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Part 4.

The motor beat that Eru rode on jumped from the top floor of  the steeple while holding Martina in its arm.

Even you said that it was a pullout, it just a simply free-falling no matter how much you looking at it.

Leaving from the tower in such a very bold way. 

However, it does not seem like a suiciding act at all since Martina withstood it without leaking any sound or clenched her teeth.

She just simply sitting normally as expected for the only daughter of Ambrosius.

Although the spire is very high but with a free-fall movement, it just only a blink of the eye to them when they almost reach the ground.

Look at the ground that closing in rapidly, Martina indeed gasped.

At that time, motor beat extends the another arm and embracing her tightly, firing a shining silver arrowhead along with the sharp blowing sound.

The wire anchor flying penetrate an air of the night and pierces into the wall. 

With its support, the motor beat reduces the falling impact velocity.

A sound of "Air Suspension" magic activated on the verge of the ground can be heard.

A mass of compressed of the air lifts the motor beat on behalf of the ground softly.

In addition, motor beat also fully killed the remaining falling momentum completely and rise up as it is as it was nothing unusual.

At its surrounding, the other  Shadow Rat are getting out and show themselves one after another.

[...Hah...even I already prepared, It still a little rough. are you, are you really a knight!?  It truly that we really "escaping" for sure but... this is beyond calling insane too much!]

For Eru,  this is just a simple maneuver that he familiar with but it not the case for the other person. 

Listening to the protest voice of Martina who tries hard to calm down, however, he answered back with a cool look.

[If it just this much then it just a normal thing for knight of Fremmevir, you know?]

Martina floated a horrible imagination in the sky, while she did not return home for a while, did her home just turn into some kind of a den of thieves? 
TN: 魔窟- den of thieves,red-light district --- or may be I should use a circus?

Word of the incidentally Eru had fully misled her somehow, It not an entire false but it just a truth limited to the Silver Phoenix knight order only.

Aside from that, the other troops begin to link up with Eru who reach the meeting point first.

[Ou, look like aunty also made it safely! silver leader too, good work!]

Looking back to the familiar sultry voice origin, Emurys's Shadow Rat which got a handful with Isadora stood there.

Martina greatly relieved at the fact that she saw her daughter also made it out, although she betting on the decision to believe Eru's word.

Soon, Ady's troops also linked up but she was empty-handed.

[My side was miss! ah, to cling on Eru-kun tightly like jealous!!]

Ady's groaned was splendidly ignored as usual.

Then a little late later, Chid join up while he got handful hugging Elleonora as the last one.

Silver Phoenix knights manage to successfully rescue every member of Kshyperuk royal family that being held captive.

[Now that all royal family who had been caught are all gathered, seem like we don't have any trouble, right? Yosh, let get away from this place, shall we?]

[Even you said that but the commotion already spread around the castle. they will definitely focus on a gate, how are you gonna slip out!  can you overcome them with only this much war potential?]

Martina who harboring anxiety having been understood the obvious fact, she doubts about this "conventional war potential" which mainly composed of infantry.  

Eru replied her with a smile.

[In the first place, there is no need for us to go at the gates.]

After his words, everyone starts running toward "to the wall". 

Running without wire anchor and standing against the walls.

What they need to devote in order to escape is a speed.

Using the magic "Aero Thrust" without hesitation, the party got throw up secretly. 
TN: Aero Thrust : a magic that creates an air compressed propulsion. 

The sound of air compressed explosion roaring while the frame of silhouette gear accelerating with an explosive speed.

They just leave it to the propulsion momentum, went up with strange ran with a speed on the towering walls that vertically from the ground.

The stuffed Martina group lost for words as such a thing before their eyes.  

The silhouette gear troops that overcame the walls excellently are the existence that massively lacks common sense as they just came jump out and head toward the darkness.

They rebound themselves with a recoil from "Aero Thrust" explosion, the silhouette gear troops flew out to the other side of the moat easily.

For them, it is just a button for pressing when met with such as obstacles.

Silhouette gear troops entered the city, run through the top of roof realm.

Depending on a mana pool size of each individual, the speed performance of silhouette gear is even greater than a horse in short distance travel.

Faster than the laid security network can relay a news about the confusion in the castle to the city security, Silver Phoenix knight armor troops are on verge of its departure from Fontanie city.

At that time, Raspedo castle still under the confusion state without any intel, a full complexity state, they were not able to take any action.

After all, the guard who was stationed there still not clearly understands where does the intruder come from or where did they leave after they were outwitted in the middle of the night.

However, this is not normally commotion for the guard who was assigned to protect the spire since all Kshyperuk's royal family are now certainly escaped.

[D, Damn you. what a, what a blunder! how the heck I gonna report this to his highness!!]

Dorote who is the commander was entrusted with the castle responsibility yelling out a thundering roar.

A full fierce anger roar enough to involuntarily silence and stop the moment of the surrounding soldiers.

He usually an relatively mild person but now blown up with an anger like a furious volcano.

[What happen to the thief!? where does it run to!? Is there anyone who saw their figure!!]

[A, about that...the soldiers who protect the castle gate reported that they did not see any thief appearance. Soldiers at that time appeared to be patrolling so we end up not able to got any intel....]

Dorote raises a creak and clenches his teeth after got flustered by heard his subordinates reporting

The soldiers who foresaw the eruption fall back a half step on their own but Dorote remain silent.

Punishing all soldiers here would be meaningless, rather that, he must think for the next move.

The escaping of Kshyperuk royal family must not be allowed.

If they were stolen, then it must be recovered back at all cost.

For that reason, He will do everything regardless the method.

[At this rate...Damn it! mobilize the entire soldiers in the city to scan thoroughly the entire area range! if theif already escaped from the town at a worst case! then, Airship!! go immediately prep the flying airship. send it out to searching the outside town area...don't let them escape at all cost, whatever it takes!!]

Immediately after he saying, the soldiers start hurriedly running fiercely to the "Air Field".

[Did you said "Thief"!? who on earth is them...remnants of Kshyperuk? there is no way they have such a force. that would be an unexpected explanation to the story. but no matter who is it, those who get in the way of his highness, I will crushed them until nothing remain!]

Dorote Marudonness---the person who was a loyal old veteran to Jaroudeku kingdom is now risk everything in order to track back the royal family.

Continue to Part 5.

PS: Wall running , Double jump expected of exo-suit in another world...


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