenery view from above to the terrain and imagine collates it all---had replaced the land's navigator, It require such capability.

From such a situation, the strategic value of a high precision map had been growing even more.

[Impossible, so it heading east?]

A number was seen writing on the map.

To determine the course, Dorote and "Air Navigator" group who traces all lead sign debate together.

They did not just jump on random guesswork.

There was a  good reason for that they took a course to the east.

First, Dorote has been specular that royal family will run not away to the west. because west of Fontanie mean fled to the central of Old Kshyperuk kingdom which they have no ally there.

He was remembered at that time.

For some time, the rumors about an unidentified enemy had a rampage in the land of the east, the unstable east area.

And now, the royal family suddenly got took away.

Everything leads to a single conclusion so it was no unusual thought.

[Seem like the course they were taken, is around this place. We can catch them with the airship.]

Next, he set a course along the highway.

Predicting that the escaped royal family would focus on the speed.

They have one chance to caught them in a middle way secretly since the wheel track from the beginning still not trodden here.

If the royal family move by used any means, they will use a highway in order to move quickly.

The remaining question is a searching "range".

Since it extremely difficult to searches in the midnight, they had been devoted to just moving so far.

Now it already dawns, they must narrow down where to search.

With a certain course of a search, no matter how much fast the airship flying, they will not leeway.

Airship movement becomes possible by using a "Blow Engine" and it strongly affected by  the weather.

[...also...even the wind is flowing to the east?... what a favorable one...]

Dorote gives a command to the subordinates while a full sharp light up in the back of his pupil.

by sail with wind blow in the meantime, the airship increases its speed.

A creak of the hull that sounds occasionally reach his ears, he sharpens his fangs quietly toward the mission time.

Continue to Part 7.

PS. Spiritual link between the boy & the girl---CONFIRMED... A link that regardless an armor or distance.


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