Chapter 32 Part 8.

Part 8.

Go back on the time before the airship encountered the Tzendrinble.

There is a shadow run dashing in the forest that spread around a highway.

When to compare it with the surrounding area, the shadows is a huge figure with the height of 10 meters, in another word, it was a silhouette knight.

Nevertheless, its speed is unusual, it was fast than an average silhouette knight speed many times.

There is still more strange part, in addition, the shadows hardly make any noise when running.

Not to mention about the muscles driving's sound, even the intake and exhaust sound of  Ether reactor also can't be heard, its presence was an unbelievable thin.

Its silhouette knight frame is very slender, highly skilled in agility. 

It could be said that it was paper thin build among the type, there was a strange sharp claw at both of its hand and shoulders.

Further strange characteristic would be its head.

There is nothing that can be said about the design in its head, beside holes to ensure its viewing field, it just has a smooth curved surface.

A "Nonfacial characteristic" being---is moving without a sound, its impression can be assumed as one that belongs to a ghost.

The number of ghosts is not only one. two machines, three machines---An assembled troops of such a machines is progressing by jump up and down in the forest.

On their path, there a figure of centaur knight which ran on a highway.

The purpose of this ghost is so clear. 

They just suddenly increase their speed and heading to the road.

Before long, they just step forward a huge leap and danced on top of the highway.

Only a shadow presence that just falls on the road soundlessly.

They drew near without alert the Tzendrinble which focus on the running and pouncing on it---with sharp claws in their both hand.

[Oi,  newcomer!? Who the hell are you!?]  

An attack of a large sword that swinging with a storm's speed repelled and sent the ghost flying back into a forest.

The wielder of such a sword can be no one except Emurys's Gordesleo which stood on top of the wagon. 

Golden lion does not have a valid weapon against an airship, so, It remains to stick with this wagon to escort the horse-drawn carriage.

[That was a close one! don't tell me that the airship was a decoy? that really a nasty tactic!!]

Emurys re-stance his golden lion with a sword and now, kneeling on the top of the wagon.

Because Tzendrinble is on the move, it was impossible for him to launch a further attack.

Such a situation that can't do anything but waiting is really unpleasant for him.

Without teasing him too much, the ghost comes attacking again.

It runs pala pala and jumps out of the woods, aim for catching the wagon that towed by Tzendrinble again.

For the unstable foothold such as a moving wagon, It extremely immobile limited place for the golden lion to swing its large sword around.

Although he manages to push the enemy away, it really not easy to reduce its number with a sword.

The irritation being to accumulate in Emurys's mind.

[If this was a land battle, I would turn them into iron scrap long time ago! it is regrettable but we can't stop the Tzendrinble either...]

He is not only one who harbored an impatience.

[Geezz, this thing. Just when Eru still not back! We need to shake this thing off, somehow...]

Tzendrinble is wielding a spear cavalry but it can't attack the ghost.

Because it is continuing to run and pulling the wagon, far from a decent fight, it even can't fight back at all, by unable to have one's way with but   the defense only has turned this into in a desperate situation.

Also, look like the ghosts also understand that fact as well, it only come persistence from behind Tzendrinble.

They were in a battle that vastly outnumbered and the situation is too bad. 

Gradually, turning into a dangerous situation.

The ghosts have jumped in unison again. 

Gold lion and Tzendrinble was restrained to brandishing their specialized weapon.

Gradually, their power of concentration has been torn down and piled up a fatigue.

Finally, one ghost machine manages to slip out from their overwatch and jump on the wagon at the different period.

[This is bad! I can't evade it....] 

The ghost is jumped into the bosom of Tzendrinble.

Its arm rushing with at a furious speed and aiming at the belly of the defenseless horse.

The concealed weapon of a ghost packed with enough power to penetrate silhouette knight frame. 

The moment before the very sharp claws gonna gouged into the belly of Tzendrinble.

A very long spear of flame pierced the belly of a ghost before it can land its attack.

A blast turns the thin armor of a ghost that emphasis on quickness into smithereens and debris in an instant.

There is a thing that jumped follow the flame while blowing off the dust cloud of destruction on the highway.

[You guys dare of you, because of you guys, the airship got to escape! allow me to express my thank!...]

Release an explosive flame and thunderous sound, shooting words that burning with anger, it is the masked devil with six arms, Ikaruga.

When Ikaruga catching up to Tzendrinble, it flying with the speed as a crimson flame, and keeping like that, Soon, it landed on the top of the wagon.

[You guys really not worth enough as an airship will pay with your body]

Ikaruga which just landed on the wagon stretching out its folded arms from the back grabbed a reserved sword cannon that stored on the wagon.

Its figure rises almost like a hedgehog, direct its sword cannon in all direction.

Increased its stretch, the demon is roaring.

The terrifying magic that  stored in the body is now release,

A destruction attack is keep emitting from the sword cannon.

Shot at every tree, blow and penetrated everything includes the ghost that jumps into a forest too.

For the ghost that tries to break away with its high-speed sprint, it can't avoid the surround explosion and got caught with it and decimated.

With the hand of furious demon that keep non-stop slaughtered every single ghost machines, all ghost are turned into a corpse in no time.

Ikaruga just incidentally rewrite the entire landscape.

Continue to Part 9.

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